[04/05/17 - 10:14 AM]
2017 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series
ABC details its 14 drama projects under consideration for next season.

[03/15/17 - 11:44 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, March 15
Updates include: FOX pushes production on "The Beast"; Monica Potter cast in "Wisdom of the Crowd" at CBS; and Eva Longoria, Ken Marino among those tapped for FOX's "Type A."

[03/14/17 - 11:29 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, March 14
Updates include: Jane Lynch to get "Relatively Happy" for NBC; Jane Leeves to drop by "The Great Indoors" at CBS; and Donald Faison among the latest to get "Spaced Out" by NBC.

[03/08/17 - 11:41 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, March 8
Updates include: Glenn Howerton, Patton Oswalt to lead NBC's "A.P. Biology"; Michael Imperioli cast in ABC's "Start Up"; and Jerod Haynes to star in NBC's "Redliners."

[03/07/17 - 11:46 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, March 7
Updates include: Laverne Cox to play ABC's "The Trustee"; Patricia Clarkson boards "Sharp Objects" at HBO; and Tim DeKay, Zachary Knighton tapped for FOX's "Linda from HR."

[02/21/17 - 11:45 PM]
Development Update: February 20-21
Updates include: Jason Ritter to star in ABC's "The Gospel of Kevin"; Tim Robbins to lead HBO's Alan Ball drama; and Georgia King is "Raised by Wolves" for ABC.

[01/27/17 - 11:55 PM]
Development Update: Friday, January 27
Updates include: The CW's "Dynasty" reboot snags pilot order; Tahar Rahim to lead Hulu's "The Looming Tower"; and FOX to bring "Behind Enemy Lines" to small screen.

1/27/17 - 4/5/17
currently in development (2017-2018 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, April 2017) Kevin Flynn is about to look at life a lot differently... As a big shot investor from New York City, Kevin's life is on a downward spiral after he lost one of his clients a bunch of money. That's when he called his twin sister, Amy Flores, which brings him to her house outside of Austin, Texas. Amy, a newly widowed mother, and her 14-year-old-daughter Reese, are going through a difficult time too. Reese is coping with the loss of her father by embracing her intense teenage attitude and having her estranged Uncle Kevin around is only making matters worse. That night, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has summoned Amy to their headquarters. Upon her arrival, Amy is briefed about dozens of meteor-like impact craters detected all over the globe. What's strange is that none of these craters show evidence of a typical meteor strike. NORAD alerts Amy they are concerned this could be the result of a military attack, or worse yet, testing of a new dominant weapon. That same night, Kevin and Reese awaken to a meteor crashing in a nearby field. Inexplicably drawn to the meteor, Kevin touches it and is knocked out by the explosion it emits. But before he blacks out, he hears the words: Transform Yourself. When he awakes, Kevin realizes that the meteor he has touched has transformed into Yvette, an otherworldly being who claims she is a Messenger from God. She explains that thirty-five righteous souls, who protect the world just by existing, have disappeared; Kevin must find and anoint thirty-five more righteous souls while she finds out what went wrong. This information alarms Kevin who identifies as a nonbeliever. While he struggles to figure out whether he's legitimately going crazy, Yvette begins his spiritual training, causing Kevin to literally see the world through new eyes. But Yvette warns him he will have to keep his secret to himself. Meanwhile, Amy's team at NORAD is investigating his suspicious behavior, and whoever has altered the original righteous beings from losing their faith could be plotting to stop Kevin from fulfilling his sacred mission to save the world. A light drama from Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters (Agent Carter, Resurrection, Reaper).
· Chloe East as Reece
· Cristela Alonzo as Yvette
· Dustin Ybarra as Tyler
· India de Beaufort as Kristin
· J. August Richards as Nathan Purcell
· Jason Ritter as Kevin
· JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Amy
· Michele Fazekas as CRTR/EP
· Paul McGuigan as DIR (Pilot)
· Robert Atwood as PROD
· Tara Butters as CRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Fazekas & Butters