[12/28/04 - 12:00 AM]
TCA 2005 Winter Press Tour: Preview
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

LOS ANGELES (thefutoncritic.com) -- The Television Critics Association begins its winter press tour next month in which the various broadcast and cable networks talk about their upcoming plans to the nation's top critics and entertainment reporters. It's during these sessions the networks roll out most of their midseason plans as well as look back at the highs and lows of the new season.

Here's a breakdown of which network presents on which day as well as list of some of the featured programs that will be showcased:


8:45-9:30 Black Entertainment Television
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

Panel/event details TBA

9:45-10:30 G4techTV
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

Brief introduction by Charles Hirschhorn, Founder & CEO, G4techTV.

· Formula D -- Debuts March 2005
Tire-screeching, rubber-burning, heart-thumping action. Hot girls and tricked out cars. Underground street scene meets cultural phenomenon. G4techTV, the first ever network to cover Drifting as a television event, will burn up the screen and a few tires with Formula D this spring. The burgeoning sport of Drifting involves racers who maneuver their cars using a combination of clutch kicks, emergency brake pulls and quick steering, as they fishtail through hairpin turns on a conventional race track at close to 100 miles per hour. As the exclusive broadcaster, G4techTV will provide superior race day coverage featuring profiles and interviews with the sport�s hottest stars, expert race commentary and analysis, trackside reporting, drifting tips and tricks from the pros plus the inside line on the drifting lifestyle. Panel to include:
Peter Green, Senior VP of Programming & Production, G4techTV
Ryan Sage, the 24-year-old creator of Formula Drift, who is responsible for bringing Drifting to the U.S.
Ken Gushi, rising 18-year-old star in the Drifting scene and one of the youngest drivers on the Formula Drift circuit

· Girls Gone Wired -- Debuts May 2005
Girls Gone Wired is THE digital beauty pageant for the 21st century, a special series featuring the hottest 2D and 3D women on the planet. Video game vixens like Tomb Raider�s Lara Croft and Hitomi from Dead or Alive will vie against Final Fantasy�s Yuna and the girls of Konami�s Rumble Roses for titles like �Hottest Newcomer,� �Sexiest Voice� and �Most Likely to Kick Enemy Ass.� Contestants will strut their stuff before a panel of celebrity and expert judges. Finalists will be announced online and G4techTV viewers will have a chance to vote for the pageant�s top beauty. Titles and tiara will be handed out at a very special awards show sure to be the sexiest night of 2005! Panel to include:
Laura Civiello, VP of Acquisitions & Development, G4techTV
Jade, (Mortal Kombat), Girls Gone Wired contender
Additional panelist TBA

10:45-11:30 Oxygen
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

Both panels will be hosted by Geraldine Laybourne, President and CEO, Oxygen Media

· Mr. Romance � Debuts March 2005
Oxygen turns a comic eye to the search for the next Fabio. In Mr. Romance, Oxygen�s newest comedy/reality series, aspiring Adonis�s compete to see who will grace the cover of the next Harlequin romance novel. Created by Gene Simmons of KISS, Mr. Romance chronicles the trials and tribulations of 12 beefy guys who enter a veritable �romance boot camp� and prepare to compete in the Mr. Romance man-pageant. The winner walks away with guaranteed appearances on Harlequin romance book covers and a $50,000 cash prize. With no elimination until the final pageant, the season finale dramatically culminates with a grand man-pageant in front of a live, all-female studio audience and a panel of celebrity judges and romance professionals. Panel to include:
Fabio, international romance icon
Fred Willard, comedian

· Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber � Debuts March 12, 2005
Katya Livingston, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, is a fabulous and completely ruthless social climber. By day, she�s a designer bag-toting advertising executive, and by night, she can be seen being seen at any socialite function she can wangle herself into. This accidental philanthropist (she adopts a third world child for a tax deduction) naturally has the perfect fashion accessory�a gay best friend, of course�played by Joseph Lawrence (Heartthrob �Joey� from �Blossom�). Together they doggedly pursue access into the stratosphere San Francisco�s social elite, considering love only if the man has �the je ne sais quoi of George Clooney, the real estate of Donald Trump, and the bank account of Bill Gates.� Panel to include:
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joseph Lawrence, and Colin Ferguson, stars
Stanley Brooks, executive producer

11:45-1:00 Scripps Networks
(includes Food Network lunch)
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

Step into four distinct experiences as Scripps Networks hosts an open house featuring uniquely interactive presentations on its newest lifestyle programming:


· reDesign � Debuts March 2005
Meet acclaimed LA designer and reDesign host Kenneth Brown, who will reveal the inspiration and design process he used to create HGTV�s �beach chic� dining room. Kenneth is known to viewers for his inventive yet impeccably tasteful take on design. And while he�s certainly capable of doing amazing things on a tight budget, on this show, he doesn�t have to. The result is virtually no-holds-barred interior design. Re-dos morph into stunning breakthroughs on every episode. And with a remarkable gift for quickly developing a rapport with others and demystifying design, Kenneth is just as approachable as his work is ethereal. �Panel� to include:
Burton Jablin, President, HGTV
Kenneth Brown, expert/talent from reDesign
Candice Olson, expert/talent from Divine Design

