[thursday, april 24, 2014]    
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11:00 AM DIY bryk at a time, a: constructing comfort (DBAT-211H)
11:30 AM DIY bryk at a time, a: galley kitchen blow out (DBAT-212H)
12:00 PM DIY bryk at a time, a: more than one surprise (DBAT-213H)
12:30 PM DIY bryk at a time, a: toughest client to date (DBAT-214H)
[2nd season finale]
1:00 PM NICK wallykazam!: the cake monster (#112)
5:00 PM DISNEY win, lose or draw: bradley steven perry & jake short (#29)
6:00 PM MTV ex and the why, the
6:30 PM MTV time's up: phil and zoe
7:00 PM NBA TV nba special: conference quarterfinals: indiana at atlanta (game 3)
  CNBC nhl special: game 5* - (3) montreal at (2) tampa bay
8:00 PM CBS big bang theory, the: the anything can happen recurrence
  FOX hell's kitchen: 14 chefs compete (HK-1207)
  NICK instant mom: distant mom (#120)
  ID karma's a b*tch!: deadbeat beatdown (#203)
  TNT nba special: conference quarterfinals: oklahoma city at memphis (game 3)
  NBCSN nhl special: game 4 - (1) boston at (4) detroit
  NBC parks & recreation: moving up, parts 1 & 2 (#621/622)
[one-hour 6th season finale - special time]
  PBS this old house hour, the: episode 1225 (#1225)
  The CW vampire diaries, the: man on fire
8:30 PM NICK see dad run: see dad run into marcus' nephew (#304)
8:31 PM CBS millers, the: tomlandia
9:00 PM FOX american idol: results show: 1 of 6 voted off (ID2-1337/8A)
  FOOD chopped canada: for the love of cod (#HA2003H)
  A&E first 48, the: abandoned in the bayou (#269/1332)
  BIO food factory: snow & ice (#207)
  ABC grey's anatomy: change of heart (#1021)
  SCIENCE how it's made: railway bridge ties; membrane filters; hydraulic post drivers; bi-planes (#1404)
  SPIKE TV impact wrestling: 042414 (#930)
  NGC life below zero: deadly grounds (#303)
  WE mary mary: the last chord (#309)
  TLC my big fat american gypsy wedding: caught in a gypsy love triangle (#304)
  HISTORY pawn star$: road test (#V855)
  The CW reign: toy soldiers
  FX saint george: hot blooded (#1004)
  NBC saturday night live: saturday night live presents snl shorts
[two-hour special presentation]
9:01 PM CBS two and a half men: lotta delis in little armenia
9:30 PM FX anger management: charlie spends the night with lacey (#2068)
  BIO food factory: sweet & savory (#208)
  CNBC nhl special: game 4 - (1) colorado at (4) minnesota
  HISTORY pawn star$: ponies and phonies (#V856)
  FOX surviving jack: something to talk about (JAC-106)
9:31 PM CBS bad teacher: pilot (#101)
[series premiere]
10:00 PM NGC alaska state troopers: burning alaska (#603)
  A&E beyond scared straight: fulton county, ga -- "my father the inmate" (#57/604)
[6th season finale]
  ABC black box: kiss the sky (#101)
[series premiere]
  ID blood relatives: home sweet homicide (#304)
  CNN chicagoland: city of the future (#108)
[1st season finale]
  CMT fna usa: i want cup o'noodles (#103)
  HGTV house hunters: a young new yorker brings mom along for house hunt in the big apple (HNT-8711H)
  ANIMAL PLANET ice cold gold: beast within (#208)
  IFC portlandia: 3d printer (#409)
  MTV real world/road rules challenge, the: the thumbsucker (#2503-60)
  COMEDY review with forrest macneil: marry, run, party
  USA sirens: there's no i in cream (#109)
  DA unsealed: alien files: ufo's down under (#219)
  HISTORY vikings: the choice (#209)
10:01 PM CBS elementary: the man with the twisted lip (#221)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters off the grid: hasta finca bellavista, baby (HHOTG-101H)
  TNT nba special: conference quarterfinals: la clippers at golden state (game 3)
  NBCSN nhl special: game 4 - (2) san jose at (3) los angeles
11:00 PM HGTV fixer upper: young family embraces revitalization efforts making their own history (HFXUP-102H)
[series premiere]
  BRAVO watch what happens: live: mario lopez and brandy norwood (#11073)
11:59 PM ADULT SWIM adult swim special: dinner with friends with brett gelman and friends
[special presentation]

  [april 2014]