Air Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
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America has always been about its people - hard workers who dare to dream, roll up their sleeves, believe in themselves and risk everything. When things get rough, they don't break, and when the country gets on the wrong track, they do what they can to create change. A special edition of "Primetime Nightline" brings the inspiring stories of American dreamers who are doing their part in Bringing America Back. Anchored by Cynthia McFadden and Chris Cuomo, "Primetime Nightline: Bringing America Back" airs SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Reports include:

Saving the American Dream: Meet the modern day George Bailey - a man whose gift of getting mortgages modified for desperate homeowners has helped many hold on to their ultimate American Dream. Chris Cuomo reports.

Cleaning Up the American Dream: Erin Brockovich became famous when Julia Roberts played her in the film about her life. The former file clerk fought a David and Goliath battle with utility giant PG+E. She won a huge settlement for the residents of Hinkley, California, who claimed the company had poisoned their water supply. Cynthia McFadden meets up with Brockovich a decade after the movie that made her famous and finds her still fighting for communities who believe the same thing is happening to them. She believes she is defending a fundamental promise of the American Dream -- that community is more than just a political slogan, and that all of us have a right to give our families a healthy and safe life.

Raising the American Dream: Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade is one of the most famous athletes in America right now. But Wade is passionate about his work to restore what he sees as the most fundamental of America values� the idea that each generation invests in its children in the hopes they will have a happier, better life than their parents did. Wade, a single father fighting for custody of his own children, was abandoned by his mother when he was six. Now he looks out over the landscape and worries that, especially in the current economy, more and more children are growing up with just one or even no parent actively engaged in their upbringing. So Dwayne Wade is trying to do something about it. Juju Chang reports.

Building the America Dream: It's been said Henry Ford helped create the middle class in this country. Detroit provided the American worker with some of the best and most secure manufacturing jobs in the world for decades. But when times got tough, it looked like the American auto industry was passing into history. Amid bailouts and layoffs and general economic despair, a new Ford CEO and a group of auto workers have made difficult choices, joining together to save a company many had left for dead. David Muir meets Alan Mullaley, the controversial Ford CEO, and the autoworkers of Dearborn who, for generations, have been such a vital part of the American promise of prosperity for the working man.

Protecting the American Dream: Dale Beatty and John Gallina served in Iraq together and were injured in the same explosion. Dale had lost his legs by the time they came home together to their hometown. But John built a house for Dale that gave him the access and freedom he felt his old friend craved and deserved. Now the two run a not-for-profit operated entirely by veterans, building homes for other disabled servicemen who have returned from the wars and asked for little back� except to enjoy the same freedom others do in the country they gave so much to defend. Bob Woodruff reports.

Jeanmarie Condon is the executive producer of "Primetime Nightline."

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