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11/10/06 - 1/14/19
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
(from FOX's press release) Executive producers Jonathan Mostow ("Breakdown," "Terminator 3"), David Eick ("Battlestar Galactica") and John McNamara ("Profit," "Eyes") deliver THEM, a revolutionary new drama about a sleeper cell operating in the everyday environs of modern-day Los Angeles a sleeper cell from another world. They might be the friendly new neighbors next door or the office workers carpooling alongside you on the freeway. But they are nothing like us. They arrive emotionless, follow orders without question, and none of them knows the true nature of their mission on Earth. What a few of them do know, however, is that something unexpected has happened: Our emotions affect them like a dangerous, uncontrollable virus. Once indulged, any feelings they have toward us can suddenly shatter their carefully codified order. CAIN JOHNSON (James D'Arcy, "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World") is the cell's vigilant, determined Enforcer, tasked with investigating agents who "go rogue." A new arrival, he struggles to understand our strange human ways, such as why we give each other dead foliage to express tenderness. When cell agent Adam Bridges betrays his own kind because of his love for a human woman, Cain is ordered to hunt him down. In the process, while learning more about his prey and, eventually, himself, Cain begins to question the true purpose of his cell's mysterious mission on Earth is it one of mercy, or domination? And what role does he actually play in it? EZEKIAL SMITS (Reg Rogers, "Runaway Bride") is the cell's Assimilator, a kind of bureaucratic shrink who orients new arrivals to this world, then monitors their progress and reports anyone he deems "unstable." Yet he himself has a secret addiction. An officious, volatile taskmaster, Smits is also responsible for naming each new agent as he or she assumes human form. For inspiration, he draws from two of this planet's most enduring publications: the Bible and TV Guide. URIAH SELLECK (Steve Toussaint, "The Knock"/UK), the silkily domineering Sector Chief, rules by fear and intimidation. The ambitious TARA SPADER (Freya Stafford, "White Collar Blue"/Australia) is in charge of media disinformation; she'll follow any order Uriah gives, as long as it assures her advancement within the cell. Naomi Tyler Moore is Tara's counterpart and total opposite, as seductive as she is free-spirited, using her powerful sexuality to gather information on unsuspecting human males. But as Cain soon learns, humans aren't the only ones vulnerable to Naomi's appeal. Meanwhile, DONNA SHAW (Rachel Nichols, "Alias"), the ordinary human woman with whom Adam has fallen in love as has her friend FLOYD GRUNWALD (Ben Feldman, "Living with Fran") triggers a deadly manhunt when it appears she might be the key to the cell's overall mission. Directed by Jonathan Mostow, this CBS Paramount Network Television and Circle of Confusion production is a mind-bending thriller about the collision of love, loyalty, fear, betrayal and what it means to be truly human.
· Ben Feldman as Floyd Grunwald
· Callard Harris as Adam Bridges (Guest Star)
· Freya Stafford as Tara Spader
· James D'Arcy as Cain Johnson
· Rachel Nichols as Donna Shaw
· Reg Rogers as Ezekial Smits
· Steve Toussaint as Uriah Selleck
· Tricia Helfer as Naomi Tyler Moore (Guest Star)
· Daniel Berman as BOOK
· David Alpert as CO-EP
· David Eick as CRTR/EP
· David Engel as CO-EP
· John McNamara as CRTR/EP
· Jonathan Mostow as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Lawrence Mattis as CO-EP
· Michael Oeming as BOOK
· based on a comic book
· drama
· CBS Television Studios
· Circle of Confusion
· McNamara Paper Products