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2/15/08 - 9/22/11
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Significant others are the people with whom you share the most intimate moments of your life… with any luck, from the moment you meet until death do you part – without the nuptials. But what if your most significant other is not your lover or partner, but your best friend? Derek and Drew cemented their friendship at camp Tumbleweed with a pact never to keep secrets from each other. Since then, they've shared a lifetime of everything. These 'brothers' from dissimilar mothers have two distinct differences: Drew's neurotic and gay; Derek is not – which is a bonus because they're never competing for a date. On the upside, these two men know each other better than they know themselves. On the downside, they're often mistaken for a couple. When two people are best friends and business partners, side by side for most of the day, the line between personal and professional virtually disappears. But since Derek has a girlfriend and Drew is in a serious relationship, their lives have become a battle for attention between "work wife" and "home wife." It doesn't help when the two men sneak phone calls in the middle of the night, just to rehash what's happened since they left the office.David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the comic geniuses behind the long-running hit Will & Grace, return to television. This time they've put their own friendship and working relationship under the microscope to create a witty and fresh multi-camera comedy about the bonds we rely on most. Blending personal and professional doesn't make life smooth but it sure is juicy.
· Alan Tudyk as Drew
· Ayda Field as Audrey
· Josh Cooke as Derek
· Rizwan Manji as Quan
· Ty Burrell as Christopher
· David Kohan as CRTR/EP
· John Pasquin as DIR (Pilot)
· Max Mutchnick as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· KoMut Entertainment
· Warner Bros. Television