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series date
updated network commitment status
8/21/17 NBC script
[network passed on 8/21/17]
previously in development
(2016-2017 season)
[who's behind it?]
· Universal Television

[related genres]
· drama
[who's in it?]
· N/A
[who's making it?]
· Javier Grillo-Marxuach as CRTR/EP
· Rob Tapert as EP
· Sam Raimi as EP
[what's it about?]
revival of the much-ballyhooed 1995-2001 syndicated action series
X-FILES, THE: ALBUQUERQUE 8/28/20 8/28/20 FOX script
[7-10 minute presentation]
currently in development
(2021-2022 season)
[who's behind it?]
· Bento Box Entertainment

[related genres]
· based on a tv series
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
[who's in it?]
· N/A
[who's making it?]
· Chris Carter as EP
· Gabe Rotter as EP
· Jeremy Sosenko as CRTR/EP
· Rocky Russo as CRTR/EP
[what's it about?]
animated spin-off of Chris Carter's much-ballyhooed series which will center an office full of misfit agents who investigate X-Files cases too wacky, ridiculous or downright dopey for Mulder and Scully to bother with
XQUEST 7/28/05 7/28/05 FOX unspecified previously in development
(2005-2006 season)
[who's behind it?]
· Base Camp Films
· Imagine Television
· Spectrum MediaWorks

[related genres]
· reality
[who's in it?]
· N/A
[who's making it?]
· Alexander Seropian as EP
· Brady Connell as EP
· Brian Grazer as EP
· David Nevins as EP
· James A. Jusko as EP
· Jim Banister as EP
· Ron Howard as EP
[what's it about?]
(from FOX's press release) XQUEST combines high-tech computer graphics, physical effects and game technologies to allow contestants to experience space travel and compete in challenges over an extended period of time. The ambitious project will requi... [continued]
X-TEAM 3/19/04 3/19/04 ABC ordered to pilot
[two-hour backdoor pilot]
previously in development
(2001-2002 season)
[who's behind it?]
· ABC Studios

[related genres]
· drama
[who's in it?]
· Bai Ling as RJ
· Chris Pratt as Keenan
· Elizabeth Lackey as Palmer
· Eric Mabius as Darby
· Jeremy Kewley as Gordon Mays
· Paul Francis as Ray
· Scott Paulin as Coach
[who's making it?]
· Bailey Pryor as EP
· Elizabeth Stephen as EP
· Jake Rose as EP
· James Hereth as WRTR
· Leslie Libman as DIR (Pilot)
· Stan Chervin as WRTR
· Tim Bogart as EP
[what's it about?]
drama that focuses on the National Security Administration Extraction and Rescue Team, a group of highly trained, top secret operatives whose assignments consist of the highest risk, most intense situations