[04/18/05 - 12:00 AM]
NBC Springs Event-Driven May Sweeps with Series and Season Finales While Network Also Makes Waves with Celebrated Guest Stars

[via press release from NBC]


Lineup Includes: A Farewell to Noah Wyle After 11 Years as John Carter on "ER," the Finale of the Six-part Event Series "Revelations"; Live Season Finales of "The Apprentice" and "The Contender"; the Series Finale of "Third Watch; Michael Imperioli ("The Sopranos") Guest stars in Four-episode Arc of "Law & Order"; a Three-hour "Hercules" Movie; Special "Fear Factor" Episodes and a Crossover Between "Law & Order: SVU" and "Law & Order: Trial by Jury."

Guest Stars Include Angela Lansbury, Danny Glover, Seth Green, Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner, Jon Bon Jovi, James Elway, Henry Winkler, Larry King, Joel Grey, Singing Stars Ashanti and Gladys Knight, Dean Cain, Fred Durst, Carmen Electra, Thandie Newton, Gina Gershon, Stacy Keach, Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Bernhard, Rita Moreno, Kathy Baker, Wyclef Jean and Eric Stoltz

BURBANK - April 18, 2005 -- NBC delivers an eventful May sweeps packed with mass appeal and cliffhanger season finales -- coupled with the conclusive series episode for "Third Watch" - including the season-enders for "The Apprentice" and "The Contender," the muscular three-hour movie "Hercules," special "Fear Factor" episodes (matching newlyweds and New York versus Los Angeles), crossover episodes with two "Law & Order"-brand series, the departure of Noah Wyle from "ER," and celebrated guest stars such as Angela Lansbury, Danny Glover, Carmen Electra, Thandie Newton, Alec Baldwin, Gina Gershon and Debbie Reynolds.

Other popular guest stars include Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Alfred Molina, Rita Moreno, Larry King, Sandra Bernhard, Kathy Baker, Wyclef Jean, Aidan Quinn, Eric Stoltz, singer Ashanti, Seth Green, Dave Foley, Jon Lovitz, Henry Winkler, Madchen Amick, Oscar winner Red Buttons, Lee Majors and Alan Arkin.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Joey and the Temptation"

JOEY'S DREAM OF DOING A LOVE SCENE WITH CARMEN ELECTRA TURNS INTO A NIGHTMARE; MADCHEN AMICK ALSO GUEST-STARS -- Joey (Matt LeBlanc) must struggle through a love scene with his ultimate temptation, Carmen Electra (guest-starring as herself), even though he's made an exclusive commitment to his girlfriend Sarah (guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks"). Drea de Matteo, Paulo Costanzo and Jennifer Coolidge also star.

WILL & GRACE - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, World"

DADDY'S GIRL -- DEBBIE REYNOLDS, ALAN ARKIN AND LEE MAJORS GUEST STAR -- When Grace (Debra Messing) convinces Karen (Megan Mullally) to accompany her to her father Martin's (guest star Alan Arkin, "Gattaca") birthday bash, the situation turns awkward when it is just the three of them. Struggling to gain the attention of her seemingly aloof father, Grace tags along with him to the golf range in hopes of scoring some quality bonding time. Meanwhile, Karen keeps herself entertained with Martin's buddy (guest star Lee Majors, "The Fall Guy"). Excited about the arrangement that Jack (Sean Hayes) has made for him, Will (Eric McCormack) discovers the true meaning of the phrase "blind date."

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"Bedazzled by a Beefy T"

WHO WILL BE OUT THE DOOR AMONG THE FINAL FOUR? -- It's down to the final four candidates who are challenged to commemorate a staple of American fashion. One team fights like cats and dogs while the other team goes on a wild-goose chase for beads. The winners are treated to a "Top Gun" reward -- while the losers head to the boardroom where the 15th candidate is fired.

ER - (10-11p.m.)
"Ruby Redux"

HEALING OLD WOUNDS IS NOT EASY AT THE E.R. -- RED BUTTONS GUEST-STARS -- When 85-year-old Jules Rubadoux (Oscar-winning guest star Red Buttons, "Sayonara") is wheeled in and erroneously accuses Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) of killing his wife 10 years ago, Abby (Maura Tierney) believes the senior patient is too old to undertake surgery to correct a heart murmur -- but the attending doctors opt to go ahead with the operation. Meanwhile, Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) treats a domestic violence victim and makes a date with the social worker assigned to her case. As Pratt arrives for the date, he realizes he has gotten himself into far more than he bargained for. Shane West, Sherry Stringfield and Linda Cardellini also star.


