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previously in development (2017-2018 season)
ordered to series
(from NBC's press release, July 2016) Entrepreneurs with revolutionary and disruptive business ideas that are primed to explode into the next game-changing innovation will have the opportunity to team up with three of the brightest business minds of today and compete for up to a $1 million investment in NBC's new alternative series "Funded" (working title). NBC has given a series order to "Funded," the first business competition show built around an investment fund. In each standalone episode, start-up companies will be paired with one of three mentors: maverick entrepreneur and venture capitalist Rob Dyrdek, brand ambassador and media tycoon Tyra Banks or iconic brand-building guru and investor Rohan Oza. In every episode of "Funded," Dyrdek, Banks and Oza will select from a fresh crop of start-ups, each choosing one to champion and mentor. These are no ordinary start-ups but, rather, represent the best and most promising new companies in the world, with the potential for exponential growth and the chance of become global brands. These companies will get game-changing expert advice from our mentors and their elite advisors, and viewers will get priceless business insight previously only known to CEO's and successful entrepreneurs. At the end of each episode, the start-ups and their mentors must face a Venture Capitalist in front of a live audience, and convince him their company could be the next great company if they can get the fund's backing and that $1 million cash infusion. Only one start-up per episode can get funded, and only one mentor can claim bragging rights as the savviest visionary entrepreneur. Smart and authentic, practical and provoking, "Funded" pulls back the curtain on the high-stakes world of Venture Capital and will unveil the next generation of rock star entrepreneurs.
· Rob Dyrdek as Mentor
· Rohan Oza as Mentor
· Tyra Banks as Mentor
· Kris Curry as EP
· Lee Metzger as EP
· Rob Dyrdek as EP
· Tyra Banks as EP
· reality
· SuperJacket Productions
· Universal Television