Air Date: Friday, June 24, 2016
Time Slot: 11:00 PM-11:30 PM EST on HBO
Episode Title: (#53/417) "Student Debt / Fecal Medicine"
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Show #53 (season 4, edition 17)

Debut: FRIDAY, JUNE 24 (11:00-11:30 p.m. ET/PT)

Other HBO playdates: June 24 (12:30 a.m.), 25 (4:25 a.m.), 27 (3:00 a.m.), 28 (6:15 p.m.) and 29 (7:00 p.m.)

HBO2 playdate: June 29 (1:25 a.m.)

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"Student Debt": Americans owe $1.3 trillion in student loans, a total second only to home mortgages. The rise in student loan borrowing is tied to skyrocketing tuition rates, which are up 226% since 1980. Gianna Toboni reports from America's college campuses on how a spigot of easy money from the federal government is jacking up the cost of higher education and even threatening the country's international competitiveness.

"Fecal Medicine": For years, medical science was powerless against one of the most severe intestinal infections. Now, a new treatment shows tremendous promise - if patients aren't too squeamish to try it. Fecal transplants use stool from a healthy person to repopulate life-sustaining bacteria in the colon of the patient. This technique is so effective that researchers are testing its potential to treat disorders far beyond the digestive tract, pointing to breakthroughs for a broad range of the most stubborn diseases. Thomas Morton reports from the labs and lavatories where this medical revolution is taking place.

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