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2/2/12 - 5/9/13
previously in development (2013-2014 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/9/13; filmed on 4/16/13
(from ABC's press release, April 2013) Every man wants to be the king of his castle and John (John Leguizamo) is no different. He dreams about coming home to a wife and children who've been longing for his return after being gone on the road for weeks, but his reality is a blunt wake-up call. Constantly touring as a standup comedian and maintaining order and leadership in your home are two very tricky worlds to balance, and John is struggling to do just that. He and his wife, Juicy, want nothing more than for their two children to have a better upbringing than either of them had. They realize this is tricky to do while still acknowledging the importance of where they came from. Juicy comes from a privileged Jewish background and John often feels that because of this she is too soft on the kids. John on the other hand was raised by single working mom, Olga, and believes kids need to be pushed to be better. Their daughter, Sophie, who is entering high school is struggling to find who she is and what she wants her identity to be. While at the same time their son, Toby, may be considered a loner by some, including John, but he's comfortable in his uniqueness. Grandmother Olga now works as the family accountant which means she often butts heads with Juicy. All of these personalities combined with friends from John's past makes life in their very narrow five story walk up brownstone in New York truly unique. Starring John Leguizamo, and written in conjunction with Jeff Astrof (NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE) comes a unique family comedy directed by Ted Wass (RULES OF EENGAGEMENT) and executive produced by Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman (THE MUPPETS).
· Andrea Savage as Juicy
· Ariela Barer as TBA
· Elizabeth Peña as Olga
· John Leguizamo as John
· Luke Ganalon as Toby
· Troy Garity as Crash
· David Hoberman as EP
· Jeff Astrof as CRTR/EP
· Jeff Golenberg as EP
· John Leguizamo as CRTR/EP
· Maria Crenna as EP
· Sam Maydew as EP
· Ted Wass as DIR (Pilot)
· Todd Lieberman as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· ABC Studios
· Collective, The
· Mandeville Films and Television