Air Date: Friday, March 16, 2012
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#W508) "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?"
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When People See a Situation that Cries Out for Action, Do They Step in, Back Away or Just Walk on by?

Using hidden cameras, "What Would You Do?" establishes everyday scenarios and then captures people's reactions. Whether people are compelled to act or mind their own business, John Qui´┐Żones reports on their split-second and often surprising decision-making process. "Primetime: What Would You Do?" airs FRIDAY, MARCH 16 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

Friday, March 16 Scenarios Include:

Devil Wears Prada: Many young women "pay their dues" by taking assistant positions for powerful people who treat them poorly. But when a boss' bad behavior happens in a public place, will anyone come to the aid of the young woman?

Albinism: Will anyone stand up for a young adult with Albinism who is being tormented by bullies?

Drop Dead Diva: What will happen when a size 14 woman is rudely told by a sales clerk that the store does not have clothes that large? Will fellow shoppers say anything?

Buy Me Condoms/Plan B: A teenage boy asks pharmacy customers to buy condoms for him, explaining that the pharmacist behind the counter is a family friend and he's too embarrassed to buy the condoms for himself because of his strict, conservative upbringing. "WWYD" then changes things up with a teenage girl asking customers to buy Plan B for her, under similar circumstances. Will anyone help out the teens? (OAD: 5/1/11)

"Primetime: What Would You Do?" has won awards from the Chicago International Television Festival, and the Avon Foundation's 2006 Voice of Change award for exposing "injustice and wrongdoing against women and bringing the message of domestic violence to the mainstream."

David Sloan is executive producer and Danielle Baum Rossen is the senior broadcast producer of "What Would You Do?"

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