Fine Living

· The Wandering Golfer
Our library is a study of what it means to �live life like you mean it,� as Chad Maulsby, host of The Wandering Golfer, and Fine Living�s master mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim regale guests with tales of their search for life�s quintessential experiences, including insights into some of the world�s greatest golf destinations and the culture that surrounds them. �Panel� to include:
John MacDonald, General Manager, Fine Living
Charles Segars, Senior VP, Programming and Production, Fine Living
Chad Maulsby, expert/talent from The Wandering Golfer
Tony Abou-Ganim, expert/talent from Fine Living Essentials


· Home Theater Workshop � Debuts January 17, 2005
Host Corey Greenberg will provide personal, expert advice about the options for digital programming delivery, the acoustic and engineering considerations, and the ideal seat location as he shows off DIY�s state-of-the-art media room. This fiveepisode special series will make sure you have the best seat in the house for your next home viewing experience. �Panel� to include:
Bob Baskerville, President, DIY Network
Corey Greenberg, expert/talent from Home Theater Workshop
Fuad Reveiz, expert/talent from Healthy Household

Food Network

· Wedding Weekend � Debuts March 2005
Food Network transforms its home into the perfect setting for a Wedding Weekend for Leann and Aaron, the bride and groom who won Food Network�s nuptials contest, with Sandra Lee and Giada DeLaurentis personally tending to every detail. Food Network stars share wedding tips, recipes and stories when Food Network Caters Your Wedding premieres during the network�s Wedding Weekend on March 12-13, 2005. From wedding-themed episodes of In the Kitchen shows to fan-favorite specials like Paula Deen�s Wedding, wedding enthusiasts can get their fill with Food Network. Panel to include:
Brooke Johnson, President, Food Network
Kathleen Finch, Senior VP, Programming, Food Network
Bob Tuschman, Senior VP, Programming, Food Network
Giada DeLaurentis, expert/host of Wedding Weekend
Sandra Lee, expert/talent from Semi-Homemade Cooking
Leann Garris and Aaron Lazar, bride and groom from Wedding Weekend

1:00-2:00 Lunch/Break
(Food Network)
Caf� Sierra

Featuring Food Network recipes.

2:00-2:45 ESPN
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

· TILT -- Debuts January 13, 2005
Set at the fictitious World Poker Championships in Las Vegas, TILT will explore the drama of high-stakes gambling, as well as the life of the professional gambler away from the table. Viewers will get an inside look at this sometimes glamorous and sometimes shadowy world through the eyes of the players. In addition to the competition at the card table, the central characters will battle for control, revenge, money and fame. Panel to include:
Mark Shapiro, Executive VP, Programming & Production, ESPN
Other panelists TBA

· ESPN Hollywood -- Debuts April 5, 2005
ESPN Hollywood is a nightly half hour show that will highlight the many ways in which the sports world and the world of entertainment intersect, and will take a look at sports through a pop-culture lens. As one of the anchor programs for the new ESPN2 primetime line-up, EH will be a significant feature in the re-development of the network as a premier sports, entertainment and lifestyle destination. Panel to include:
Host TBA

3:00-4:30 Fox Cable Networks
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

National Geographic Channel

· Search for the Ultimate Survivor � Debuts March 20, 2005
From giants of unmatched size and strength to prehistoric people half the size of today's man, a new generation of scientists is reconstructing moments in time to find many different humans competing for survival at the same time. Combining advanced Computer Generated Imaging (CGI), re-enactments, and expert analysis, Search for the Ultimate Survivor takes viewers from modern day Indonesia to prehistoric Europe and the African plains on a mission to find out what happened over the millennium to help us survive. Panel to include:
Louise Leakey, paleoanthropologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence (via satellite)
Dr. Richard �Bert� Roberts, geochronologist and lead scientist on the team that discovered the dwarf species (via satellite)
Lee Berger, paleoanthropologist
John Bredar, executive producer
John Ford, Executive VP, Programming, National Geographic Channel.

· Inside the Mafia � Debuts June 13-14, 2005
Providing remarkable access to top members of crime families and the law enforcement officers who infiltrated them, Inside the Mafia is the complete behind-the-scenes story of this powerful �family� known for its ruthless business practices and brutal violence. Now NGC infiltrates the legendary secrecy of one of the world�s most notorious criminal organizations to expose its stark and harrowing realities. Panel to include:
Joe Pistone, aka �Donnie Brasco,� former FBI agent
Dominick Montiglio, former mobster (via satellite from an undisclosed location)
Jonathan Hewes, executive producer
John Ford, Executive VP, Programming, National Geographic Channel.


· The Shield � New Season Debuts March 2005
When Captain Aceveda (Benito Martinez) moves on to his new City Council position, Captain Monica Rawling (Glenn Close) takes over the Barn and empowers Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) to implement her controversial anti-gang policies. The Shield plays out in a tough morally ambiguous world in which the line between good and bad is crossed everyday. Panel to include:
Shawn Ryan, creator/executive producer
Scott Brazil, executive producer
Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey)
Glenn Close (Monica Rawling)
CCH Pounder (Claudette Wyms)

4:45-5:30 BBC America
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

Both panels will be hosted by Bill Hilary, President and CEO, BBC America (formerly Comedy Central)

· Murphy�s Law -- Debuts January 31
Award-winning actor James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, Bloody Sunday) plays Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy, a man struggling to bury a tragic past. This new season begins with a shocking tragedy that sends Murphy into an emotional tailspin and ends with an encounter that brings him face to face with his painful past. Whether he�s out to catch a �Jack the Ripper� style serial killer who is preying on London�s homeless population, or investigating a corrupt crack drug squad, Murphy�s unorthodox policing methods are pushed to the limits. Panel to include:
James Nesbitt

· I�m Alan Partridge --Debuts March/April 2005
Steve Coogan (Around The World In 80 Days, Coffee And Cigarettes, 24 Hour Party People) is one of the UK�s most successful comedians, and has created memorable characters and catchphrases that are repeated throughout the UK. I�m Alan Partridge is one of his original hits and is the latest installment in the life of failed chat-show host Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan). The original series Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge saw him at the peak of his career with a successful primetime TV chat show on the BBC. Over the years he�s fallen from grace and has had to settle for the very early morning DJ shift at Radio Norwich. However, as with all resilient celebrities, Alan has made a comeback. Panel to include:
Steve Coogan

5:45-6:30 E! Entertainment Television
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

· The Entertainer � Debuts January 2005
Over the course of this 10-part reality drama series, Wayne Newton conducts a nationwide search for ten performers -- including male and female vocalists, illusionists, comedians, and specialty act performers-who will take a gamble on their talents for a chance for the "gig of a lifetime." The group, all of whom must possess a unique combination of raw talent, creativity, teamwork and stamina, will endure grueling performance challenges, as well as tasks that take the participants behind the scenes at the most exciting locations on and off The Strip. The last one left on the stage will not only perform alongside the legendary entertainer during the grand finale episode, but will also receive a special Dankeschoen that only Newton could give, a chance to become a featured performer in Wayne Newton's award-winning Las Vegas show! Panel to Include:
Wayne Newton, host

Evening Event, 7:00-10:00: E! Entertainment Television
Sheraton Universal Hotel/Rooftop Ballroom
(Sheraton adjoins the Hilton Universal City)
7:00 7:30 Appetizers and Cocktails
7:30-10:00 Dinner & Gaming/Entertainment

Hosted by E! Networks' President and CEO Ted Harbert, writers are invited to dine and dish with E! celebrities, including superstar Wayne Newton, in an evening dinner event filled with amazing talent, great food and good times...� la Las Vegas.

Later Evening Event, 10:00-12:00: Hospitality Event


8:00-9:00 Breakfast Served here!
Orchid Room

Join here! CEO Paul Colichman and his executive team for an eye-opening and absolutely delectable breakfast with a variety of delicious foods, plus mimosas, bloody marys and more! Relax and experience here!'s broad spectrum of original programming and genres before starting your TCA day.

9:00-11:30 Turner Broadcasting System
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

Cartoon Network

· Robot Chicken � Debuts February 6, 2005
This new Adult Swim weekly series created by Seth Green (Austin Powers, Without A Paddle, The Italian Job, Family Guy) and Matthew Senreich uses stop-motion animation to bring legions of action figures to life, spoofing everything from Quentin Tarantino�s blood-spattered action epics to The Real World, where a cast of superheroes takes the place of drunken 20-somethings. A team of artists and technicians create miniature sets, tiny yet elaborate costumes and props, and intricate actions scenes for sketches skewering popular entertainment, politics and celebrity culture. Panel to include:
Seth Green, creator/writer/producer/voice actor
Matt Senreich, creator/writer/producer/voice actor

· Tom Goes to The Mayor � New Season Debuts April 2005
The Jefferton mayor is a confused man who wants to do big things. Tom Peters, a well-meaning new resident, brings his ideas to the mayor, who immediately puts them into action � with expensive and calamitous results. Tom Goes to The Mayor employs photo-realistic characters and a fully realized suburban landscape to redefine the concept of �limited animation.� The series was created by the comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, and Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show with Bob and David, The Larry Sanders Show) serves as executive producer and provides guest voices. Panel to include:
Tim Heidecker, creator/writer/executive producer/voice actor
Eric Wareheim, creator/writer/executive producer/voice actor
Bob Odenkirk, executive producer/voice actor


· Into the West � Debuts Summer 2005
An epic 12-hour original limited series produced by TNT in association with DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg, Into the West follows two multi-generational families � one a Virginia pioneer family and the other Lakota Native American � each telling the dramatic stories of the development of the West from their distinct points of view. Darryl Frank (Taken, Las Vegas) and Justin Falvey (Las Vegas), co-heads of DreamWorks Television, serve as coexecutive producers, with David Rosemont (TNT�s Door to Door). Panel to include:
Matthew Settle (U-571, Band of Brothers)
Tonantzin Carmelo (King Rikki, 187 Shadow Lane)
Jessica Capshaw (The Practice, Minority Report)
Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings trilogy)
Graham Greene (Dances with Wolves, The Green Mile)
Zahn McClaron, (TNT�s Crazy Horse and Cooperstown)
Michael Spears (Dances with Wolves, TNT�s Broken Chain)
Charlie White Buffalo, Lakota advisor
David Rosemont, co-executive producer
Darryl Frank, co-executive producer
Justin Falvey, co-executive producer

New CNN Headline News prime time programming

11:45-1:15 ABC Cable Network Group
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

ABC Family

Brief Executive Remarks -- Paul Lee, President, ABC Family.

