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8/6/12 - 5/10/13
previously in development (2013-2014 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/10/13
(from ABC's press release, April 2013) A forbidden and dangerous romance emerges between 2 lovers of rival families causing an all-out war in a modern day telling of Romeo and Juliet. Welcome to Venice-California's most seductive city, mecca of surfing, skating and a laid back beach lifestyle coveted the world over. It's also the headquarters of surf and apparel brand Swell, founded 25 years ago by two best friends, Jay Carver and Gordy Nance (Bruce Greenwood, THE RIVER). But with big success came greed, betrayal and excesses causing a bitter schism between the partners. When Jay Carver died of a drug overdose, his wife Lisa (Jennifer Beals, THE L WORD) was pushed out of the business, left with next to nothing, and forced to raise her children Chris, Shealy and Nico alone while the billion-dollar Swell empire was left in the hands of Gordy Nance. Years later, son Chris Carver has just returned home from a 6 year prison stint for a crime he took the fall for only to find that the hatred that divided these 2 families runs as deep as ever. Unbeknownst to anyone, Swell is in rocky financial shape due in part to Gordy's nefarious association with an organized crime ring. Gordy is determined to take the last asset the Carvers own: their original flagship store. Chris' uncle Robbie is resolved to bring retribution upon the Nance family and becomes involved in dangerous activities that can lead to murder. It's more than Chris can deal with and he vows to start his life over far away from Venice until he reconnects with Gordy's now grown-up daughter, the stunning Sophie (Odette Annable, CLOVERFIELD, BROTHERS AND SISTERS). The two begin a secret relationship that will further tear their families apart. When his uncle is brought to the brink of death at the hands of Nance's henchmen, Chris realizes his place is in Venice and he vows to rebuild his family's business and revive his father's legendary name and legacy. From Executive producer / Creator Byron Balasco (WITHOUT A TRACE) and EP /director McG (CHARLIES ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE & THE O.C.) comes a juicy soap about sex, betrayal and family loyalties between bitter rivals struggling for control of WESTSIDE.
· Brooklyn Sudano as Jess Roman
· Bruce Greenwood as Gordy Nance
· Dean Winters as Robbie Carver
· Jennifer Beals as Lisa Carver
· Jessica Lu as Eva
· Lexi Ainsworth as Nico Carver
· Lincoln Lewis as Shealy Carver
· Luke Bracey as Chris Carver
· Michael Graziadei as Josh Nance
· Odette Annable as Sophie Nance
· Byron Balasco as CRTR/EP
· Ilene Chaiken as EP
· McG as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Peter Johnson as EP
· drama
· Warner Bros. Television
· Wonderland Sound and Vision