THIRD WATCH - (9-10 p.m.)
"End of Tour"

TELEVISED HOSTAGE CRISIS DISTRACTS YOKAS FROM HER OWN DAUGHTER'S FIGHT FOR LIFE -- Detective Yokas (Molly Price) tries to negotiate a peaceful ending to a televised hostage crisis where a young man Tommy (guest star Chris Stack) threatens to kill his father who sexually abused children while heading a bizarre religious cult. Meanwhile, unknown to Yokas, her own daughter Emily (Bonnie Dennison) is being held captive at home by a wannabe stalker Dante (guest star Luke Robertson). Elsewhere: Cruz (Tia Texada) vows revenge when her partner Santiago (guest star Manny Perez) is shot as payback in a deadly gang turf war; Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) is frustrated in his attempts to propose to Levine (Yvonne Jung), and Grace (Cara Buono) agonizes over a comatose Finney (Josh Stewart). Coby Bell, Nia Long and Skipp Sudduth also star. Wyclef Jean guest stars as Gangleader Marcel.

LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY - (10-11 p.m.)
"Blue Wall"

KIBRE PROSECUTES CASE AGANST TWO OFFICERS WHO MURDER GAY SUSPECT IN CUSTODY -- Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) is handed a political bombshell when she is asked to prosecute two police officers, Petro and Tolbert (guest stars Domenick Lombardozzi and Mike Colter, respectively), for their murky roles in the murder of a gay prisoner who was fatally sodomized with a police nightstick -- but she clashes with Detective Ravell (guest star Scott Cohen) who confronts "the blue wall" in his search for truth. Under federal pressure for a conviction, a conscience-stricken Ravell causes more problems when he tries to protect one of the cops and his young family by withholding vital evidence. Amy Carlson, Kirk Acevedo and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


THE CONTENDER - (8-9 p.m.)
"The Hangman's Noose"

SPEED-BAG RACE MAY BE TICKET TO CHAMPIONSHIP -- When challenged to a speed-bag race, the contenders must fight to the finish for the right to choose who will battle it out in the ring. During the fight, an accident in the ring will send one contender to the hospital. Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone host. Stallone also serves as executive producer.

"No Exit"

TRAIN CRASH CLAIMS FOUR YOUNG ADULTS IN SUICIDE PACT -- OR WAS IT A HOMICIDE EXPRESS? -- In the bloody wake of a multiple suicide pact gone wrong, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) consider the deaths of four young adults who parked their car on railroad tracks and waited for the inevitable -- and while the cops probe a "suicide matchmaking" website, they discover that one of the victims tried vainly to escape. Backtracking, the investigators seek to learn what brought the four together that night, and they wonder if office politics and an illicit romance were factors in the tragedy -- and subsequent coverup. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"Embraceable You"

A BLACK WIDOW, MOODY BLUES AND A NOT-SO-IMMACULATE CONCEPTION; GINA GERSHON AND SANDRA BERNHARD GUEST-STAR -- When the charming daughter (guest star Gina Gershon, "The Insider") of a local jazz legend is caught in a deadly round of lovers' quarrels, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) is quickly ensnared in her web and accused of orchestrating multiple black widow-style murders. He will either prove her innocence -- or become her latest victim. Elsewhere, Jordan (Jill Hennessy), Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Nigel (Steve Valentine) uncover a secret of biblical proportions when a young, pregnant nun is found dead in a cloistered convent. Sandra Bernhard ("Roseanne") returns to guest-star, reprising her role as the intense Detective Framus. Kathryn Hahn and Ravi Kapoor also star.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)
"Best Friends"

BEST FRIENDS, WORST FEARS -- True friendship gets tested in this episode featuring four pairs of best friends performing outrageous stunts, including playing a game of "Fear Factor" 'chicken.' The game is played by splitting up each pair and having them drive a car toward each other. Before the cars can collide, a pipe ramp flips both vehicles and sends them sliding down the street on the roofs. The combined distances traveled by each car are used to calculate which pair sent cars sliding the farthest. Joe Rogan hosts.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"Letters, Lawyer, and Loose Women"

TRUTH BE TOLD-- DAVE FOLEY GUEST-STARS -- Mary (Nikki Cox) meets her secret admirer but faces legal issues on the road to romance and when a philandering hotel guest (guest star Dave Foley, "NewsRadio") loses his wedding ring at a local brothel, Mike (James Lesure) agrees to help him find it by investigating the establishment. Meanwhile, Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Ed (James Caan) do some investigating of their own to respect a friend's last wish for justice. Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims and Marsha Thomason also star.

MEDIUM - (10-11 p.m.)
"In the Rough"

EMMY WINNER KATHY BAKER GUEST-STARS AS JOE'S MOTHER, WHO PAYS A VISIT ON MOTHER'S DAY-- Allison (Patricia Arquette) finds herself in a difficult spot when she has information that could cause a murderer to go free. At home, Joe's (Jake Weber) mother (Emmy Award-winning guest star Kathy Baker, "Picket Fences") has an ulterior motive when she visits for Mother's Day. Miguel Sandoval, David Cubitt, Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark also star.


