Air Date: Monday, July 09, 2007
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: (#103) "GO PLAY WITH SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE" (Repeat)
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Monday, July 9 2007

AGE OF LOVE --(8:00PM-9:00PM) --(TV-PG DL)

"Go Play With Someone Your Own Age"

GIVEN THE CHANCE TO PLAN THEIR RIVALS' GROUP DATE WITH AUSTRALIAN TENNIS SUPERSTAR MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS, THE 40-YEAR OLD AND 20-YEAR OLD WOMEN HAVE SOME FUN AT EACH OTHER'S EXPENSE -- In his search for love, Australian tennis superstar Mark Philippoussis' stamina and sense of fair play are put to the test when he's given one hour for lunch with one 40-something and one 20-something, but the two are seated at different tables. Whomever he is sitting with when the alarm goes off, gets extra time and dessert with him. Later, when given the chance to plan the other group's date with Mark, the 40-year olds seize the opportunity to send their young rivals to entertain a pack of rowdy 6-year olds during their time with Mark. So, the 20-year olds gleefully dispatch their older counterparts and Mark to a senior citizens' water aerobics class. In the end, Mark must send two more women home. Hosted by Mark Conseuelos ("All My Children").

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