Air Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#408) "Blankenship/Phillips"
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"Blankenship/Phillips" -- This week in "Blankenship/Phillips," a conservative, former Colonel wife who also works three jobs while her husband takes care of the home swaps lives with a rock and roll wife whose husband barks orders to her on the baby monitor, on "Wife Swap," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Each week from across the country, two families with very different values are chosen to take part in a two-week long challenge. The wives from these two families exchange husbands, children and lives (but not bedrooms) to discover just what it's like to live another woman's life. It's a mind-blowing experiment that often ends up changing their lives forever.

Sexy rock and roll wife Glori Blankenship (32) of South Carolina is a 5'10" blonde former Hooter's girl who doesn't hide the fact that she's had some work done. Her rocker husband, Tim, is a 5'4" macho man's man who loves showing off his trophy wife and is proud to say that he's the short fat guy who walks in the bar with the prettiest glamazon on the planet. Tim works as an electrical engineer and, after a hard day's work, likes to be waited on hand and foot by Glori, who does all the cooking, cleaning and chores. He likes her to be scantily clad around the house´┐Ż it makes him feel good. Glori caters to Tim's every whim, including getting him chips and beer when he calls upstairs on the baby monitor. Her son, Justin (12), is embarrassed by the way his mom dresses and lays about playing video games for hours. Life is too short to stay at home for Glori and Tim, so their nights consist of going out bar hopping, doing shots and Tim playing in his heavy metal band. Glori also works as a promotional model, holding up posters and wearing short dresses and high heels on the street.

Glori goes to the Maryland home of former Army Colonel Jill Phillips, who is retired but has not slowed down. She juggles three careers -- as the owner of a petting zoo, co-owner of a software company and a nurse practitioner. Former military man and adoring husband John devotes himself to Jill and takes care of the home. John is left to do most of the housework, which involves cleaning up after the 40 farm animals Jill houses in their backyard for her petting zoo, including llamas, goats, horses and even a tarantula. The Phillips family is all about making decisions to prepare their twin daughters, Raquel (15) and Marlena (15), for the future. The girls were raised to have a strong work ethic and are expected to study and go to college. They have a busy schedule of chores and work at the petting zoo, including weekends. The parents monitor all their social activities and their friends.

In the first week of the swap, Jill has to transform herself into a rock and roll sexy mama whose wardrobe choices include high heels, fishnet stockings and miniskirts. She has to serve Tim and calls him out on his lothario ways, which angers Tim. Meanwhile in Maryland, Glori has to dress for success as a get-ahead career woman, and John makes a comment about her heavy makeup and glitter lotion. Glori is frustrated by the Phillips daughters' all-work-no-play lifestyle and tells John that they don't have a normal teenage life.

In the second week of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, Jill "gives 'em hell" at the Blankenship house when she takes away the video games, enforces morning jogs for Tim and Justin, and orders Tim to get a haircut -- which he refuses to do. She tells him that he's treated Glori like a maid for too long, and dresses him up in scanty clothing and makes him work as a maid for a sorority house.

Meanwhile, girls just want to have fun when Glori puts an end to petting zoo work and has the male hired help audition for Raquel and Marlena in an impromptu dance contest. Glori teaches the girls to be more outgoing in a friendly competition of soliciting guys' phone numbers on the street to invite them to their party. She tries to transform John into a wild man of rock, taking him out to a biker bar, where he is horrified by Glori's wild-woman antics.

At the end of the swap, when the families are reunited, will Jill say "at ease" and let her girls have more fun? Will Glori curb her wild partying and ask Tim to help her out more around the house?

"Wife Swap" is an RDF USA production. It was created by Stephen Lambert and is executive-produced by Wendy Roth and Stephen Lambert of RDF Media ("Faking It" and "Junkyard Wars") and Michael Davies of Embassy Row ("Who Wants to be a Millionaire"). Cristin Cricco, Stephanie Schwam Adams and Mike Gamson are the co-executive producers.

"Wife Swap" is broadcast with Spanish subtitles via secondary closed captioning. This program carries a TV-PG,L parental guideline.

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