Air Date: Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#306) "THE LOOKOUT"
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TSA iPad Theft; Undercover Mechanic: What You Need to Know Before You Go Into Your Auto Repair Shop; Plus, Undercover House: The Great Pillow Case Fight, and a Look Inside Skymall

"ABC's The Lookout" is a survival guide to the modern consumer jungle, offering a mix of compelling undercover investigations and lively dispatches about how you spend your money. Featuring smart reporting from ABC's powerhouse team of correspondents, "ABC's The Lookout" covers the trends and products that obsess Americans, offering tips along the way about how to maximize value and avoid costly mistakes. "ABC's The Lookout" airs on WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Reports airing on Wednesday, July 3 include:

· TSA iPad Theft: ("Nightline" repeat) -- After reports of TSA agents stealing from airline passengers around the country, ABC News decided to investigate. We purposely left Ipads behind at TSA checkpoints at ten major airports, each with a history of theft by government screeners. At the Orlando airport, the device disappeared, but we tracked it 30 miles away to the home of the TSA officer last seen handling it. Brian Ross reports. (OAD 9/12/13)

· Undercover Mechanic: ABC is on the lookout for what you should know when you go into an auto repair shop. In an update to the original 'Undercover Mechanic' piece that first aired on "ABC's The Lookout" in June, we take a real mechanic and send her undercover with Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy to repair shops for some simple fixes. Our undercover mechanic plays like she doesn't know, but she's an expert when it comes to cars. We also send in two men to the same shops with the same cars...two cars to the same five shops, all rigged with undercover cameras. Our expert bites her tongue while she's in the shops. But you won't want to miss what she says once she's out, and what our cameras catch. Will the shops we visit give our teams a fair shake or will they take them for a ride?

· Undercover House: The Great Pillow Case Fight -- 300, 400, 1000... Does a higher thread count mean a better night's sleep? With the help of a Consumer Reports textile expert, "ABC's The Lookout" takes to Central park with two queen-sized mattresses to unravel the secrets of thread counts before you spend big. Deborah Roberts reports. (OAD 6/5/13)

· Skymall: -- Bill Weir's visit to Skymall HQ in Phoenix, first aired on "Nightline" two years ago (OAD 5/16/11). Skymall is the ubiquitous airplane magazine that sells products from the sublime to the ridiculous to millions of American travelers...We have an update with newly trending items.

Jeanmarie Condon is executive producer. David Scott is senior broadcast producer.

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