· Garden of Love City of Sin � Premieres March 14, 2005
This series takes viewers behind-the-scenes of a family-owned Las Vegas wedding chapel. Through the eyes of Johnny, the fifteen-year-old videographer of the chapel and cousin of the owner (Cheryl), viewers are exposed to the inside drama between the extended family members (who all live under one roof), couples who come in at all times of the night for their nuptials, and feuds with rival chapels. Panel to include:
Johnny, 15-year-old videographer and cousin to the owner
Cheryl, owner of the chapel
Craig, Cheryl's husband
Barb, Cheryl's mother
Chuck, Cheryl's father
Rob, Barb's brother and Johnny and Joey's father
Joey, Johnny's little brother
Stephen Hopkins (The Life and Death of Peter Sellers), David Schermerhorn (Angryman) and Brent Travers (DysEnchanted), executive producers


Brief Executive Remarks -- Deborah Blackwell, General Manager, SOAPnet

· I Wanna Be A Soap Star 2 � Debuts June 2005
I Wanna Be a Soap Star 2 is the second installment of SOAPnet�s one-hour reality drama series from LMNO Cable Group. This series gives aspiring actors the chance to lie, cheat and learn how to make love for the cameras while vying for the ultimate prize a contract role on an ABC soap. Cameron Mathison (�Ryan Lavery� from ABC�s All My Children), serves as host, leading the wannabes through various challenges. Contestants will practice love scenes, crying on cue and slapping their partner. After the challenges are finished, the soap star wannabes must acclimate themselves to life at the studio by eating, sleeping and hanging out together while living on a Hollywood sound stage with real soap sets. Panel to include:
Eric Schotz, executive producer
Cameron Mathison, host

Disney Channel

· The Suite Life of Zack and Cody -- Debuts March 2005
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody stars TV's newest "it twins," 12-year-old Dylan and Cole Sprouse as kids whose lives change when their single mom gets a job as the headlining singer at Boston's swankiest hotel, The Tipton, and as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in which they all now live. Newcomer Ashley Michelle Tisdale stars as the hotel's teenage candy counter clerk and part-time babysitter who foils the twins' antics; Brenda Song stars as the hotel owner's spoiled daughter who frequently outwits them all; Kim Rhodes stars as the twin's mother; Phill Lewis stars as the hotel manager and Estelle Harris stars as the irascible hotel housekeeper. Panel to include:
Cole Sprouse, 12 (Big Daddy, Friends)
Dylan Sprouse, 12 (Big Daddy, Friends)
Brenda Song, 16 (Phil of the Future)
Ashley Michelle Tisdale
Phill Lewis (The Wayans Bros, Teech)
Kim Rhodes (As the World Turns)
Danny Kallis (Smart Guy, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper), executive producer
Irene Dreayer (Sister, Sister, Smart Guy), executive producer
Rich Ross, President, Disney Channel Worldwide

1:15-2:15 Working Lunch/TV One
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

One panel will give an overview of the network and its goal to portray the breadth and depth of African American culture, and highlight these original lifestyle series:

· The Michelle Singletary Show (working title) � Debuts March 2005
Featuring Washington Post financial columnist Michelle Singletary, an engaging and entertaining financial expert known for her simple, common sense approach to building wealth and financial security, this series will go into the homes of real people in need of �money interventions� to help them correct and/or avoid common financial mistakes.

· Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin � Debuted October 20, 2004
G. Garvin �turns up the heat� on the culinary experience with special guests like Hill Harper and Patti LaBelle, and features a wide range of recipes both traditional and non-traditional in African American households.

· Ebony Homes � Debuts March 2005
Ebony Homes is a fast-paced and informative look at African American homes, and the designers and architects who make them happen. In conjunction with Ebony magazine, this series will also feature celebrities in their personal living spaces in the midst of construction and renovation projects.

· Divine Restoration
Divine Restoration is TV One�s twist on the home renovation genre, only the renovation takes place in black churches. Each episode will focus on a congregation from planning to completion as they tackle �makeover� projects ranging from enlarging the church�s sanctuary, replacing an outdated kitchen or fixing a leaking meeting hall roof.

One panel to include:
Michelle Singletary, Washington Post financial columnist, host of The Michelle Singletary Show
Gerry Garvin, chef and restaurateur, host of Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin
Catherine Burdon, host of Divine Restoration
Johnathan Rodgers, President and CEO, TV One
Lee Gaither, Executive VP, Programming & Production, TV One

2:30-3:15 Court TV
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

Both panels to include Henry Schleiff, Chairman & CEO, Court TV.

· The Exonerated � Debuts January 27, 2005
This cinematic adaptation, Court TV�s fourth original movie, is based on the award-winning off-Broadway play of the same name. Focusing on the stories of six innocent people who spent years on death row before being set free, The Exonerated joins the roster of issue-related programming featured on the network, covering such controversial subjects as mandatory minimum sentencing laws, unsupervised police interrogations of juvenile suspects, political asylum, and now, capital punishment and wrongful incarceration. Panel to include:
Susan Sarandon
Danny Glover
Brian Dennehy
Delroy Lindo
Aidan Quinn
David Brown, Jr.
Bob Balaban, director

· Catherine Crier and Nancy Grace
Award-winning journalist and Court TV Anchor Catherine Crier celebrates her 5th year anniversary this January as host of Catherine Crier Live, a live daily series which takes a smart, in-depth and entertaining look, from a legal perspective, of the day's front page story. The program will commemorate the milestone with a weeklong anniversary special beginning January 18.

