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(from Hallmark's press release, October 2012) Charles Dickens lives! Well, sort of, anyway. The legendary spirit of his timeless classic is alive and well this Christmas with the premiere of "It's Christmas, Carol!," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere that weaves a fresh spin on the Dickens tale A Christmas Carol, Sunday, November 18 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Emmanuelle Vaugier ("Two and a Half Men") heads a charming cast that also includes two-time Emmy(R) nominee Carrie Fisher ("30 Rock," "Wishful Drinking") and Emmy(R) winner Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"). Vaugier is Carol Huffman, a ruthless Chicago book publisher and not what anyone would call a nice woman. Her staff can't stand the sight of this workaholic Scrooge. In fact, Fred (Kressley), one of her employees, is trying to rally the staff to revolt. Against this backdrop of seasonal gloom,Carol is shocked to run into her old boyfriend from 15 years before, Ben (Tygh Runyan, "SGU Stargate Universe"), a decent guy who craved a life rather than simply a career. Their meeting ends with Carol storming off in a huff. But as she's trying to re-gather her wits, she suddenly finds herself staring at the ghost of the publishing house's beloved and very much deceased founder, Eve (Fisher). Now, she can't get away, because Ghost Eve is determined to take Carol on a little journey back through her past, as well as her present and future. Don't you just hate when that happens? Well, Carol hates it, too, particularly when she can't defend all of the misery she's left in her wake. The good news is that after hanging with the ghost, Carol emerges determined to make amends beginning Christmas morning. Might she wind up happier? Could she find true love? Why, you bet your Bob Cratchit!
· Carrie Fisher as Eve Miller
· Carson Kressley as Fred
· Emmanuelle Vaugier as Carol Huffman
· Olivia Cheng
· Tygh Runyan as Ben
· Armand Leo as SP
· Christopher Sey as WRTR
· Harvey Kahn as PROD
· John Morayniss as EP
· Michael Goldstein as EP
· Michael Larkin as EP
· Michael M. Scott as DIR
· William Penick as WRTR
· mow
· Carol Street Productions
· Entertainment One Television