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8/27/10 - 7/8/11
previously in development (2011-2012 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, April 2011) The creators of Gossip Girl invite you to get a glimpse inside the beltway. Forget the President, in D.C. the real power plays are made behind closed doors by the President's inner circle - the young, sexy people who shape politics. Andrew, Sam, Nikki and Peter are four of the secret weapons that propelled the current President into power. They also happen to be roommates with an intimate and tangled personal history. The only thing hotter and heavier than their personal lives is their workloads. Andrew (James Wolk) is the President's brilliant but disillusioned speechwriter. His rock-hard abs ensure that his casual hookups make front page news. Sam (Daisy Betts) is Andrew's ex and assistant to the President's Senior Adviser. Caught in a love triangle with Andrew and his charismatic best friend Monty (Kevin Zegers), Sam tries to play it cool, but when Monty unexpectedly proposes to Sam, the tension between Sam and Andrew skyrockets. Political analyst Peter (Joe Mazzello) is the rock in their circle of friends. Then there's Nikki (Katie Cassidy), the President's "spin doctor," who also happens to be a gorgeous ex-model. Passion, politics and hard partying come together in this hot and steamy new drama. When you work around the clock, it's easy to take your work to bed with you. Produced by Fake Empire (Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage), Georgetown gives us an inside look at the young and hungry power players who try to outmaneuver and out score each other in the game of politics.
· Boris Kodjoe as Michael Kline
· Condola Rashad as Bryce Johnson
· Daisy Betts as Samantha "Sam" Whitman
· Jimmy Wolk as Andrew Pierce
· Joseph Mazzello as Peter Brooks
· Katie Cassidy as Nikki Argo
· Kevin Zegers as Montgomery "Monty" Knox
· Tiya Sircar as Harper Hawley
· Wendy Crewson as Caroline Wallace
· Ashley Parker as CONS
· Jennifer Johnson as EP
· Josh Schwartz as EP
· Leonard Goldstein as EP
· Mark Piznarski as DIR (Pilot)
· Stephanie Savage as EP
· Will Fetters as CRTR/EP
· drama
· Fake Empire
· Warner Bros. Television