SCRUBS - (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
"My Drive By"

THE WHEELS ON THE RASCAL GO ROUND AND ROUND -- JOSH RANDALL GUEST STARS -- When Turk (Donald Faison) saves a man's life at the local taco stand, he tries to keep his ego in check as Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) takes all of the credit. To avoid ruining her new relationship with Jake (guest star Josh Randall, "Ed"), Elliot (Sarah Chalke) enlists J.D.'s (Zach Braff) help to prevent her dates from becoming too intimate. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) terrorizes the hospital from the seat of his new Rascal motorized wheelchair until Janitor (Neil Flynn) takes matters into his own hands. Judy Reyes also stars.

"Night" ("Trial by Jury" Crossover Episode)

BENSON AND STABLER TRACK SERIAL RAPIST WHO PREYS ON DEFENSELESS IMMIGRANT WOMEN -- ANGELA LANSBURY, ALFRED MOLINA, BRADLEY COOPER AND BEBE NEUWIRTH GUEST-STAR IN A SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE WITH 'LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY" -- Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) investigate the rape and murder of a woman who is found near a nightclub with $500 stuffed into her mouth. The only clue is the money and fingerprints that lead the detectives to a hotshot lawyer (guest star Bradley Cooper, Alias), a trustee of the Duvall family estate. They also question matriarch Eleanor Duvall (guest star Angela Lansbury, "Murder, She Wrote") which leads them to her son Gabriel (guest star Alfred Molina, "Spiderman 2"), a prime suspect. A surprising plot twist puts A.D.A Novak (Diane Neal) in grave danger, and Tracey Kibre (guest star Bebe Neuwirth from NBC's "Law & Order: Trial by Jury") is brought in to work on the case. Richard Belzer, Ice-T, Dann Florek and Tamara Tunie also star.

LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY - (10-11 p.m.)
"Day" ("Special Victims Unit" Crossover Episode)

KIBRE WORKS WITH DETECTIVES STABLER AND BENSON TO PROSECUTE SERIAL RAPIST IN CONCLUSIVE CROSSOVER EPISODE WITH 'LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT'; RITA MORENO AND LARRY KING GUEST-STAR -- In the conclusion of a two-part crossover with "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," A.D.A. Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) works with Detectives Stabler and Benson (guest stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay from NBC's "SVU") to prosecute serial rapist Gabriel (guest star Alfred Molina) whose trail of victims through the years has been whitewashed by his wealthy and protective mother Eleanor (guest star Angela Lansbury, "Murder, She Wrote"). Kibre must also overcome witness intimidation -- and even sees her crucial DNA evidence tossed out -- but the slippery suspect's lawyer has yet another surprise up his sleeve. This episode also features guest stars Bradley Cooper, talk show host Larry King, and Oscar winner Rita Moreno. Amy Carlson, Kirk Acevedo, Scott Cohen and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


REVELATIONS - (9-10 p.m.)
Hour 4

DR. MASSEY STRUGGLES TO TRACK DOWN HIS KIDNAPPED STEPSON; FRED DURST GUEST-STARS -- Dr. Richard Massey's (Bill Pullman) kidnapped stepson, Hawk (Mark Rendall), is presented with a horrible choice by his Satanic kidnappers Tulia (Caryn Green) and Ogden (Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit) -- either he or his mother's unborn child will die. Meanwhile, Satanist Isaiah Haden's (Michael Massee) trial begins, and his charisma and rhetoric gain him increasing respect from his fellow prisoners. In London, Massey and Sister Jo (Natascha McElhone) meet with an expert on Satanism, and hope that he will be able to help them find Hawk and foil Haden's plans. Sister Jo's order, the Sisters of Mercy, ask Massey's assistant Rubio (Martin Starr) for help, as they fear that their convent has been infiltrated by Haden's men.

LAW & ORDER - 10-11 p.m.)
"Sport of Kings"

WHEN JOCKEY IS SHOT DOWN, POLICE GO DOWN THE STRETCH AND LOOK FOR KILLER AT RACETRACK -- The shooting death of a Panamanian horse jockey puts Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Falco (guest star Michael Imperioli, "The Sopranos") on the track of a pack of colorful suspects who inhabit the competitive racing world, forcing them to nudge jockeys, trainers -- and even a rich owner -- to discover who would murder the rider over his desire to ride one particular horse. However, their probe reveals that the victim challenged the registry and selling details of the prized three-year-old, leading the cops and A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) to a corporate head who bought the thoroughbred with stolen funds. Annie Parisse, S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Joey and the Break Up"

JOEY LEAVES AN 'I LOVE YOU' HANGING - MADCHEN AMICK GUEST-STARS -- Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is faced with a crisis when his girlfriend Sara (guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks") says she loves him and he doesn't respond. Meanwhile, Michael (Paulo Costanzo) and Gina (Drea de Matteo) have brunch with Michael's new girlfriend Lorraine (guest star Deborah Theaker) who is more than Michael described. Andrea Anders also stars.

