Air Date: Friday, June 10, 2005
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: "SHOW #84"
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NEW YORK -- June 3, 2005 -- NBC's Ann Curry sits down for an exclusive interview with actress Angelina Jolie to discuss her feelings towards the press, her aid work in Africa, her relationship with Brad Pitt, and making of their new movie, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." The interview will be broadcast on "Today," Monday, June 6 (7:00 AM, ET) and on "Dateline," Friday, June 10 (8:00 PM, ET).

Below are excerpts from the interview:

RE: Her feelings towards the press:

Curry: Have you ever been hurt?

Jolie: No, it takes a lot to hurt me.

Curry: Oh, are you being just a tough girl?

Jolie: No...I've just grown up too much to be hurt by what people's opinion of my love life is. That doesn't hurt me. You know, attack my child -- that hurts me...I'm more annoyed when...because of all of it, I try to take my son on a carousel yesterday, and we've got too many people flashing pictures for him to have a good time. That bothers me.

RE: What she learned about her once self-destructive behavior by working with refugees, and how she hopes it can help others:

Curry: What do you say to people listening right now, young people, who are drinking too much, doing heroin, cutting themselves, about ... what is possible in life?

Jolie: ... find a way to be... useful and a part of...a fight. And you fight for things to be better. Fight hard. And there's some amazing fights to be had out there. And I think that's what maybe I didn't know at 14...I have a-- you know an aggression in me, and I'm brave, and I want to stand up against something. And-- and if I knew that I could be on the front lines in protecting somebody, then I would have understood what that fight was for. And, instead, I fought myself and nearly killed myself a lot of times. Until I realized that I should value life and be so...grateful that I have food to give my son, and a roof over my head and a chance to-- have a long life.

RE: The making of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith:"

Curry: I want to know about this stunt in which it appears in the movie that you jump out of a 40 story window. Wearing, by the way, a dominatrix outfit.

Jolie: ...So I happened to get this stunt...that suited me. But yeah, I was a little...unsure about something the first time I went down and my coat flew off and I thought, "Oh, I have no pants on. I have no pants on and there's just a crowd of people on the floor."

Curry: Do you mean no underpants on or no pants on?

Jolie: Yeah. Everything is rubber...so...you don't feel like you're covered.

Jim Bell is the executive producer of "Today," (Monday-Friday, 7:00-10:00 AM, ET), and David Corvo is the executive producer of "Dateline NBC, " (Fridays, 8:00-10:00 PM, ET).

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