Air Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Time Slot: 10:25 PM-10:50 PM EST on HBO
Episode Title: (#06/106) "EPISODE 6"
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Episode #6 (season finale)

Debut: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2 (10:25-10:50 p.m.)

Other HBO playdates: April 4 (2:25 p.m.), 5 (10:25 a.m.) and 7 (5:40 p.m.)

Returning to London for the holidays with her husband and kids, Em has an unsettling encounter with Doll, who's still working as a waitress after failing to win the role she coveted. Pained by their continued estrangement, Em learns that Doll is acting in a local performance of "The Tempest" and decides to attend, hoping to put the LA disaster behind them and reconcile.

Written by Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells and Azazel Jacobs; directed by Azazel Jacobs.

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