[thursday, august 28, 2014]    
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12:30 AM COMEDY meltdown with jonah and kumail, the: the one with the tv host perks
11:00 AM NICK wallykazam!: a tiny problem (#116)
12:00 PM NICK dora and friends: into the city!: the magic ring (#102)
1:00 PM FYI you gotta eat here!: jack's, wilbur & sabastian, say cheese (#57)
1:30 PM FYI you gotta eat here!: pig bbq joint, two six [ate], taco pica (#58)
2:00 PM FYI you gotta eat here!: praire harvest, st. joachum diner, the village (#59)
2:30 PM FYI you gotta eat here!: jam café, the gabardine, gasthof old bavarian haus (#60)
6:00 PM CARTOON teen titans go!: slumber party
6:30 PM CARTOON steven universe: joking victim (#21)
7:00 PM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the move
7:30 PM CARTOON uncle grandpa: food truck (#29)
8:00 PM SYFY defiance: all things must pass/i almost prayed (#212/213)
[two-hour 2nd season finale]
  COOKING eat st.: buon appetito! (CCEAT-508H)
  ABC quest, the: under siege/a traitor in sanctum (#105/106)
  TRUTV top 20 funniest: episode 213 (#213)
  E! untold with maria menounos: rags to reality; star stalkers; edm-pire (#103)
9:00 PM CBS big brother: episode 1629 (#1629)
  COOKING bite this with nadia g: chicago (CCBTT-107H)
[new time slot]
  WE braxton family values: jamaican me crazy (#403)
  VH1 dating naked: episode 7 (#107)
  NGC doomsday preppers: there will be chaos (#406)
  FYI food factory: six into eight (#302)
  PBS great performances: rejoice with itzhak perlman and cantor yitzchak meir helfgot (#3816)
  TLC gypsy sisters: bottoms up in the big easy (#302)
  ID handsome devils: desert rat (#108)
  REELZ hollywood scandals: lindsay lohan (#208)
  LIFETIME project runway: it's a nice day for a rock wedding (#1306-90)
  USA rush: because i got high (#107)
9:01 PM NBC welcome to sweden: separate lives / saknad (#108)
9:30 PM BRAVO extreme guide to parenting: the highly disciplined warriors & the total package (#104)
  FYI food factory: usa. got your goat (#03)
  NBC welcome to sweden: home / återförening (#109)
10:00 PM VH1 #candidlynicole: tba (#107)
  ABC abc special: world's wildest commercials
[one-hour special presentation]
  FOOD beat bobby flay: out of the pan and into the fire (#BY0207H)
  REELZ celebrity damage control: tiger woods (#108)
  COOKING chuck's eat the street: music city meals (CCETS-308H)
  FYI feed, the: food for a fight & food that delights (#03)
  IFC garfunkel & oates: road warriors (#104)
  SUNDANCE honorable woman, the: two hearts (#105)
  SCIENCE how it's made: dream cars - episode 4
  TV ONE love that girl: temp tation (#329)
  FX married: waffles & pizza (#107)
  NBCSN mecum dealmakers: kissimmee (#105)
  CMT party down south: out with a bang (#213)
[2nd season finale]
  MTV ridiculousness: chanel and sterling xii (#508)
  USA satisfaction: ...through terms and conditions (#107)
  NGC survive the tribe: arctic endurance (#106)
  WE swv reunited: lelee's blues (#203)
  ID worst thing i ever did: love & marriage (#105)
10:30 PM VH1 leann & eddie: elephant in the room (#107)
  MTV snack-off: hangover helper & toaster pastries (#109)
  FX you're the worst: equally dead inside (#107)
11:00 PM ADULT SWIM black jesus: i gave at the playground (#04)
  HGTV my big family renovation: retreat for mom and dad (HMBFR-107H)
  CMT party down south: season 2: the after party
[one-hour special presentation]
  SHOWTIME seven deadly sins: envy (#104)
11:30 PM HGTV my big family renovation: backyard haven (HMBFR-108H)

  [august 2014]