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1/22/07 - 7/24/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
(from FOX's press release) When you live every day knowing it could be your last, you live that much more intensely. THE APOSTLES is a series about the private lives of cops who share side-by-side dwellings at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Simi Valley, a suburban enclave just north of Los Angeles. It's about their dreams and passions, their lies and secrets. Young officer JOHN "PREACHER" CALHOUN (Keith Robinson, "Dreamgirls," "Over There") is a committed Christian in a godless world, fighting to protect his belief system and madly in love with new bride KELLY (Meghan Markle, "CSI: NY"), a former dancer he "saved" from the mean streets. Living next door to the Calhouns is a couple who've been married forever, colorful "IRON MIKE" BRINJAK (Grayson McCouch, "As the World Turns") and his wife DEE (Leslie Hope, "Commander in Chief," "24"). Mike's a dinosaur in an evolving police department, loved by everyone in the department but feeling increasingly unloved at home as Dee finishes law school and reenters the workplace after years as a devoted wife and mother. The split-level next door is home to young married cops PETER (Shawn Hatosy, "Factory Girl") and ERIN (Yara Martinez, "The Hitcher") McBRIDE. A new baby in the house only adds to the fragility of their eggshell-thin relationship. Peter, on the edge, is harboring deep secrets. Meanwhile, Erin's career is skyrocketing; promoted over her husband, she's now a detective. The job is a dream-come-true for Erin until her lieutenant and mentor, CHRISTINE RYDELL (Jessalyn Gilsig, "Heroes", "Nip/Tuck"), stirs up trouble in the neighborhood by using the police investigation into the death of her own ex-husband to force Erin into questioning her friends, neighbors and even her husband, Peter. As viewers will quickly learn, something terrifying is brewing behind this peaceful facade. It seems the deadly danger of the streets has followed the heroes home. Written and executive-produced by Chuck Pratt ("Desperate Housewives," "Melrose Place") and directed by David McNally ("Justice," "Coyote Ugly"), THE APOSTLES comes from 20th Century Fox Television.
· Grayson McCouch as "Iron Mike" Brinjak
· Jessalyn Gilsig as Christine Rydell
· Keith Robinson as John "Preacher" Calhoun
· Leslie Hope as Dee Brinjak
· Meghan Markle as Kelly Calhoun
· Shawn Hatosy as Peter McBride
· Yara Martinez as Erin McBride
· Chuck Pratt as CRTR/EP
· David McNally as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· 20th Century Fox Television