Air Date: Thursday, May 04, 2006
Time Slot: 10:01 PM-11:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: "N/A"
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Then: A �Strange Piece of Paradise� -- One Woman�s Journey to Confront a Brutal Attack 30 Years Ago

Also: Will David Blaine Be Able to Stay Underwater for Nine Minutes?

This week, ABC News� �Primetime� returns to Thursdays at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT, with a Diane Sawyer exclusive interview with Mary Cheney; plus, the unforgettable journey of one woman confronting her brutal attack by a man with a hatchet; and David Blaine�s latest attempt to break a world record underwater.

First: Mary Cheney sits down with Diane Sawyer for her first television interview, talking candidly to Sawyer about being gay and the woman with whom she shares her life. She opens up about the challenges of balancing her private life and political position while standing by her father, Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney speaks out about her sexuality being politicized during the 2004 campaign, responding to the gay rights activists who attacked her and how stunned she was when Senator John Edwards drew her private life in as well. She also tells Sawyer about her struggle to stay on the campaign in 2004, what she thinks about President Bush, and what she can�t wait to be again. The interview airs on �Primetime,� THURSDAY, MAY 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Then: When Terri Jentz was an undergraduate at Yale she � along with a friend � had a desire to discover America and embarked on a cross country bike trip originating from rural Oregon. But things quickly went from a hopeful adventure to a horrific nightmare when they reached Cline Falls State Park near Redmond, Oregon. Asleep in a tent, Terri and her friend were brutally attacked by a man in a truck wielding a hatchet. Despite suffering severe wounds, both young women miraculously survived. And while suspicions surfaced locally on who the attacker was, no one was ever charged with the crime. Fifteen years later Terri -- haunted with fear -- decides to return to the scene of the crime to try to track down her attacker and battle her demons. Jentz, who has now authored a memoir of her ordeal entitled �Strange Piece of Paradise,� recounts her journey with Jay Schadler in her first televised interview.

And: Magician David Blaine has been buried alive, frozen in a block of ice and spent 44 days trapped in a glass box. Now, as he takes his next plunge � will he be able to break the world record and hold his breath underwater for more than eight minutes? Chris Cuomo reports.

DIANE SAWYER, CHRIS CUOMO, CYNTHIA McFADDEN and JOHN QUI�ONES are the anchors of "Primetime.� DAVID SLOAN is the executive producer.

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