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7/23/08 - 7/2/09
previously in development (2009-2010 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's web site, March 2009) The trick to solving puzzles is seeing the little clues that other people miss. Officer Charlie Hudson does not have this talent. He's perfectly happy in his low-level position in property crimes, but when he gets stuck with the genius little brother he never knew he had, Hudson is about to see the world in a whole new way. Hudson's father abandoned him when he was five-years-old, so he's shocked to discover that his recently deceased Dad left him the bulk of his estate including guardianship of his 10-year-old half brother who also happens to be named Charlie. Hudson is a master of avoiding responsibility, so he's not about to take on a kid his dad apparently viewed as his replacement. He starts looking for a decent foster family for Charlie, but the boy is quickly enthralled with his older brother especially his super-cool job as a detective. Genius Charlie recently graduated high school, so he's free to tag along with Hudson on his first and probably last homicide investigation, which everyone else believes is a suicide. That is, until Charlie notices the partially eaten piece of cake beside the victim's body. As Hudson and Charlie slowly work the case together, Hudson can't help beginning to grow fond of the boy. He doesn't completely feel up to the task of raising a child, but then again, he didn't think he had what it took to be a detective, either. After Hudson successfully solves his first case and saves Charlie from the clutches of a deadly killer, one thing becomes clear: Hudson and Charlie are a team. From Daniel Cerone, co-executive producer of Dexter comes a charming and original new crime drama that deftly mixes Psych's weekly procedural with the warmth and humor of About a Boy. Who needs Charlie's Angels, when the two Charlies are on the case?
· Brad William Henke as Tom Taylor
· Dakota Goyo as Charlie Hudson II
· Dania Ramirez as Veronica King
· Jimmy Wolk as Charlie Hudson
· Patrick St. Esprit as Lt. Jamison
· Daniel Cerone as CRTR/EP
· Francie Calfo as EP
· Greg Hoblit as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios