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date (day) time network episode title
8/30/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
8/23/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
8/16/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
8/9/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
8/2/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
7/26/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
7/19/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
7/12/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
7/5/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
6/28/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
6/21/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
6/7/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
5/31/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
5/12/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#122) Episode 22
5/5/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#121) BERLIN
4/28/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#120) THE KINGMAKER
4/21/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#119) THE PAVLOVICH BROTHERS
4/14/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#111) THE GOOD SAMARITAN KILLER (R) (**)
4/14/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#111) THE GOOD SAMARITAN KILLER (R)
4/7/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBCRepeat TBA (R)
3/31/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#118) MILTON BOBBIT
3/24/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#117) IVAN
3/24/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#117) HARRISON LEE
3/24/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#117) IVAN
3/17/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#116) MAKO TANIDA
3/3/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#115) THE JUDGE
2/24/14 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#114) MADELINE PRATT
1/27/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#113) THE CYPRUS AGENCY (#64)
1/25/14 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#111) THE GOOD SAMARITAN KILLER (R) (**)
1/25/14 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#111) THE GOOD SAMARITAN KILLER (R)
1/20/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#112) THE ALCHEMIST (**)
1/20/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#112) THE ALCHEMIST
1/13/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#111) THE GOOD SAMARITAN KILLER
1/6/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#110) ANSLO GARRICK - PART 2 (R)
1/6/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMNBC(#109) ANSLO GARRICK (R)
1/6/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMNBC(#101) PILOT (R)
12/30/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#108) GENERAL LUDD (R) (**)
12/30/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMNBC(#108) GENERAL LUDD (R)
12/28/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#108) GENERAL LUDD (R)
12/21/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#107) FREDERICK BARNES (R)
12/7/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#106) GINA ZANETAKOS (R)
12/2/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#110) ANSLO GARRICK - PART 2 (**)
12/2/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#110) ANSLO GARRICK - PART 2
11/25/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#109) ANSLO GARRICK
11/25/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#110) ANSLO GARRICK - PART 2
11/23/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#105) THE COURIER (R)
11/23/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#106) GINA ZANETAKOS (R) (**)
11/23/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#106) GINA ZANETAKOS (R)
11/18/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#109) ANSLO GARRICK
11/16/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#105) THE COURIER (R) (**)
11/16/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#105) THE COURIER (R)
11/11/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#108) GENERAL LUDD
11/4/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#107) FREDERICK BARNES
11/2/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#104) THE STEWMAKER (R)
10/28/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#106) GINA ZANETAKOS
10/26/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#103) WUJING (R) (**)
10/26/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#103) WUJING (R) (**)
10/26/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#103) WUJING (R)
10/21/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#105) THE COURIER (**)
10/21/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#105) THE COURIER
10/14/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#104) THE STEWMAKER
10/12/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#102) THE FREELANCER (#216) (R)
10/7/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#103) WUJING
9/30/13 (Mo.)10:02 PMNBC(#102) THE FREELANCER
9/30/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#102) THE FREELANCER
9/30/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#102) THE FREELANCER (#216)
9/28/13 (Sa.)9:00 PMNBC(#101) PILOT (R)
9/23/13 (Mo.)10:01 PMNBC(#101) PILOT

9/23/13 - ???
currently airing (spring 2014)
mondays from 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST
1 (22 episodes)
renewed through the 2014-15 season (the show's second of 22 episodes) on 12/3/13
(from NBC's press release, December 2013) NBC has ordered a full 22-episode second season of freshman smash "The Blacklist," broadcast television's No. 1 drama in the 18-49 demo fresh off of last night's substantial showing and timeslot win. The series is the fall season's breakout hit in both same day and record-setting live-plus-7 viewing. "The Blacklist" is the No. 1 drama on the Big 4 networks in the 18-49 demo, averaging a 4.9 rating/13 share in most current viewing. It is the No. 2 scripted series on the Big 4 in the 18-49 demo, and the No. 1 new show in 18-49 and total viewers. The series stars Emmy Award winner James Spader as "Red" Reddington, a world-renown terrorist on the FBI's Most Wanted List who is helping the U.S. government catch international criminals, but for unknown reasons. The series also stars Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, Ryan Eggold and Parminder Nagra.
· Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler
· Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper
· Ilfenesh Hadera as Jennifer Palmer
· James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington
· Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen
· Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen
· Joe Carnahan as DIR (Pilot)
· John Davis as EP
· John Eisendrath as EP
· John Fox as EP
· Jon Bokenkamp as CRTR/EP
· drama
· Davis Entertainment
· Sony Pictures Television