Air Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: "SHOW #51"
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Bird Also to Appear Live on "Today," Friday, March 4

New York -- Februray 28, 2005 -- Scott Peterson's sister, Anne Bird, speaks out for her first television interview with NBC News' Matt Lauer in a special "Dateline NBC," to be broadcast on Wednesday, March 2 (8:00 PM, ET). Bird, who was put up for adoption at birth, and reunited with her biological mother, Jackie Latham Peterson, and her brother, Scott, in 1997, discusses her upcoming book, "BLOOD BROTHER: 33 Reasons My Brother, Scott Peterson, Is Guilty" recounting her reunion with her biological family, the deep love she developed for Laci and the brother she defended almost until the end, and the growing horror she faced during Scott's investigation and trial as she became convinced he was guilty. Bird will also appear live on "Today," Friday, March 4 (7:00 AM, ET).

Excerpts from the interview:

RE: His unusually quiet demeanor the week before Christmas:

LAUER: Were red flags popping up in your head, or was this just a sister saying, "You know what? We all go through times like this."

BIRD: You know, that's what I was thinking. That we all go through times like this. He is a new father. I don't know how he was absorbing everything. Maybe he was overwhelmed. You know. So, I just dismissed it.

RE: Her dinner with Scott a couple days after Laci's disappearance, where he never mentions Laci's name:

LAUER: What did you think about that?

BIRD: I thought that maybe this is a man who was so traumatized that he just needs a break from, you know, being hounded by the media. You know, maybe he can't show emotion in front of us. You know, I really tried my hardest to cast judgment on him.

LAUER: As the wine continued to flow did he open up at all? Did he seem more emotional?

BIRD: No, no, he seemed to be enjoying himself.

RE: His flirtatious behavior with Bird's babysitter:

LAUER: Mid January, Laci's been missing for about a month now. And one day your babysitter, Loraine, comes over to the house to watch your children, Loraine who, from all accounts that I've heard is a very attractive young lady. What was it like when Scott met Loraine for the first time?

BIRD: It was a little bit awkward. He was acting like a bachelor-- you know, very interested in her. And I-- I don't know if it was a mutual attraction. It seemed to me-- mostly Scott.

LAUER: So, his wife's missing. And now he's...would it be a stretch to say he's flirting with the baby sitter?

BIRD: Not at all, I would say he was definitely flirting with our babysitter.

RE: Disturbing comments he made to Bird in private during Laci's disappearance:

LAUER: At one point, you're in your house and he turns his attention to the TV and starts to shake his head, and he says this, "They're looking in the wrong places," he said.

BIRD: Right.

LAUER: And you said, "Who?" He said, "The police, everyone." Now, you write in the book, a normal response would've been to ask him where they should be looking.

BIRD: Right.

LAUER: But you didn't ask him that.

BIRD: I didn't ask him that. I just didn't want to cast the judgment on him.

RE: Being put up for adoption:

BIRD: I was never angry. I was never upset. I loved my parents. I never felt abandoned or deserted.

David Corvo is the executive producer of "Dateline NBC" and Tom Touchet is the executive producer of "Today."

Editor's Note: Photos of Lauer's interview with Anne Bird are available on www.nbcmv.com.

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