Court TV Anchor Nancy Grace, who is known for her lively on-air personality, will host a series of various primetime specials for the network in 2005. Grace will continue to host her daily trial coverage program, Closing Arguments.

3:30-6:30 Showtime
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

· Fat Actress � Debuts March 6, 2005
The much-anticipated new comedy series starring Kirstie Alley chronicles the outrageous �real� life of the actress in Hollywood. Irreverent and unapologetic, this series wields scathing humor to largely lampoon everything and everyone in its path, including its star. High-profile celebrities and entertainment industry friends of Alley appear throughout the series playing themselves or other characters, including John Travolta, Kid Rock, Carmen Electra, Melissa Gilbert, Leah Remini, Jeff Zucker, and many more. Panel to include:
Kirstie Alley (Kirstie), co-creator/executive producer
Rachael Harris (Kevyn)
Bryan Callen (Eddie)
Brenda Hampton co-creator and executive producer
Sandy Chanley executive producer

· Our Fathers � Debuts May 2005
This Showtime original film starring Ted Danson, Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy tells the tragic and controversial story of the Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Boston in early 2002. Based on David France�s meticulously researched best-seller, Our Fathers presents a genuine portrayal of the individuals who overcame the anguish of their abuse, as well as the crusading lawyers and journalists who took on an arrogant and monolithic church that no one believed would ever admit wrongdoing. Panel to include:
Ted Danson (Mitchell Garabedian)
Olan Horne (abuse survivor)
Bernie McDaid (abuse survivor)
David France, author and executive producer

· Reefer Madness � Premieres April 2005
Showtime unspools its first movie musical, based on the award-winning stage production, starring Neve Campbell, Alan Cumming, Steven Weber and Kristen Bell. Inspired by the notorious 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film, this tongue-incheek musical comedy is described as a cross between Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie contains sixteen musical sequences and several large-scale dance numbers, and is considered to be one of the most complex musicals ever filmed for television. Panel to include:
Neve Campbell
Alan Cumming
Kristen Bell
Christian Campbell
Ana Gasteyer
John Kassir
Amy Spanger
Robert Torti
Andy Fickman, director and executive producer
Kevin Murphy, playwright, screenwriter and executive producer
Dan Studney, playwright, screenwriter and executive producer

· Mario Cantone�s Laugh Whore -- Debuts April 2005
Fresh from a highly successful and critically-acclaimed run on Broadway, Mario Cantone brings his one-man variety show to Showtime. Directed by Tony Award-winner Joe Mantello, this show has Cantone offering his biting commentary on New York cab drivers, the gay subtext of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and growing up in an Italian American home. In addition to his comic riffs, Cantone provides audiences with dead-on impersonations of some of music�s finest including Judy, Liza, Tina and Cher and several show-stopping original songs which highlight Cantone�s musical range. Panel to include:
Mario Cantone

Evening: Showtime

Later Evening, 10:00-12:00 midnight: Hospitality Event


8:00-9:00 TR!O
Location TBA

Panel/event details TBA

9:00-11:15 NBC Universal Cable
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

Panel/event details TBA

11:15-12:30 Brunch/Break
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

12:30-3:00 Discovery Networks
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

Discovery Channel

· Pompeii: The Last Day -- Debuts January 30, 2005
Pompeii: The Last Day vividly brings to life the final tension-filled hours surrounding one of the worst natural disasters of all time -- the eruption of mighty Mount Vesuvius. This exclusive two-hour special interweaves dramatic reconstructions with expert investigations and elaborate special effects. This Discovery Channel/BBC co-production ranked as the highest-rated history program ever shown by the BBC when it aired in the U.K. in 2003. Panel to include:
Tim Pigott-Smith, actro
Michael Mosley, executive producer
Victoria Bruce, geologist and on-air host

· World�s Deadliest Season (working title) -- Debuts April 12, 2005
It�s one of the world�s deadliest jobs, with an almost 100% injury rate, and where death is a constant threat --Alaskan king crab fishing. World�s Deadliest Season profiles a group of intrepid men on the brink of exhaustion as they pull 20-hour shifts in sub-freezing weather. For anywhere from four to 12 days, these modern cowboys are exposed to nature�s harshest elements on a slick deck pitching to and fro, catching as many king crabs as possible before the season abruptly ends. Panel to include:
Thom Beers, producer
Kevin Davis, crab fisherman.


· Sheer Dallas � Debuts March 2005
Step straight through the looking glass and into TLC�s Sheer Dallas where viewers get an exclusive look into the lives of the rich, famous, and fabulous Dallas elite as they spend, flirt and sell their way through the social season. For those who thought soap operas of years past were pure fiction, this series raises the curtain on the world of high society. Panel to include:
Carolyn Shamis, owner, Carolyn Shamis Realtors
Dee Simmons, series participant
Billy Scoggins, stylist, Salon Pompeo
Michael Klein, interim VP, Production, TLC

Animal Planet

· Buggin� With Ruud -- Debuts June 2005
From the microscopic bugs on eyelashes to bugs as big as dinner plates, quirky entomologist Ruud Kleinpaste loves them all! In this new series, Ruud, dubbed the �Bugman,� not only crosses the globe to find extraordinary bugs, but he demonstrates in a fun and visual way just how weird and wonderful each bug is using his own unique stunts and experiments. In the interest of science, Ruud is willing to be bitten, stung and poisoned (almost) to show viewers just how enormously resourceful and adaptable bugs are. Panel to include:
Ruud �Bugman� Kleinpaste, quirky entomologist, bug lover

