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3/28/08 - 9/26/08
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
14-20 minute presentation
(from ABC's press release) For most of us, a job is just a job. But then there are people like Erin Finnegan, for whom work is everything and a personal life is just the uneasy time spent while the office is closed. Finnegan is a cop, head of the LAPD's Organized Crime and Vice Unit, and she rides every case like a roller coaster, reveling in the highs and lows, hooked on pure adrenaline, hanging on for dear life. When an investigation goes from good to bad, so does Finnegan's mood—swinging wildly from giddy joy to furious rage. As her co-workers say, "She's all sunshine… until the clouds roll in." But one thing's for sure: she gets the job done. She's a brilliant sleuth who inspires her crew. And she knows no fear, doing whatever it takes to crack the case. Even if it means putting her career or her life on the line. Finnegan has an A-team of detectives who support her cause… McCants and Carbo have learned to take the job's challenges (and their boss' moods) with a grain of salt. They are Finnegan's go-to team to back her up. Detectives Mutt and Smash are experts in LA's countless organized gangs and crime syndicates. Finnegan also has her ex-husband Deputy DA Clark to help with last-minute wiretaps and injunctions. Her nemesis happens to be her boss, Commander Chu. He's a careerist who's more interested in the politics of policing than the policing itself. He's a constant obstacle for Finnegan to overcome. Finnegan is a hard-edged, character-driven drama that proves that the best man for the job is sometimes a woman.
· Billy Zane as Deputy D.A. Brian Clark
· Domenick Lombardozzi as Detective Tony Carbo
· Jacob Vargas as Smash
· Malachi Weir as Detective "Mutt" MacKenzie
· Tasha Smith as Detective Nenna McCants
· Teri Polo as Erin Finnegan
· Tzi Ma as Commander Michael Chu
· Will Yun Lee as Taki
· Francie Calfo as EP
· Gary Fleder as DIR (Pilot)
· Trent Jones as CRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios