Air Date: Saturday, March 04, 2006
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: "The Highest Stakes"
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A 27-year-old woman from Sacramento, Calif. goes to a casino to gamble by herself and then vanishes into the night. What happened to Christie Wilson? What goes through the mind of her family -- especially her stepfather who is a detective -- when the unthinkable happens and he becomes a victim himself? Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports for 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "The Highest Stakes," to be broadcast Saturday, March 4 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Typically, in these types of cases, after a flurry of missing posters, searches and candlelight vigils, the investigation hits a dead end. But Christie's case turns out to be very different. Four days after she went missing, police discover some dramatic evidence. The casino has an extensive security system --700 cameras -- which videotaped nearly every move Christie made that night -- including the moments when she leaves the casino and walks into the parking lot. It turns out Christie did not walk out alone: she left with an older man. He is quickly identified as a 53-year-old married father of two teenage boys.

The security videotape is also remarkable for what it does not show. The last image we see is Christie and the older man in the parking lot, disappearing out of camera range. Did she get in the car with him? Her parents describe Christie as popular, bright and ambitious, but maybe too trusting.

48 HOURS MYSTERY has followed this developing story from the very beginning and has been with Christie Wilson's family every step of the way, from the first time they witness the videotape until the heartbreaking moment when they are forced to celebrate Christie's 28th birthday without her. Correspondent Erin Moriarty interviews Pat and Deb Boyd, Christie's shell-shocked parents, as they realize their daughter walked into the night with a man named Mario Garcia who -- despite being a highly-paid, upper-middle class computer management expert for a hospital system -- has both a criminal and questionable past.

48 HOURS MYSTERY investigated Mario Garcia and found other disturbing incidents more than 25 years old. One criminal case remains open.

In this broadcast, 48 HOURS MYSTERY has a number of investigative exclusives:

� Wendy Ward, who alleged Garcia raped her in 1979, talks publicly for the first time about her ordeal. Garcia pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon.

� Tom Davis, whose mother and sister were killed in a car accident involving Garcia, talks about his loss and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the still open criminal case.

� John Cave, the investigating officer in that car incident, speaks candidly about his investigation in an exclusive interview.

� Garcia's first wife, who fled to a battered women's shelter while married to him, provides information about her life with her ex-husband.

48 HOURS MYSTERY: "The Highest Stakes" is produced by Paul LaRosa and Melissa Sanford. The cameraman is David Dellaria. The senior producer is Peter Schweitzer and the executive producer is Susan Zirinsky.

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