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1/30/15 - 5/12/15
previously in development (2015-2016 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/12/15
(from ABC's press release, March 2015) For the past few decades, the Hayward family has been as close to a New York City legal dynasty as it gets. This dynasty is put in turmoil when the patriarch is indicted on federal charges and the daughter, a star prosecutor, finds herself in a difficult position, stuck between the family she loves and the office she works for. Parents Charlie (Terry O'Quinn) and Maggie Hayward (Christine Lahti) built a successful law firm on their dynamism, tenacity and brilliance as lawyers. They've garnered well-earned respect from their peers and they've also attracted numerous high-profile clients and cases. While Charlie and Maggie may no longer live together, and are in the midst of a drawn out divorce, they still love each other and operate their firm as unequivocal partners. Their eldest daughter Jaime has followed in, but deviated from, her parents' footsteps as she pursues her career as an Assistant US Attorney. Like her parents, Jaime is ambitious and intelligent - having already made a name for herself working at the Department of Justice. She often hasn't seen eye to eye with her father and she thought that by not joining his firm, she could finally escape his shadow. Jaime and Charlie find themselves facing off on opposite sides of the same case when Charlie's longtime client and good friend, Cooper Landings, is arrested for defrauding innocent investors to the tune of millions of dollars. The line between business and family blurs even further when a new development soon emerges: Charlie is sold out and framed by his own client, and indicted as a co-conspirator in the case. He's accused of being a party to mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering among other things. His arrest causes a media firestorm, prompting Jaime to get to the bottom of the charges. Sensing that her boss Southern District US Attorney Ted Fontana seems hellbent on putting Charlie away for a long time, Jamie is faced with a tough gut check of her loyalty: career or family? With a little coaxing from Maggie, Jaime leaves her job and switches sides to defend Charlie against the bogus charges. Her team includes the Haywards' firm's third partner Danny Vasquez as well as rising young litigator Aisha Irby. They get further help from another member of the Hayward family: Cam, Jamie's little sister. Cam is a musician-turned-paralegal whose interest in the law tends to waver as she wrestles over giving up her dream of being a singersongwriter. While Charlie's case galvanizes the family, it also re-opens some old wounds - specifically about Charlie and Maggie's only son, Kyle. Years earlier, Kyle fell in with a bad crowd, which ultimately led to his disappearance and presumed death. The loss of Kyle was a game-changer for this family, leaving unhealed wounds and persistent tensions. The resulting proceedings bring out all the tensions, frustrations and alliances within a strong but difficult family in this compelling comedic drama, a family show wrapped up in a procedural, from David Zabel (Detroit 1-8-7, ER).
· Christine Evangelista as Emma Fisher
· Christine Lahti as Katherine Fisher
· Enuka Okuma as Aisha Irby
· Kristen Hager as Jess Fisher
· Lenny Platt as Danny Herrero
· Terry O'Quinn as Charlie Fisher
· David Zabel as CRTR/EP
· Stephen Cragg as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios