Air Date: Friday, September 15, 2017
Time Slot: 7:30 PM-8:00 PM EST on HBO
Episode Title: (#79/525) "Dark Web / Future of Appalachia"
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Show #79 (season 5, edition 25)

Debut: FRIDAY, SEPT. 15 (7:30-8:00 p.m. ET/PT)

"Dark Web": Child sex abuse and child pornography have always been society's darkest secrets, and the growth of the internet has only made things worse. The proliferation of explicit images, live-streaming of sex shows and online chat rooms has enabled those with salacious intent to destroy the lives of children around the world. The tide of explicit material is overwhelming, but a group of law enforcements agencies and NGOs is fighting back. VICE embeds with the officers trying to shed light on the dark corners of the web.

"Future of Appalachia": Nowhere in America can the coal industry's hurt be seen and felt more than in Appalachia. The region's economy revolves around coal, and more miners are losing their jobs each year. The controversial industry became a focal point of the 2016 election, when President Trump made the return of coal jobs a central campaign promise, but the economics behind this suffering industry extend beyond policy and regulations. VICE's Isobel Yeung goes to the heart of coal country to see what it will take to save Appalachia.

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