WILL & GRACE - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"From Queer to Eternity"

A WILL OF THEIR OWN -- BLYTHE DANNER AND STACY KEACH GUEST STAR -- After a near-death experience in a jean boutique, Grace (Debra Messing) decides to write her will and enlists Will's (Eric McCormack) legal expertise. To make sure she's fair when bequeathing her money, Grace visits Will's mother (guest star Blythe Danner) to find out how much Will plans to leave her and is shocked by what she finds. Thanks to Grace, Will also takes a look at his life and decides it's time to make a life altering career move. Meanwhile, Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) find an imposter (guest star Stacy Keach, "Titus") teaching Jack's McFarland Method of Acting. Realizing he needs new material to get back into teaching, Jack changes his method to win back his students.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"The Games People Play"

The final three are subjected to a grueling round of interviews. The 16th person is fired and then it's down to the final two. They are given their final tasks - the theme is games - and old teammates return as "employees." One of the finalists balks and asks if the teammates can be replaced, while another finalist works at pleasing the sponsors.

ER - (10-11p.m.)
"You Are Here"

MORRIS IS THE NEW CHIEF RESIDENT -- MUCH TO EVERYONE'S CHAGRIN - Dr. Morris (Scott Grimes) has been appointed the new chief resident and immediately locks horns with Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) as they deal with the casualties from a fire at an apartment building. Dr. Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) takes out her frustration on Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) after not being tenured, and Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) tries to calm Lewis down, but only makes things worse. Ray (Shane West) heeds the advice of several doctors at the hospital and sends a teenaged, sickle cell anemic patient home. Linda Cardellini and Goran Visnjic also star.


THIRD WATCH - (9-10 p.m.)
"Goodbye to Camelot" (Series Finale)

'THIRD WATCH' SERIES FINALE CLOCKS OUT IN BLAZE OF GLORY AS GANG ATTACKS 55TH PRECINCT HOUSE; FORMER CAST MEMBERS MICHAEL BEACH, EDDIE CIBRIAN AND KIM RAVER RETURN WITH AIDAN QUINN AND WYCLEF JEAN AS GUEST STARS -- The long-running crime drama's series finale concludes in a blaze of glory when gangbangers assault the 55th Precinct station and set it afire, trapping Sergeant Cruz (Tia Texada) and Officer Monroe (Nia Long). While Bosco (Jason Wiles) and other police return fire, the future of their beloved "Camelot" house is in dire jeopardy -- as is the life of one dedicated cop. In the confusion, murderous gang leader Marcel (singer Wyclef Jean guest-stars) escapes, Yokas (Molly Price) fears for her visiting daughter's (Bonnie Dennison) safety -- and a nervous Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) preps to propose to Levine (guest star Yvonne Jung). In the final minutes, fans will also learn what the future holds for their heroes. Former cast regulars Michael Beach, Eddie Cibrian and Kim Raver join recurring star Aidan Quinn as guest stars. Coby Bell, Cara Buono, Josh Stewart and Skipp Sudduth also star.

LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY - (10-11 p.m.)
"Boys Will Be Boys"

IN THE SEASON FINALE PROSECUTORS MUST FIND THE ONE REAL MURDERER WHEN FATHER AND SON CONFESS TO KILLING A TRANSVESTITE -- Prosecutors Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) and Gaffney (Amy Carlson) are stymied when a young man (guest star Victor Rasuk) confesses to killing a transvestite upon discovering that the "she" was a "he" -- just before the suspect's controlling father (guest star Giancarlo Esposito) also admits that he pummeled the victim to death in self-defense. Besides being whipsawed between two divergent confessions, the suspicious assistant D.A.s can't seem to turn one against the other, prompting a determined Kibre to reach into her legal bag of tricks to force the issue in court. Kirk Acevedo, Fred Dalton Thompson and Scott Cohen ("NYPD Blue") also star.


THE CONTENDER- (8-9 p.m.)
"Heavy Hands"

CONTENDER'S FAMILY IS ALARMED AFTER FIGHT INJURY -- It has come down to the final fight in the second round and the remaining contenders must fight their hearts out to stay in the game. One man's family is devastated when he is hurt during the fight. Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone host. Stallone also serves as executive producer.

"The Unblinking Eye"

STREET SHOOTINGS RAISE PUBLIC OUTCRY AS POLICE PROBE FEMALE STALKER -- AND HIGH-TECH TREASURE HUNT GAME -- After a young actor (guest star Jeffrey Hephner) is wounded and his fiancee is shot dead on the street, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) are pointed towards the surviving victim's former girlfriend, who is known to have stalked him. The key, however, might turn on their probe of "geocaching," a high-tech treasure-hunt game that could yield vital clues. As the media and public mourn the man's tragic loss, the police want to take another look at some of the victim's very suspicious actor buddies. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"Forget Me Not"

WHAT YOU WON'T DO, DO FOR LOVE -- When the daughter of his new soul mate is kidnapped -- and the suspect list reads like a lurid Bostonian society page -- Nigel (Steve Valentine) is left questioning more than the usual forensic evidence, but with Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) help, he attempts to uncover any lead to the kidnapper's identity in the hopes of saving the girl's life. Meanwhile, Lily (Kathryn Hahn) discovers that perception is seldom reality when the corpse of a homeless man (Joel Grey) suddenly awakens on the autopsy table. Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor and Jerry O'Connell also star.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)
"NY vs. LA Show"

CROSS-COUNTRY RIVALRY CREATES CONTINENTAL DIVIDE -- This episode pits contestants from New York City against competitors from Los Angeles - and a highlight of their challenges includes a complex attempt to escape from a deep-freeze meat locker. Joe Rogan hosts.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"Magic. Carpet. Fred"

NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T - ASHANTI AND JON LOVITZ GUEST-STAR -- When the colorful billionaire Fred Puterbaugh (guest star Jon Lovitz) returns to the Montecito with new girlfriend -- singing star Ashanti (as herself) -- there is bound to be some great entertainment, but once Ed (James Caan) and Danny (Josh Duhamel) discover exactly what brought the incorrigible moneybags back to Vegas, his audacious behavior is the least of their worries. Meanwhile, a beguiling magician uses his skills to help Ed catch a slippery thief and Sam (Vanessa Marcil) finds new meaning in the words "feminine wiles" when a high-roller's wife makes a visit to the casino spa. James Lesure, Nikki Cox, Molly Sims and Marsha Thomason also star.

MEDIUM - (10-11 p.m.)
"Penny for Your Thoughts"

ONE FIERCE MOTHER -- Allison (Patricia Arquette) does battle with true evil when she is forced to confront the spirit of a psychopathic doctor responsible for the murder of 14 young girls before he can claim his next victim. At home, Joe (Jake Weber) has his hands full when Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) is accused of cheating by her math teacher. Miguel Sandoval, David Cubitt and Maria Lark also star.


SCRUBS- (9-9:30 p.m.)
"My Changing Ways" (Season Finale)

IN SEASON FINALE, J.D. COMPLETES HIS RESIDENCY AND FINDS NEW DIGS--With their residency over, there are big changes at Sacred Heart. J.D. (Zach Braff) moves out to live on his own while Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes) consider a family change. Meanwhile, one of the residents receives a job offer from another hospital. Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley and Ken Jenkins also star.


DRUG RELATED CRIMES TURN INTO A SAD CASE OF ELDERLY ABUSE WITH VICTIM AFRAID TO CONFRONT HER ABUSER, HER OWN SON -- MELINDA DILLON GUEST STARS - A girl is brutally assaulted outside a nightclub with her attackers stealing her car and throwing her nine-month-old baby from the car as they disappear. Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) investigate the case, and discover that the sexual assault is connected to illegal trafficking in painkillers, and the source behind the drug-dealing appears to be an elderly woman, Jenny Rogers (Dillon). As the investigation progresses, Benson and Stabler discover that Rodgers is being abused by her son Kevin (guest star Matt Schulze) and her daughter-in-law. When Rogers' daughter-in-law is suddenly murdered, Benson and Stabler persuade Rogers to turn in her son, saving her from his abusive behavior. Meanwhile, Stabler struggles with a pressing issue involving one of his own children. Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Diane Neal, B.D. Wong and Ice-T also star.


REVELATIONS - (9-10 p.m.)
Hour 5

DR. MASSEY AND SISTER JO'S JOURNEY LEADS THEM TO A HIDDEN CRYPT WITH MYSTICAL CLUES -- Dr. Richard Massey (Bill Pullman) and Sister Jo (Natascha McElhone) travel to Prague to speak with a noted expert on Satanism, who leads them to a secret library hidden in a crypt. Within the crypt, Massey and Sister Jo find a strange box that contains a puzzle that may unlock clues about the birth of the Anti-Christ. Back at the Sisters of Mercy convent, the sisters and comatose Olivia find themselves under attack by followers of Satanist Isaiah Haden (Michael Massee). Meanwhile, Haden attempts to escape from prison, and Hawk (Mark Rendall) is being brainwashed by his captors. Fred Durst and John Rhys-Davies guest star.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)
"In God We Trust"

CAN GOOD DEEDS AND A RELIGOUS AWAKENING SAVE A MURDERING EX-RACIST FROM PUNISHMENT? -- Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Falco (Michael Imperioli, "The Sopranos") arrest an arsonist after a blaze killed a fireman, and discover a charred pistol that leads them to re-open a cold case murder of an African-American. Their remorseful prime suspect (guest star Jim True-Frost) not only confesses but pleads not guilty due to his newfound faith and changed life. Even the skeptical A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) cannot ignore the "Clayton motion" filed by the defense attorney that asks for the case to be dismissed while church and public support build for the former racist who has worked hard for children's charities in the years since. S. Epatha Merkerson, Annie Parisse and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Joey and the Moving In"

JOEY MUST DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT HE'S READY TO GIVE UP HIS OLD WOMANIZING WAYS -- Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is faced with the prospect of his girlfriend Sara (guest star Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks") moving in with him while Michael (Paulo Costanzo) owes Bobbie (Jennifer Coolidge) big-time for getting him tickets to a big movie premiere -- and pays heartily. Then Gina (Drea de Matteo) finally confronts Bobbie about her crazy attraction to Michael even as Alex (Andrea Anders) realizes her true attraction for Joey.

WILL & GRACE - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"Friends with Benefits"

GUEST STAR ALEC BALDWIN, GUEST STAR SETH GREEN AND GUEST STAR ERIC STOLTZ IN PART ONE OF THE SEASON FINALE -- Having quit his job at the law firm, Will (Eric McCormack) turns to a career in writing where he catches the eye of Malcolm (Alec Baldwin), who claims to have high-profile connections -- but when his writing career fails, Malcolm has another job offer for Will. Meanwhile, Tom (Eric Stoltz), an old flame from college, returns to ask Grace to design a hotel that he and his wife just bought -- only to discover that there are still romantic feelings between the two of them. Jack (Sean Hayes) struggles to produce his latest show for OutTV, but spoiled child star Randall (Seth Green) fails to embody Jack's vision. Under threat of a lawsuit, Karen (Megan Mullally) is forced to publicly apologize to Beverly (guest star Leslie Jordan) for an embarrassing rumor. Shelley Morrison also stars.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)

ER - (10-11p.m.)
"Carter Est Amoureux"

CARTER RE-UNITES WITH KEM IN PARIS WHILE EVERYTHING GOES WRONG IN THE E.R.-- THANDIE NEWTON RETURNS TO GUEST-STAR - Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) criticizes Neela (Parminder Nagra) for performing a complicated procedure on a baby, Abby (Maura Tierney) misdiagnoses an emphysema patient -- and Ray's (Shane West) procedural misstep on a stab victim has terrible results. Outside of the E.R., Carter (Noah Wyle) dashes off to Paris after learning that Kem's (Thandie Newton) mother has been hospitalized. Once there, he discovers some things about himself and makes some life-altering decisions. Sherry Stringfield, Goran Visnjic and Linda Cardellini also star.


THE CONTENDER- (8-9 p.m.)
"The Final Four"

FOUR MEN LEFT STANDING -- As the remaining boxers begin the semifinal round of competition, the contenders are feeling nostalgic as they reminisce about their time together on the show. The stakes have also increased as the fighters must box seven rounds instead of five. Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone are the hosts. Stallone also serves as executive producer.

"My Good Name"

FORMER POLICE CELEBRITY'S AMBITIOUS PLANS GET DINGED WHEN DETECTIVES LINK HIM TO HUSBAND'S SLAYING -- Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) take heat from Captain Deakins (Jamey Sheridan) when their murder investigation of a husband who was angry about his wife's affair connects them to Frank Adair (guest star Michael Rispoli), a celebrated and powerful ex-police brass member whose pushy P.R. adviser (as Janice, guest star Jenna Stern) has nakedly ambitious plans for him. But even Deakins has his doubts about his friend's squeaky-clean image when the probe exposes his secret affair with the dead man's widow -- who suddenly goes missing. Courtney B. Vance also stars.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"Jump Push Fall" (Season Finale)

IN THE SEASON FINALE, MACY COMES UNDER FIRE FOR EVIDENCE COVERUP-- HENRY WINKLER GUEST-STARS -- When a witness comes forward on a 20 year-old case involving a prominent politician, Dr. Macy (Miguel Ferrer) is suspended for an alleged coverup attempt and his replacement, Dr. Jack Slokum (guest star Henry Winkler, "Holes"), puts Jordan (Jill Hennessy) in charge of the new investigation that could save or end Macy's career. As the evidence against her mentor piles up, Jordan and her co-workers are shocked to find that Macy's missing evidence is just the beginning of the coverup. Meanwhile, Woody (Jerry O'Connell) tracks down a vicious killer who is behind a string of cop shootings, but when a sting operation puts him in danger, he suddenly finds his own life hangs in the balance. Kathryn Hahn, Ravi Kapoor and Steve Valentine also star.



