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12/12/16 - 4/5/17
previously in development (2017-2018 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, April 2017) When a strange crime occurs in small town Oxblood, Kentucky, Sheriff Ruby Adair (Reba McEntire) is called in to get to the bottom of what appears to be an act of terrorism. Though many people are jumping to conclusions around her, Ruby keeps her cool as she begins to work on the case with Tag Fayad, an FBI agent of Middle Eastern descent whose expertise tells him very quickly that this is not an act of terrorism but something else entirely. Tag's urban perspective immediately clashes with Ruby's small town outlook, but they agree that there may be something sinister going on in this small town that they must uncover. As Tag and Ruby look into the case, Ruby also must deal with the return of her ex-husband Deke to Oxblood. Their estranged adult daughter disappeared a few years ago, leaving behind Ruby's grandson TJ for Ruby to raise. But it was also her disappearance which led to the dissolution of Ruby and Deke's marriage, and Ruby is floored to discover Deke is moving back to town with his new wife, Randa, and a baby on the way. Tag, meanwhile, finds himself an outsider in rural Kentucky. But since he is stationed here, Tag strikes up a relationship with Jennifer, a beautiful young woman he meets at a bar. He also becomes acquainted with a number of the colorful townspeople of Oxblood as Ruby and Tag embark on the case. Ruby and Tag's quest turns up more questions than answers, but the case is thrown for a loop when Jennifer disappears. Tag and Ruby will have to set aside their own differences so they can ultimately see past the lace curtains of this southern town where there are more secrets than anyone could imagine.
· Amanda Detmer as Randa Post
· Ben Esler as Hollis Pollit
· Emily Rose as Vonda Jean
· Jack Coleman as Deke Adair
· Natalie Hall as Jennifer
· Reba McEntire as Ruby Adair
· Roslyn Ruff as Inez Winemiller
· Ryan McPartlin as Valentine French
· Saamer Usmani as Tag Fayad
· Saidah Ekulona as Velma Winemiller
· W. Earl Brown as Joe Paul
· Will Buie, Jr.
· Marc Cherry as CRTR/EP
· Michael Hanel as EP
· Michael Offer as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Mindy Schultheis as EP
· Reba McEntire as EP
· Sabrina Wind as EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Acme Productions
· Cherry-Wind Productions