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date (day) time network episode title
1/1/23 (Su.)8:00 PMHALLMARKNew Year New Movies

telefilm/mini-series in the can
(from Hallmark Media's press release, December 2022) Rebecca Dalton ("Good Witch," "A Perfect Christmas") and Corey Sevier ("Noel Next Door," "Pumpkin Everything") star in "The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating," a new, original movie premiering Sunday, January 1 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network's annual "New Year New Movies" programming event. Alex (Dalton), a professional dog trainer is more enamored of her loyal four-legged clients than she is of their owners whom she never fully trusts. Her skepticism of a dog's two-legged best friend makes for a difficult, or rather nonexistent, dating life for Alex. Simon (Sevier) has the opposite problem. He's found the girl of his dreams; he just needs to win over her dog so they can live happily ever after. When he discovers Alex's impeccable dog training skills, he convinces her to train him in the ways of the canine so he can show his girlfriend, Chloe, (Eliza King, "SurrealEstate"), and her beloved pug what a fun-loving pack leader he can be. Alex reluctantly agrees to help, not convinced that dog training can turn Simon's dating life around. Alex's focus is split as she has bigger problems and needs to raise enough money to save the local animal shelter. Simon jumps into action, eager to show off his marketing skills to Alex. She may know dogs, but he understands people and knows how to get their support. Together they throw a fundraising event in hopes of saving the shelter. As they spend more time together, Simon realizes he's been barking up the wrong tree this whole time and he's been surprisingly falling for Alex all along. Will their fundraiser be enough to keep the shelter open? And will Alex let Simon melt her heart with their new bond over their cold-nosed furry friends?
· Corey Sevier as Simon
· Eliza King as Chloe
· Rebecca Dalton as Alex
· Andrew C. Erin as EP
· Catherine Reay as WRTR
· Craig Pryce as DIR
· Deborah Wood as BOOK
· Joseph Wilka as CO-EP
· Juliana Wimbles as WRTR
· Kate Somerville as WRTR
· Maura Dunbar as EP
· Oliver De Caigny as SP
· Taralee Gerhard as PROD
· Timothy O. Johnson as EP
· based on a book
· mow
· Johnson Production Group