NEW THREE-HOUR 'HERCULES' MOVIE FROM ROBERT HALMI SR. FLEXES ITS MUSCLES -- Emmy Award winner Robert Halmi Sr. ("The Odyssey") is executive producer of this three-hour movie event from Hallmark Entertainment starring Sean Astin ("Lord of the Rings" trilogy), Leelee Sobieski ("Uprising," "Joan of Arc"), Elizabeth Perkins ("Big") and Timothy Dalton ("Licence to Kill") -- with Paul Telfer (USA's "Spartacus") in the title role as the super-strong legendary Greek hero. Filmed amid the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand, the epic tale follows the spectacular exploits of Hercules who, after killing his three sons, is compelled to redeem himself by performing 12 heroic labors. With groundbreaking special effects, "Hercules" is the story of a half-god/half-man whose extraordinary feats of strength elevate him to a legend on Earth. Astin stars as Linus, Hercules' music instructor and best friend while Sobieski is Deianeira, Hercules' lover. Perkins plays Hercules' mother, Alcmene, and Dalton stars as the strongman's stepfather, Amphitryon. Also joining the cast are Kim Coates ("Open Range"), Leeanna Walsman ("Star Wars: Attack of the Clones") and actor/wrestler Tyler Mane ("Troy," "X-Men"). Emmy winner Roger Young ("The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story") directs.


"Painless" (Encore episode)

RAPE OR SUICIDE?-- MARLEE MATLIN GUEST STARS AS A DEAF PHYSICIAN LINKED TO A SUICIDE CASE -- When a team of maids stumbles across a female resident bound and nearly suffocated in her bed, Detectives Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Benson (Mariska Hargitay) believe the woman to be a rape victim and search for her attacker. However, when the victim commits suicide while recovering in the emergency room, the detectives discover the alleged rape was actually staged as part of a suicide pact the woman had with a local physician (guest star Marlee Matlin, "The West Wing"). Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Ice-T and Diane Neal also star.


A DISMEMBERED BODY LEADS THE DETECTIVES TO AN ILLEGAL BODY PART RING AND REUNITES THEM WITH AMY SOLWEY, THE DEAF PHYSICIAN WHO HAD GONE TO JAIL FOR ASSISTING SUICIDE --OSCAR WINNER MARLEE MATLIN REPRISES HER EMMY NOMINATED ROLE FROM LAST SEASON -. When a woman's body is found dismembered in a junkyard, Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) investigate and evidence leads detectives to the victim's boyfriend, Leon Shragewitz (guest-star Glenn Kessler). Shragewitz confesses to the murder, by pushing her down a flight of stairs, and leaving her to die. A twist in the case leads Benson and Stabler to find that a kidney was then extracted from the victim's body by a man trying to save his sick son leaving the rest of her remains in the junkyard. Detectives Besnon and Stabler turn to Amy Solwey (guest-star Matlin) to help them solve the case by leading them to the transplant surgeon who is at the center of an illegal body part ring. Ice-T, Diane Neal and Richard Belzer, Tamara Tunie, and Dann Florek also star.


REVELATIONS - (9-10 p.m.)
Hour 6 - (Season Finale)

THE RACE AGAINST TIME BRINGS SISTER JO AND DR. MASSEY TO GALILEE TO STOP THE IMPENDING BIRTH OF THE ANTI-CHRIST AND FIND YOUNG HAWK--The mysteries of the miracle child, the Anti-Christ and the showdown between Professor Massey (Bill Pullman) and Satanist Isaiah Haden (Michael Massee) will all be revealed in the dramatic conclusion.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)
"Locomotion" (Season Finale)

IN SEASON FINALE, COMMUTER TRAIN HURTLES TOWARDS DEADLY COLLISION WHEN MAN PARKS S.U.V. ON TRACKS -- In the series' season finale, a commuter train is violently derailed when it strikes an SUV parked on the tracks, resulting in 11 deaths and leaving Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Falco (guest star Michael Imperioli, "The Sopranos") sifting through massive debris -- until they lock onto a depressed construction worker who maintains he only intended to commit suicide, not homicide. A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) can't wait to get his hands on the case but his grip gets more slippery when the accused's attorney hints at an insanity defense -- and the suspect later shocks everyone in court. Annie Parisse, S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


WILL & GRACE - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Kiss and Tell" (Season Finale)

ALEC BALDWIN AND ERIC STOLTZ GUEST-STAR IN PART TWO OF THE SEASON FINALE -- After his first day, Will (Eric McCormack) becomes suspicious of his new job -- especially when he finds himself in an empty office with no co-workers, a German shepherd and a Russian-speaking thug. When Will confronts his new boss Malcolm (guest star Alec Baldwin, "The Aviator"), he discovers a startling secret about an old friend. Meanwhile, Grace quits the hotel design job when Tom (guest star Eric Stoltz, "The Butterfly Effect") can no longer hide his feelings for her. At OutTV, Jack has been promoted to host of his own show, "JackTalk," and is reveling in his newfound celebrity until the network tells him to split the spotlight with his new co-host -- Karen (Megan Mullally). Shelley Morrison also stars.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
#317 Season Finale

WHO WILL DONALD TRUMP CHOOSE AS HIS NEXT 'APPRENTICE'? -- The final two candidates complete their two huge tasks working on a promotion for the 2012 Winter Olympics and a video game championship. Upon the resolution of the task, Donald Trump joins Carolyn and George for a live boardroom finale featuring the "hiring" of the third "Apprentice." A live cast reunion follows the final boardroom.