Discovery Health Channel

· Dr. G: Medical Examiner � New Episodes Debut January 28, 2005
Find out just how strange the truth can be when you spend a day with one of America�s top forensic pathologists, Jan C. Garavaglia, M.D., otherwise known as Dr. G. From unexplained deaths to unexpected departures, Dr. G uses cutting-edge forensic technology to solve mysteries, find answers and bring closure to family and friends of the deceased. Dr. G takes viewers on an investigative journey in determining cause and manner of death in a series that reveals how every body has a story. Panel to include:
Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia, chief medical examiner of the District Nine Medical Examiner�s Office

3:15-6:15 HBO
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

· Empire Falls � Debuts May 2005
Presented as a miniseries over two nights, Empire Falls tells the humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants, whose lives are deeply influenced by the Knox River and its vacant mills, their class differences, and ghosts of the past. For Miles Roby, the promising opportunities of youth have given way to the demands of family obligations as he helps his daughter navigate adolescence. The film pays tribute to the resilience of lifelong friends and neighbors inextricably bound for generations into a rich and varied social fabric. Panel to include:
Paul Newman, executive producer (Mark Roby) (via satellite)
Fred Schepisi, executive producer/director
Marc Platt, executive producer
Richard Russo, writer (via satellite)
Ed Harris (Miles Roby)
Helen Hunt (Joanne Roby)

· Dirty War � Debuts January 24, 2005
Are our emergency services fully prepared for a nuclear attack? Would the public know what to do if there was a dirty bomb in a major American city? How much does the public have right to know? These are some of the questions raised by this HBO Films co-production with the BBC that explores one of the most urgent issues on the international agenda. Based on exclusive and extensive research from the BBC�s Factual department, Dirty War is a dramatization of the build-up to and aftermath of a hypothetical radiological �dirty bomb� attack on central London. This film focuses on the experiences of a fireman on the front line, two anti-terrorist squad police officers and the international terrorists they are tracking both before and after the attack. Panel to include:
Former Sen. Warren Rudman (R-NH) (via satellite from Washington, DC),
Former Sen. Gary Hart (D-CO) (via satellite from Denver), The U.S. Commission of National Security/21st Century
Stephen E. Flynn, consultant/Council on Foreign Relations/Director of the Hart-Rudman Independent Task Force on Homeland Security Dan Percival, writer/director

· Warm Springs � Debuts April 2005
From the director of last year's Emmy� Award-winning best film, Something the Lord Made, this moving drama tells the true story of the pre-presidential struggles of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, left a paraplegic from polio at age 39. As he seeks a miracle cure in the backwoods of rural Georgia, he encounters the affects of disability, poverty, illiteracy and racism. At Warm Springs, the future four-term American president finds his personal and political soul. Panel to include: Kenneth Branagh (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
Cynthia Nixon (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Joe Sargent, director
Mark Gordon, executive producer
Margaret Nagle, writer

· Lackawanna Blues � Debuts February 2005
Celebrated Tony Award-winning stage director George C. Wolfe makes his infectiously energetic feature debut with Lackawanna Blues, a star-studded ensemble based on writer/actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson's original Obie Award-winning play. Making its world premiere at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, the film is a coming-of-age story set on the eve of desegregation that bursts at the seams with a bounty of colorful characters, an affectionate portrait of a golden age gone by, filled with music, dance and sexual energy. Panel to include:
S. Epatha Merkerson (Rachel "Nanny" Crosby)
George C. Wolfe, director
Halle Berry, executive producer
Ruben Santiago-Hudson, writer/executive producer

· Sometimes in April � Debuts March 2005
Written, directed and executive produced by acclaimed Haitian director Raoul Peck (Lumumba), Sometimes in April is the first re-telling of the tragedy of the 100 days of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, to be shot in Rwanda in the locations where the real-life events transpired. The films epic canvas stars Idris Elba (The Wire) and follows a Hutu family as they are torn apart by the realities of ethnic cleansing, while also exploring the response of the first world to the atrocities and the truth and reconciliation hearings that happened 10 years later. Panel to include:
Raoul Peck, writer/director
Idris Elba (Augustin)

· The Comeback � Debuts June 2005
Lisa Kudrow stars as Valerie Cherish, a former "B level" sitcom star who is so desperate for a comeback that she allows her life to be ground up before "reality" cameras when she agrees to star in a reality show called "The Comeback." The fictional "reality" show follows her treacherous journey when cast on a brand new network sitcom. A totally scripted comedy that explores the madness of television, a Beverly Hills lifestyle and the bravery of a comic/tragic 40 year old woman who is slowy sinking . Also executive produced by John Melfi and Dan Bucatinsky. Panel to include:
Michael Patrick King, creator/executive producer
Lisa Kudrow, executive producer/writer (Valerie Cherish)

Evening: Hallmark Channel
Ebell House
724 S. Lucerne (Hancock Park)

Please join Hallmark Channel and the many stars of the network�s upcoming Hallmark Channel Mystery Movies franchises and Original Movies. The event is being produced by Along Came Mary and continuous transportation begins at 6:45 p.m. Talent includes:

