Air Date: Thursday, July 20, 2006
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: "N/A"
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- When Rage from Divorce Goes Too Far -

- Did a Man Poison His Wife to Be With Another Woman?

- A Millionaire Who Chooses Jail over Splitting Assets with His Ex-Wife -

How far will spouses go when a marriage goes bad? The things people attempt these days bring new meaning to the marital vow, �til death do us part. �Primetime� looks at love, marriage, and revenge on THURSDAY, JULY 20 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network

Jake Tapper reports on the extreme measures people take when a bitter divorce turns into personal rage. From celebrities humiliating each other publicly to people deliberately destroying their ex�s property � including a New York City-based doctor who allegedly blew up his town house last week to keep his ex from getting it. Most divorce attorneys say the root of these battles is emotion, but in some cases emotion can go too far, sometimes even escalating to murder.

Cheri Kostrewa thought she knew her husband, Harald Ehrenfelds, well. They had a happy life and loving marriage. But after nearly a decade and the birth of their first child, Kostrewa says she began to notice changes in her husband�s behavior. He would refuse to eat, was increasingly removed from the family, and started ignoring her. Fourteen years into the marriage Cheri�s devastation truly set in when suspicious letters started arriving from another woman in Norway � a woman who had been Harald�s first love. But Cheri had bigger concerns � her own life --from a vile tasting glass of water that sat next to her bed to a mysterious green powder that kept appearing in her food�Was her own husband trying to poison her? Cynthia McFadden updates this report, which originally aired in January 2006.

Millionaire Beatty Chadwick has been in jail for a more than a decade � the longest time served ever for civil contempt of court -- because he will not split several million dollars in marital assets with his ex-wife. Chadwick, a former Philadelphia corporate lawyer, tells Jim Avila he�s broke, but a judge believes he is hiding all of that money. Chadwick claims that his 11 years behind bars prove he�s telling the truth. Ex-wife Bobbie Applegate claims Chadwick�s frugality during their marriage � she says he even limited her toilet paper usage -- foreshadowed this unusual holdout.

DIANE SAWYER, CHRIS CUOMO, CYNTHIA McFADDEN and JOHN QUINONES are the anchors of �Primetime.� DAVID SLOAN is the executive producer.

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