Air Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-12:00 AM EST on OXYGEN
Episode Title: (#107/108) "Mascara-Gate/Coup de Natasha"
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New York, NY- September 10, 2009 � Tension between the staff of Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa is at an all time high on this week�s special two-hour finale of Oxygen's �Addicted to Beauty,� airing Tuesday, September 15 at 10pm ET/PT. When $1,000 of inventory goes missing, Dianne hints at an in-house bandit. Also, unhappy with the lack of revenue that Dianne promised to bring in, Dr. Lee asks her to give a convincing presentation of how she and her team will increase numbers, or risk the dissolve of their merger. Meanwhile, Dianne�s attitude pushes one staff member over the edge.

After going through the inventory of make-up Ronnie notices $1,000 dollars of product missing. Dianne holds Ronnie, who is in charge of charting the inventory, accountable for the missing mascara and decides to lock up the remaining make-up until the product is found. Meanwhile, Gary finds something in Dianne�s car that could rock the morale of the salon. Dianne asks for him to keep it a secret, but can Gary stay quiet or will he spill the gossip?

In an effort to convince Dr. Lee that her staff is valuable to the revenue of the spa, Dianne and her staff pull out all the stops by hosting a Pajama Party at Dianne�s house. After a heated argument during party preparation, Dianne tells Natasha not to come to the event. Will Dianne finally realize that Natasha is a vital member of the staff or will she say good riddance?

The staff fight for their positions at the medi-spa and attempt to create a presentation that will convince Dr. Lee that they mean business. However, when Dianne and Shannyn fail to impress Dr. Lee with botched numbers and lackluster promises, Natasha saves the meeting with a plan that perks Dr. Lee's interest. Will Natasha's idea be enough or will someone be sent packing? Can the dysfunctional spa family unite long enough to save their business and prove that they are serious or will Dr. Lee have to make some changes himself?

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