Air Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on BRAVO
Episode Title: (#102) "Monkey - Puncture"
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NEW YORK - August 2, 2007 � Bravo's new series "Flipping Out," demonstrates the many pressures facing colorful Los Angeles real estate speculator Jeff Lewis in the second episode airing Tuesday, August 7th at 10 PM ET/PT. While Lewis' current home goes on the market he must deal with the eccentric seller of another property who won't move out. "I don't think he's completely acknowledged he's no longer the owner, which is why he's moving one box a day" says Lewis, "He's going to have to get the rest of his stuff and move on with his life."

Despite the stress of trying to flip several multimillion-dollar homes at the same time and growing money concerns, it's Lewis's problems at home that are at the forefront of this week's episode. When a staff member calls to inform him that one of his beloved cats can't be located and then leaves to go to an appointment, Lewis is furious that he must drop everything to go look for the pet. He's also left wondering if he's made the right decision on a recent hire. The cat continues to wreak havoc on the lives of Lewis's house assistants, particularly Stephen who has to accompany him to an acupuncture treatment. After dealing with the enraged animal � during which both the fur and the epithets fly�Stephen is slightly injured and visibly upset, saying, "This is the craziest job I've ever had." In fact, he later tells Lewis he's just not capable of repeating the experience ever again.

It takes a special kind of personality to handle flipping six multimillion-dollar houses at one time, but Lewis, an obsessive compulsive successful businessman, pulls it off and turns a six-figure profit on every property. Lewis makes his living with the help of a group of diverse and oft disgruntled employees he counts as friends. Flipping Out is produced by Authentic Entertainment, with Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan serving as executive producers. Billy Taylor serves as co-executive producer.

On www.BravoTV.com , the site will feature in-depth character biographies as well as provide a new twist on the traditional bio with "my sixty second life story" in which each cast member gives the quick down 'n dirty on their life on video. In addition, check out Design Your Dream Home. Do think you could be a house flipper? Compete with other users to create the most appealing living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Also view video of Jeff, Jenni, and the gang on the Red Carpet at the Bravo Party in Los Angeles as well as video of -- Renovate to Donate -- footage of the gang at the benefit for "The Amanda Foundation." Finally, check out our ever-growing gallery of Notorious Bosses from film and TV.

Just like the crew of Flipping Out, Bravo invites viewers to rant and rave about their boss. They can submit stories online at bravotv.com or via text message -- text BOSS to 27286 ('BRAVO). Finalists will appear online where the bravotv.com community will vote for their favorite story and decide who will win an iPod.

Think your job is bad? Well, at least you don't work for Jeff Lewis! Text FLIP to 27286 (Bravo) to get Flipping Their Lid: weekly messages from Flipping Out's disgruntled crew. Find out their exact job descriptions, qualifications, and what they do to cope. It's a weekly reminder to put a step in your work shoes and thank your lucky stars that you don't have THEIR jobs!

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