Dean Hargrove and Joyce Burditt, creators of the Hallmark Channel Mystery Movie franchises
In debut date order:
Kellie Martin, Clarence Williams III, Nina Siemaszko and Casey Sander, stars of Mystery Woman � Debuts January 7, 2005
John Larroquette, star of McBride � Debuts January 14, 2005
Lea Thompson, Joe Penny and Bill Moses, stars of Jane Doe � Debuts January 21, 2005
Betty White and Amy Davidson, stars of Annie�s Point � Debuts January 22, 2005
Tori Spelling and Jordan Bridges, stars of Family Plan � Debuts February 12, 2005
Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner, stars of Thicker Than Water � Debuts March 19, 2005
Ed Asner and Mel Harris, stars of Out of the Woods � Debuts April 16, 2005
Jaclyn Smith, C. Thomas Howell, Corbin Bernsen and Lyndsy Fonseca, stars of Ordinary Miracles � Debuts May 7, 2005
Lisa Hartman Black and Rue McLanahan, stars, and Clint Black, music composer of Back to You and Me � Debuts May 8, 2005
Patrick Swayze, star of ICON � Debuts May 28, 2005
Chad Lowe, Marin Hinkle and Bodie Elfman, stars of Fielder�s Choice � Debuts June 18, 2005

Later Evening, 10:00-12:00 midnight: Hospitality Event
WE: Women�s Entertainment


8:00-9:00 - Tennis Channel
Location TBA

Mingle with network executives and gain an insider�s perspective on the world of tennis on the network�s upcoming original programming and the 2005 tournament line-up.

9:00-11:00 A&E Networks
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

A&E Network

· See Arnold Run -- Debuts January 30, 2005
What could motivate a boy to rise from a small town in Austria to become the world�s most famous bodybuilder? What kind of ambition would it take for a bodybuilder who doesn�t speak English to believe he could become a movie star � one of the biggest movie star on earth? And then to conquer California politics? See Arnold Run, fast paced and witty, is the story of Arnold�s dogged competition to win a fourth Mr. Olympia title in 1974 juxtaposed alongside the unprecedented California Gubernatorial recall election of 2003. Panel to include:
Mariel Hemingway (Maria Shriver)
Roland Kickinger (Arnold, circa 1970s)
Jurgen Prochnow (superstar Arnold turned politician)

· Faith of My Fathers -- Debuts Spring 2005
This is a two-hour original movie based on the best-selling book of the same name by Senator John McCain and Mark Salter. The movie, like the book, chronicles the younger years of Senator McCain as a hotshot Navy pilot through his five years of captivity as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Although the book ends with McCain's release from the camp, the movie examines how his experiences in Vietnam helped shape the man that he has become. Panel to include:
Senator John McCain
Other panelists TBA

The History Channel

· Digging for the Truth � Debuts January 24
Think CSI meets archaeology. In this new exciting series filmed in HDTV, host, explorer and survival expert Josh Bernstein takes a fresh look at the world�s greatest ancient mysteries and puts adventure back into history as he travels to some of the most intriguing, remote and physically challenging locations in the world. Panel to include:
Josh Bernstein, host
Margaret Kim, Executive Producer, The History Channel
Bill Gardner and Jason Williams, producers, JWM Productions.

· Conquest of America
Conquest of America is an epic saga full of great adventures, foolish quests, unspeakable cruelty, unimaginable bravery and an unquenchable thirst for glory and riches. It is a story of lost cities of gold, legendary sea passages to China, religious wars, national pride, mutiny on the high seas and uprisings in unfamiliar lands. Each episode crystallizes the conquest of a different geographical region of North America by focusing on a primary explorer in that territory: The stories, taken from the explorers' own journals and the letters and writings of eyewitnesses, play like amazing action-adventure tales. Dramatic dialog and scenes throughout are derived from the historical riches, diaries of Europeans, and the oral histories of Native American participants. Panel to include:
Margaret Kim, Executive Producer, The History Channel
Lisa Wolfinger and Rocky Collins, co-executive producers, Lonewolf Pictures
Richard Flint and Captain Chip Reynolds, experts who appear in the special

11:15-12:00 WE: Women�s Entertainment
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

· Tammy Faye: Death Defying
This dramatic 90-minute documentary explores Tammy Faye's battle and ultimate survival of lung and lymphoid cancer. The cameras follow Faye to countless doctor visits, chemotherapy treatments, visits from friends and family, and quiet moments with her husband of more than 10 years, Roe Messner. Also chronicled is Faye's persistent research of optional remedies, from holistic medicine to a renewed spiritual connection. Panel to include:
Tammy Faye
Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, producers, World of Wonder (The Eyes of Tammy Faye)

12:15-1:00 Encore
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

· Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream - Debuts July 2005
The phenomenon of 1970�s cult films and their continuing influence on pop culture and modern society is the focus of the original documentary, Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream. Based on the book of the same name by noted film scholar and documentary filmmaker Stuart Samuels (Visions of Light), the story begins over 30 years ago during a turning point in modern American culture that gave birth to a handful of feature films that became known as �midnight movies.� Appearing in the film are directors John Waters (Pink Flamingos), David Lynch (Eraserhead), George Romero (Night of the Living Dead), A. Jodorowsky (El Topo), Perry Henzell (The Harder They Come) and Richard O�Brien (creator and star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Panel to include:
John Waters, director, Pink Flamingos (via satellite)
Lou Adler, producer, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Stuart Samuels, producer/director, Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream
Robert Leighton, Executive Vice President, Programming, Starz Entertainment Group

