[friday, february 05, 2016]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix special: hannibal buress: comedy camisado
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX turbo fast: episodes 1-13 (#301-313)
[3rd season premiere]
12:00 PM NICK bubble guppies: the new year's dragon! (#409)
12:30 PM NICK wallykazam!: the great missing potato (#214)
1:00 PM NICK dora and friends: into the city!: dragon in the school (#999)
6:30 PM NICKTOONS nfl rush: tba
7:00 PM NICK paradise run: splish-splash and dash (#111)
7:30 PM NICK fairly oddparents, the: girly squirrely (#155A)
8:00 PM NBC caught on camera with nick cannon: high intensity (#202)
  GSN chain reaction: tba
  NICK harvey beaks: yeti ready (#119B)
  ABC last man standing: home sweet loan (#515)
  FOX sleepy hollow: one life (SLH-309)
[3rd season winter premiere]
  TV ONE tv one special: 47th naacp image awards
[three-hour special presentation]
  The CW vampire diaries, the: things we lost in the fire (#711)
  PBS washington week with gwen ifill and national journal: episode 5532 (#5532)
8:01 PM CBS undercover boss: 4 wheel parts (#UB707)
8:15 PM NICK sanjay & craig: barrel boyz (#306B)
8:30 PM FOOD american diner revival: drenched in drama (#DG0209H)
  GSN chain reaction: tba
  PBS charlie rose weekend: episode 330 (#330)
  NICK pig goat banana cricket: angry old raisin (#118)
8:31 PM ABC dr. ken: dave's valentine (#116)
9:00 PM HISTORY american restoration: up against the wall (#V705-60)
  LIFETIME bring it!: the wicked witch of jackson (#306)
  CBS cbs special: super bowl's greatest halftime shows
[two-hour special presentation]
  POP easiest game show ever: meatheads (#106)
  DISCOVERY gold rush: golden bombshell (#617)
  NBC grimm: a reptile dysfunction (#508)
  PBS live from lincoln center: richard tucker opera gala: from bocelli to barton (#4101)
  OWN love thy neighbor: hattie's uncle (#231)
  WE marriage boot camp: tba
  TRAVEL mysteries at the castle: betrayal of william wallace; casanova's greatest love; astronomical whodunnit (#305)
  The CW originals, the: wild at heart (#311)
  TLC say yes to the dress: atlanta: i feel like a penny, i need to look like a million (#911)
  ABC shark tank: episode 719 (#719)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall
[two-hour special presentation]
  DIY texas flip and move: tba
  DLC untold stories of the e.r.: i'm so dead (#1009)
9:01 PM FOX second chance: admissions (SCH-104)
9:30 PM POP easiest game show ever: fantasy football buddies (#107)
  OWN love thy neighbor: why's hattie happy (#232)
  TLC say yes to the dress: atlanta: gone with the wind fabulous (#912)
10:00 PM NBC dateline nbc: fr2520 (#060)
  DISCOVERY deadliest job interview: tba (#102)
  WE ex isle: tba
  ID forbidden: dying for love: a deadly divorce (#106)
[1st season finale]
  FOOD guy & hunter's european vacation: greece (#HJ0101H)
[series premiere]
  HGTV house hunters: tba
  SCIENCE how it's made: airplane edition
  TLC love, lust or run: savannah (#217)
  BRAVO people's couch, the: s4/e4: ep. 4 (#404-60)
  LIFETIME rap game, the: shakin' things up (#106)
  HBO real time with bill maher: gloria steinem; p.j. o'rourke, alex wagner and armstrong williams; erin brockovich (#376/1404)
  DLC shock trauma: edge of life: collision course (#106)
  ANIMAL PLANET treehouse masters: view from above iii (#504)
  PIVOT truth & power: the stingray (#103)
10:01 PM ABC 20/20: tba
10:30 PM FOOD burgers, brew & 'que: tba
  HGTV house hunters international: tba
  SCIENCE how it's made: aviation edition
  TLC love at first swipe: sports, sweats and tears (#113)
11:00 PM ADULT SWIM childrens hospital: sy's tenure (#75)
  TV ONE here we go again: sneak preview
[special presentation]
  HGTV my lottery dream home: tba
  HISTORY smartest guy in the room: how to chute the breeze (#109)
  HBO vice: boko haram / unnatural selection (#37/401)
[4th season premiere]
11:30 PM HBO animals: rats. (#01/101)
[series premiere]
  TV ONE born again virgin: sneak preview
[special presentation]
  HISTORY smartest guy in the room: how to miss a hole in one (#110)

  [february 2016]