ER - (10-11 p.m.)
"The Show Must Go On" (Season Finale)

IN SEASON FINALE, IT'S DR. CARTER'S LAST SHIFT AT COUNTY GENERAL -- DANNY GLOVER GUEST-STARS -- On Dr. Carter's (Noah Wyle) last shift, four new interns begin their tour of duty, and after completing their rounds, Carter and Kovac (Goran Visnjic) join most of the E.R. staff as they head out to Carter's surprise going-away party. Ray (Shane West) leaves to go to another party where the revelry is interrupted by a disaster that truly tests his mettle. The casualties are taken immediately to County General where a skeleton staff headed by Abby (Maura Tierney) and Neela (Parminder Nagra) must step up to the plate all on their own. Elsewhere, Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) finally gets the courage to confront his father (Danny Glover, "Lethal Weapon") and Sam (Linda Cardellini) and Kovac search for Sam's son after he runs away. Sherry Stringfield also stars.


THE CONTENDER- (8-9 p.m.)
"One Punch Away"

FINAL CONTENDERS TO BE CHOSEN TONIGHT -- It's the final fight before the live finale at Caesar's Palace and tensions run high as the contenders fight to decide who will have the opportunity to win $1 million. With one contestant just coming off of a fight, will his lack of rest contribute to the outcome in the ring? Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone host. Stallone also serves as executive producer.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)
"Newlywed Universal Studios Orlando Show" (Season Finale)

NEWLYWED COUPLES COMPETE IN SEASON FINALE AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO THEME PARK - THE FUTURE HOME FOR NEW 'FEAR FACTOR LIVE' ATTRACTION -- The season finale takes place entirely at Universal Orlando Studios theme park, which along with Universal Studios Hollywood, will soon unveil the new attraction "Fear Factor Live." The contestants -- all pairs of newlyweds - receive a "Fear Factor" wedding cake with alligator eyeballs inside. The happy couple will "juice" the eyeballs to fill champagne flutes for a toast before drinking them down. Next, the newlyweds will launch their car, complete with "just married" sign, off an exploding pier into a lagoon -- where they must then free themselves from the sinking vehicle. Joe Rogan hosts.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"Centennial" (Season Finale)

NEW OWNERS MAKE BIG CHANGES TO MONTECITO IN SEASON FINALE - JON BON JOVI, JOHN ELWAY, DEAN CAIN AND GLADYS KNIGHT GUEST STAR -- In the final episode of the series' second season, the new owner of the Montecito will be making some big changes to both the property -- and the personnel. James Caan, James Lesure, Molly Sims, Nikki Cox, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil and Marsha Thomason star.

MEDIUM - (10-11 p.m.)
"When Push Comes to Shove..." (Season Finale)

ARLISS HOWARD REPRISES HIS ROLE AS TEXAS RANGER CAPTAIN IN CLIFFHANGER SEASON FINALE -- Reprising his role from the pilot episode, Arliss Howard ("Amistad") guest-stars as Capt. Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers, who literally puts his life on the line to help Allison (Patricia Arquette) find a serial killer before he can claim his next victim. Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, David Cubitt, Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark also star.


THE CONTENDER - (8-10 p.m.)
Live Season Finale

TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE PACKS A WALLOP AS WINNER CLAIMS CROWN -- In a climactic and action-packed finale, the stakes are high as the final two contestants will go toe-to-toe in a seven-round live fight at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas - the mecca of boxing. Sixteen men started the tournament but only one will receive $1 million -- and the title of "Contender" champion. Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone host. Stallone also serves as executive producer.

"Goliath" (Season Finale)

VIOLENT POLICE BEHAVIOR IS LINKED TO AN ANTI-MALARIA DRUG, ADMINISTERED BY THE U.S. ARMY -- When two police officers from separate precincts attack their wives and demonstrate suicidal behavior, Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) connect the incidents to both men's service in the same reserve unit in Afghanistan. Linking this behavior to a similar trail of attacks in 2002 by other officers, Benson and Stabler believe the common denominator is the drug Quinium, which the Army provides to fight malaria. When they discover that the Army is aware of its side affects, Novak (Diane Neal) goes after the government for administering the drug. Meanwhile, Stabler faces some tough personal issues at home with his wife. Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Ice-T and B.D. Wong also star.


"False-Hearted Judges" (Season Finale)

JUDGES TARGETED BY VENGEFUL FATHER IN SEASON FINALE - In the season finale, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) suspect an imprisoned white supremacist is behind the shootings of a judge's family, but their investigation widens when an appellate judge is later murdered -- and other recent jurist slayings out West are tied to an embittered man who seeks revenge for controversial judicial decisions. Working with a few faint clues, the detectives' search for a vagabond father with child custody issues -- and a good rifle aim - who might be using his teenaged son to help him carry out his crimes. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

  [april 2005]  

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