Air Date: Saturday, March 11, 2006
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: "Texas Confidential"
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By all appearances, Bob and Doris Angleton led a charmed life with their beautiful 12-year-old twin daughters in one of Houston's most affluent neighborhoods. Bob was a multi-millionaire and Doris a beloved, doting mother. But on an April evening in 1997, Bob and his daughters came home from a softball game and discovered Doris dead on the kitchen floor: shot 12 times in the head and chest. Police would soon learn that this was a family full of secrets -- illegal gambling, love affairs, incriminating tapes and a violent feud between brothers. Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports for 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Texas Confidential," to be broadcast Saturday, March 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

After his wife's murder, Bob told police his brother, Roger, was the killer. Bob said he and Roger had a troubled past and that Roger had always been jealous of his success. Bob felt the murder was his brother's revenge. Later, when Roger was arrested in Las Vegas, police found evidence in his briefcase that seemed to implicate Bob -- a secret audio tape of two men plotting to kill Doris.

Investigators discovered that Doris had filed for divorce and that she threatened to expose Bob's business to the IRS. Bob, as it turns out, was an illegal sports bookmaker.

Roger confessed to the murder and he was expected to testify against his brother. Then, he shocked everyone by committing suicide. He left behind a note saying that he alone had killed Doris and that his brother Bob wasn't involved. Even so, a year after Doris's murder, state prosecutors still felt Bob was involved and brought him to trial. Bob was acquitted, but the case wasn't over.

Federal prosecutors got involved and, more than three years later, they decided to charge Bob with murder again over protests that it amounted to double jeopardy. This time, they planned to introduce evidence that the state never used -- another secret audio tape, one of several made by an aspiring true-crime writer who had interviewed Roger in jail.

Four days before Bob's federal murder trial was to begin, he fled the country with $135,000 in cash. Will authorities find him? Will he have to stand trial for murder again? It's been nine years since Doris was gunned down and no one has been brought to justice for the crime.

48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Texas Confidential" is produced by Loen Kelley and Jenna Jackson. The executive editor is Al Briganti and the executive producer is Susan Zirinsky.

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