Air Date: Friday, February 05, 2016
Time Slot: 11:00 PM-11:30 PM EST on HBO
Episode Title: (#37/401) "Boko Haram / Unnatural Selection"
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Show #37 (season 4, edition 1)

Debut: FRIDAY, FEB. 5 (11:00-11:30 p.m. ET/PT)

Other HBO playdates: Feb. 5 (1:00 a.m.), 6 (5:00 a.m.), 9 (5:30 p.m.), 10 (9:00 p.m.) and 11 (4:25 a.m.)

HBO2 playdates: Feb. 7 (4:30 p.m.) and 10 (12:30 a.m.)

"Boko Haram": The terrorist group Boko Haram is responsible for thousands of deaths in Nigeria. Now, the government is determined to drive these militants from the country. But is the hunt for insurgents causing as much harm as it's preventing? Former Navy SEAL and new VICE correspondent Kaj Larsen travels to Nigeria to see what this cat-and-mouse game means for the people caught in the middle of the fight.

"Unnatural Selection": For centuries, scientists have been working to change the genetic traits of plants and animals. Now, the new gene-editing method CRISPR has made that process astonishingly simple - so simple it could easily be used on humans. Isobel Yeung reports from Brazil, Scotland, China and the U.S. on the technological advances that could reshape evolution as we know it.

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