Air Date: Sunday, August 09, 2009
Time Slot: 6:30 PM-7:00 PM EST on The CW
Episode Title: (#467514) "A House Reunited" (Repeat)
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"THE DREW CAREY SHOW" � (6:30-7:00 p.m. ET)

"A House Reunited" (TV-PG, D)

Drew and Celia rethink their relationship � Despite the winter weather and losing half his house, Drew (Drew Carey) refuses to leave his property and allow Winfred-Louder to build a mall. All of his neighbors accept lucrative offers for their houses and land, but Drew loves his family home. Kate (Christa Miller), Oswald (Diedrich Bader), Lewis (Ryan Stiles) and even Celia (recurring guest star Shirley Jones), Drew's senior-citizen girlfriend, remain with him to lend their support. On the orders of Mrs. Louder (recurring guest star Nan Martin) and Mr. Wick (Craig Ferguson), Mimi blares rock music nonstop and shines blinding lights into Drew's exposed living quarters to drive him out. But he and his friends are steadfast, and the store finally relents. Since Winfred-Louder must now rent all the property it acquired, Drew's coworkers become his neighbors as well. The rest of Drew's house is reattached at a steep angle. Meanwhile, Drew tries to forget that Celia reminds him of his mother. However, when she pampers and scolds him like a parent, they both realize that their relationship is a little spooky, and they end it. Written by Jennifer Crittenden & Dan O'Keefe and directed by Steve Zuckerman (#467514).

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