Air Date: Sunday, May 21, 2006
Time Slot: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: "Show No.59"
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The Intimate Interview Offers a Rare Glimpse Into the Personal Lives of Their Royal Highnesses

Portions of the Interview Will Also Air Monday on NBC's "Today" and MSNBC.com

NEW YORK � May 19, 2006 - "Dateline NBC" will air "The Three Princes," the first-ever joint television interview with Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. During the intimate interview, which takes place at Highgrove, The Prince of Wales' country house, Charles, William and Harry offer a glimpse into their personal lives, and they discuss at length their relationships with one another. They candidly talk about their individual tastes in music, television, sports and food, and they also discuss the celebrations marking the 30th Anniversary of The Prince's Trust, which is an organization founded by Prince Charles that helps disadvantaged young people in the UK.

"The Three Princes" interview, which was conducted by the popular British hosts Ant and Dec, will air Sunday, May 21 on "Dateline NBC" at 7 p.m. E.T. Portions of the interview will air Monday on "Today." The interview will first air Saturday night in the UK on ITV.

A complete transcript will be available on www.Dateline.MSNBC.com Saturday, May 20 at 5 p.m. ET, and clips and a photo slideshow from the interview will be available on the Web site after the interview airs Sunday.

Below are excerpts from the interview.


Regarding their tastes in music:

PRINCE CHARLES: I enjoy the jazz, yes. But these two play this stuff and I'm sitting there going (mimics head banging) downstairs somewhere the whole place (laughter).

ANT: It's just like houses up and down the country, turn that racket down!

HARRY: It varies a bit.

PRINCE WILLIAM: I'd say his (referring to Harry) is pretty shocking, but mine is good. Apart from that, we tend to like pretty much the same music, yeah.


Regarding their tastes in television:

ANT: Have you guys got the same sense of humor; do you watch the same comedy programs?

WILLIAM: Yes we tend to mostly, we like the same sort of things. Although there's usually an argument over the remote control at home about who watches what, that usually goes on for quite a while.


Regarding "American Idol":

PRINCE HARRY: He won't admit it (points to William) but we did both watch it

HARRY: The cut offs were so good, yeah, the auditions (laughter).


Regarding The Princes Trust:

CHARLES: Everybody has something I think and it's just that business of giving them self-confidence and self esteem. And funnily enough, when you do that it gives them enormous encouragement and motivation, suddenly they realize they can do things that they never thought they could and suddenly particularly people you know who've been offenders for instance, again, their lives can be completely transformed, much to everybody's amazement.

ANT: William and Harry, do you feel as strongly as your father does about the trust?

WILLIAM: Yeah, definitely. It'd be nice in the future if we can both get a bit more involved in it and help out.

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