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date (day) time network episode title
11/30/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#408) Episode 408
11/23/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#407) Episode 407
11/16/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#406) Episode 406
11/9/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#405) Episode 405
11/2/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#404) Episode 404
10/26/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#403) Episode 403
10/19/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#402) Episode 402
10/12/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#401) TBA
3/30/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#316) Knights of the Stash
3/23/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#315) Certified Guaranty
3/16/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#314) Batcycle on Broad
3/9/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#313) The Esposito Collection
3/2/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#312) Trivia Chew-Off
2/23/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#311) Pinheads
2/16/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#310) Uhura's Uhura
2/9/14 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#309) Superman's 75th
12/1/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#308) Cryptozoic Launch
11/24/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#307) Dukes of Jersey
11/17/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#306) Walt's Big Gamble
11/10/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#305) Pity the Fools
11/3/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#304) USS Ming
10/27/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#303) Super Friends
10/20/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#302) To The Batcave
10/13/13 (Su.)11:59 PMAMC(#301) The Incredible Bulk
5/2/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#216) Giant-Sized Anniversary (R)
5/2/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#215) Comic Charades (R)
4/25/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#214) Cryptozoic Men (R)
4/25/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#213) Stash Wars (R)
4/18/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#212) Con Men (R)
4/18/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#211) Stash-teroids (R)
4/11/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#210) Super Hoagie (R)
4/11/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#209) The Clash at the Stash (R)
4/4/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#214) Cryptozoic Men (R)
4/4/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#216) Giant-Sized Anniversary
3/28/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#210) Super Hoagie (R)
3/28/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#215) Comic Charades
3/21/13 (Th.)10:30 PMAMC(#209) The Clash at the Stash (R)
3/21/13 (Th.)10:00 PMAMC(#214) Cryptozoic Men
3/14/13 (Th.)9:00 PMAMC(#213) Stash Wars
3/7/13 (Th.)9:00 PMAMC(#212) Con Men
2/28/13 (Th.)9:00 PMAMC(#211) Stash-teroids
2/21/13 (Th.)9:00 PMAMC(#210) Super Hoagie
2/14/13 (Th.)9:00 PMAMC(#209) The Clash at the Stash
12/2/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#208) Episode 208
11/25/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#207) Episode 207
11/18/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#206) Episode 206
11/11/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#205) Episode 205
11/4/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#204) Episode 204
10/28/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#203) Episode 203
10/21/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#202) Episode 202
10/14/12 (Su.)11:30 PMAMC(#201) Episode 201
3/18/12 (Su.)10:32 PMAMC(#106) Ink
3/11/12 (Su.)10:02 PMAMC(#105) Con Gone Wrong
3/4/12 (Su.)10:01 PMAMC(#104) Zombies
2/26/12 (Su.)10:01 PMAMC(#103) Commercial
2/19/12 (Su.)10:01 PMAMC(#102) Life After Clerks
2/12/12 (Su.)10:01 PMAMC(#101) Junk

Returns Sunday, October 12
2/12/12 - ???
returning this fall (yet to premiere)
sundays from 11:59 PM-12:30 AM EST
4 (16 episodes)
(from AMC's press release, July 2014) AMC announced today from Comic Con International in San Diego, CA the premiere of "The Walking Dead" season five on Sunday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT. As in previous seasons, the series' fifth season of 16 episodes will air in two-parts with the first eight hours kicking off October 12 and the final eight episodes returning February 2015. Following "The Walking Dead" will be the season premieres of AMC's unscripted series "Talking Dead," hosted by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), at 10pm ET/PT and "Comic Book Men" at midnight ET/PT. Internationally, "The Walking Dead' will return to audiences in 125+ FOX International Channels (FIC) markets within 24 hours of the U.S. broadcast, as part of FIC continued commitment to broadcast the series near date-and-date globally. The season premieres of "The Walking Dead," "Talking Dead" and "Comic Book Men" will coincide with AMC's Zombie Apocalypse Week, from Monday, October 6 through Sunday, October 12, as well as the network's annual blockbuster marathon of thriller and horror films, AMC Fearfest. Celebrating its 18th year, AMC Fearfest will feature themed programming and more than 70 films, running from Friday, October 17 through Friday, October 31.
· Kevin Smith
· Charlie Corwin as EP
· Elyse Seiden as EP
· Kevin Smith as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Original Media