1:00-2:00 Lunch/Break
Sierra Ballroom/Salon A

2:00-3:00 Lifetime Television
Sierra Ballroom/Salon D

· Lies My Mother Told Me � Debuts March 7, 2005
Joely Richardson, Hayden Panettiere and Colm Feore star in this spellbinding drama of a charming con woman who, with her young daughter in tow, scams her way across the country and into a prosperous marriage before the past catches up with her, leading to murder. Panel to include:
Joely Richardson, star
Hayden Panettiere, star
Additional panel TBA

3:15-6:30 MTV Networks
Sierra Ballroom/Salons B&C

Panel/event details TBA

Evening: GSN
Saddleback Ranch Chop House
Universal Citywalk

Join network executives and talent for dinner, drinks, dessert and more importantly, blackjack, poker and nine-ball pool. Interview opportunities include the contestants of American Dream Derby, top blackjack and poker players, the winners of Extreme Dodgeball, and the best nine-ball players around. Special guests include: Joe and Gavin Maloof; Regina Guzior (blind blackjack player); Paul Wolfe (top pro poker player); Kenny Einiger (top black jack player); among others. Zach Selwyn�s (host of Extreme Dodgeball) band, �Zachariah & The Lobos Riders,� will perform.

Later Evening, 10:00-12:00 midnight: Hospitality Event


  [december 2004]  


[04/22/24 - 09:05 AM]
Smash Hit Home Renovation Competition Series "Rock the Block" Delivers Strong Season Ratings for HGTV
Attracting 13.6 million total viewers since it premiered on Monday, March 4, the seven-episode season boasted strong double-digit ratings gains of 53 percent among Adults 25-54 and 58 percent among Women 25-54 over the prior six weeks.

[04/22/24 - 09:01 AM]
Video: "Power" - Official Trailer - Netflix
Driven to contain threats to social order, American policing has exploded in scope and scale over hundreds of years. Now, it can be described by one word: power.

[04/22/24 - 07:01 AM]
"A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" Coming to Netflix
Commissioned by the BBC, it will first premiere in the UK and Ireland on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

[04/22/24 - 07:00 AM]
Roku Originals Goes Big with Tentpole Series "The Great American Baking Show" and "Honest Renovations"
The first seasons of both series opened as the #1 on-demand titles on The Roku Channel during their respective opening weekends.

[04/22/24 - 07:00 AM]
The Emmy-Nominated Series "Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter" Returns to AMC Networks, Revealing All-Star Talent Lineup for Select Emmy Season Episodes
The new season is set to premiere on Friday, May 24, at a new time of 10 pm PT/1 am ET exclusively on IFC and streaming on AMC+.

[04/22/24 - 06:01 AM]
Video: "The Roast of Tom Brady" - Official Trailer - Netflix
Tom Brady will take the hits when sports and comedy stars team up to roast the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

[04/21/24 - 08:31 PM]
Netflix Reveals Cast of 65 Actors for "Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams", Streaming June 14
Unfolding over seven episodes, the series presents a different story and a new set of actors in each installment.

[04/21/24 - 08:01 PM]
Video: "Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf" - Official Trailer - Netflix
On the run from a past crime, Juzo Fujimaki is blackmailed into joining an illicit tournament and has to face top martial artists in deadly match-ups.

[04/20/24 - 03:00 PM]
Surprise! New "Bluey" Episode Begins Streaming Tonight on Disney+
"Surprise" arrives following the April 7 episode "Ghostbasket," and last weekend's extended-length special, "The Sign," which captivated audiences around the world.

[04/19/24 - 11:47 PM]
Development Update: Week of April 15-19
Updates include: CBS cancels "CSI: Vegas," "So Help Me Todd"; Sabrina Impacciatore, Domhnall Gleeson first to be cast new "The Office" series; and Don Johnson, Phillipa Soo tapped for ABC's "Dr. Odyssey."

[04/19/24 - 01:30 PM]
Earth Day 2024 Marked by Unprecedented Content Rollout Across Disney+, Hulu and Disney Entertainment Television to Celebrate the Wonders of ourHOME
Beginning April 19 through April 22, Earth Day-themed content will be spotlighted across ABC News, Disney+, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Freeform, FX, FXX, Hulu, National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD and Nat Geo Mundo, with ourHOME collections on Disney+ and Hulu.

[04/19/24 - 01:00 PM]
CBS Celebrates 33 Nominations for the "51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards," Airing Live, June 7 on CBS
"The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold And The Beautiful" each received 12 nominations, and "The Talk" received two nominations with the hosts nominated for Outstanding Daytime Talk Series Host.

[04/19/24 - 12:09 PM]
All-New Docuseries "Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes" Premieres Sunday, May 12 on Discovery Channel
The series unfolds a stranger-than-fiction story of Mickey Grosman, a former special forces demolitions expert who took a group of amateur adventurers on a nearly impossible journey across South America.

[04/19/24 - 09:00 AM]
"The Iron Claw" Begins Streaming on Max May 10
The film stars Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Stanley Simons, Maura Tierney, with Holt McCallany and Lily James.

[04/19/24 - 09:00 AM]
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Announces 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations
The Lifetime Achievement honorees, hosts, presenters, Silver and Gold Circle honorees and telecast categories will be announced at a later date.