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10/5/07 - 5/26/11
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Like any other middle-aged Las Vegas mom, Jackie West just wants the best for her teen and adult kids. But lately, things have taken a downward turn. Having her husband go to prison for running a chop shop was bad. Watching her kids turn to criminal acts was worse. But when a family friend gets killed trying to escape the police, Jackie puts her foot down. Rather than gamble with crime, this Sin City mom decides to bankroll a sure thing: the straight life. Of course, getting her kids on board won't be easy. Van's ripped off so many rides he can jack a car in his sleep. Tawny's gorgeous enough to get herself in trouble, and clever enough to escape—sometimes. And sharp young Roxy just skipped six weeks of school by blackmailing the principal. Only Haden seems to value the law, and that's probably because he's a lawyer. But even he is not above being tempted to fall into bad old habits. And although Jackie's too old to squeeze into a cocktail waitress miniskirt, she's still determined to keep her family on the right track—even if it means bending the rules. Veronica Mars writer-creator Rob Thomas once again rewrites the rules of television genres with an edgy, soapy drama—one in which a different kind of family trying to live an honest life keeps getting pulled into the same old risky mischief. But, as Jackie West believes, even the Las Vegas strip can be a straight and narrow path—if you play your cards right.
· Catherine O'Hara as Jackie
· Gary Cole as Dean
· Jeffrey Tambor as Hy (Guest Star)
· Keith Robinson as Watts
· Mae Whitman as Roxy
· Meghan Markle as Sadie (Guest Star)
· Patrick Adams as Van/Haden
· Stephanie Lemelin as Tawny
· Treat Williams as Burt (Guest Star)
· Bruce Cervi as CO-EP
· Charles McDougall as DIR (Pilot)
· Danielle Stokdyk as EP
· James Griffin as CRTR (N.Z. Series)
· Jennifer Gwartz as EP
· John Barnett as EP
· John Lansing as CO-EP
· Michael Goldstein as CO-EP
· Michael Larkin as CO-EP
· Rachel Lang as CRTR (N.Z. Series)
· Rob Thomas as CRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Larkin-Goldstein Productions
· South Pacific Pictures