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Runaway Show Info and Actor Bios

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July 17, 2006


Mondays (9:00-10:00 p.m.) on The CW

In the small town of Bridgewater, Iowa, a new family has just moved in. There is nothing out of the ordinary about The Hollands: Dad, Mom, three kids, a minivan. They're a normal, middle-class American family. But beneath the surface, this family has a secret. First of all, their last name isn't Holland. Paul Rader (Donnie Wahlberg, �Band of Brothers,� �Boomtown�), his wife Lily (Leslie Hope, �24,� �Commander in Chief�), teenagers Henry (Dustin Milligan, �Butterfly Effect 2,� �Final Destination 3�) and Hannah (Sarah Ramos, �American Dreams�), and 8-year-old Tommy (Nathan Gamble, the upcoming film �Babel�) are on the run, struggling to blend into a new life, hiding from the legal system that unjustly accused Paul Rader of a terrible and violent crime.

Just weeks ago, Paul was a successful attorney, and Lily owned an art gallery near their beautiful home in Potomac, Maryland. That comfortable life was shattered the night Paul was wrongly accused of the murder of Erin Baxter, a beautiful young associate in his law firm. When Paul started searching for the truth, the real killer's next move was to threaten the lives of the three children. Paul and Lily had no choice but to take their children and run.

Now their careers and beautiful home seem a world away, and the Raders are learning how to deal with the challenges of life on the run. Skills they never dreamed they would need - stealing cars, monitoring police channels, and coming up with credible lies about why they have no evidence of a past - are becoming second nature for Paul and Lily. For the Rader kids, the emotional strain of leaving familiar friends, schools and routines behind is already taking a toll. Henry deeply misses his girlfriend, Kylie, and sometimes takes foolhardy risks to stay in touch with her, and Tommy is having trouble keeping his lies straight. Hannah seems to be the only one who prefers the possibility of creating a new life where she isn't the social outcast she was back home.

Despite all the tension and upheaval, there is one undeniable improvement the Raders are starting to notice: they are slowly growing closer. In their former lives, there was a distance and sometimes even a resentment for one another. Paul was absent much of the time, giving so much of himself to his job that Lily and the kids barely saw him. As a result, Henry's and Hannah's days were ruled solely by their social lives (or lack thereof) and Tommy never took his eyes off of his video games. Now they are forced to depend on each other and trust one another. In the pretend world they've entered, the Raders are becoming more real with each other than they ever were in the �real� world they left behind.

The family is unaware that their case has been assigned to Angela Huntley (Karen LeBlanc, �Kevin Hill�) one of the best agents in the U.S. Marshals Service. Relentless, intimidating, and as smart as they come, Agent Huntley has focused her considerable skills on finding Paul Rader and his family.

For the moment, though, the family is safely hidden away in a quiet corner of Iowa, where Paul finds unexpected help from the local realtor, Gina Bennett (Susan Floyd, �Law & Order�), an attractive single mom with a law school education.

As Paul works to protect his loved ones and uncover the evidence that will clear him, he lives with the daily fear that his wife or one of his kids will accidentally reveal the family's dark secret. Even worse, Paul and Lily both fear that the real killer will finally find them and carry out the threat of violence against the children.

�Runaway� is from Sony Pictures Television, Darren Star Productions and Golly Inc. with executive producers Darren Star (�Sex and the City,� �Melrose Place,� �Beverly Hills, 90210�) and Ed Zuckerman (�Law & Order�), creator/co-executive producer Chad Hodge and co-executive producer Susie Fitzgerald.


Day and time: Mondays, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET

Network debut: September 25, 2006

Format: A suspenseful one-hour drama about a family on the run from the law while the father tries to prove he is not a murderer and protect his wife and three children from the real killer.

Cast: Donnie Wahlberg as Paul Rader

Leslie Hope as Lily Rader

Dustin Milligan as Henry Rader

Sarah Ramos as Hannah Rader

Nathan Gamble as Tommy Rader

Susan Floyd as Gina Bennett

Karen LeBlanc as Agent Huntley

Executive Producers: Darren Star and Ed Zuckerman

Created by: Chad Hodge

Co-Executive Producers Chad Hodge and Susie Fitzgerald

Origination: Toronto, Ontario

Produced by: Sony Pictures Television, Darren Star Productions and Golly Inc.


Paul Rader in �Runaway�

Donnie Wahlberg returns to television in The CW's new drama �Runaway.� Wahlberg plays Paul Rader, a man forced to take his family on the run after being wrongly accused of a murder and targeted by a killer.

With an impressive background that spans the worlds of music, film and television, Wahlberg has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. He has proven his versatility by transforming himself from a teen pop sensation to a noteworthy dramatic film actor and critically acclaimed television star.

Wahlberg most recently starred in the drama series �Boomtown.� He received praise from critics and audiences alike for his portrayal of Joel Stevens, an intense Los Angeles detective struggling to keep his troubled home life a secret while remaining dedicated to facing the challenges of his daily work life. Graham Yost, executive producer and writer of �Boomtown,� had worked with Donnie on �Band of Brothers,� in which Wahlberg starred as 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton. Yost was so impressed by Wahlberg's performance that he wrote the role of Joel Stevens specifically for him.

In 2003, Wahlberg starred with Morgan Freeman in Dreamworks' �Dreamcatcher,� directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Prior to �Band of Brothers,� Wahlberg received a great deal of attention for his dynamic role in �The Sixth Sense,� as the psychotic patient of Bruce Willis' character in the opening sequence. This role was originally intended for a 13-year-old boy until Wahlberg met with writer/director M. Night Shmayalan to inquire about obtaining the rights for a theater production and ended up getting this pivotal role.

He also starred as the kidnapper who was in over his head in �Ransom,� with Mel Gibson and directed by Ron Howard. Prior to that, Wahlberg received attention for his role in an independent film �Southie,� directed by John Shea.

Born in Boston, the eighth of nine children, Wahlberg began performing in plays as early as the first grade. In high school, he attended a fledgling arts program and became involved in theatre, acting, writing and directing plays. At age 14, Wahlberg started a band, and in a few years they went from playing at high school parties to becoming the pop music sensation, New Kids on the Block. At the height of New Kids' popularity, Wahlberg made a decision to go in another direction, focusing on writing and producing for his younger brother, Mark. He then appeared in �Bullet,� with Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur, a project that lit a spark in him, motivating him to continue to work on his craft.

Wahlberg currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.


Lily Rader in �Runaway�

Best known to television audiences as Jack Bauer's (Kiefer Sutherland) ill-fated wife on �24,� Leslie Hope stars in The CW's new drama �Runaway.� Hope plays Lily Rader, the wife of a man (Donnie Wahlberg) accused of a murder he didn't commit. When the real killer threatens the life of their family, the Raders decide to take their children and run, starting a new life with new identities.�

During her acclaimed stint as beleaguered and ultimately doomed Teri Bauer on �24,� her character was kidnapped and raped, killed her abductor, faced a dangerous medical crisis, found out she was pregnant, confronted her husband's mistress and suffered amnesia. Her death in the final episode prompted a fan outcry and media debate on her character's fate. Hope also recently recurred on �Commander in Chief� as the Attorney General and as a professor on �Everwood.��

Hope, a native of Nova Scotia, got into the acting profession on a lark. Because her father was in the military, the family moved frequently. At 13, she was attending school in Victoria, British Columbia, hoping she would later make it to Harvard Law School. When she was 15, the family moved to Italy, and Hope stayed at boarding school to finish her pre-university training. But she decided to rebel, announcing her intention to become an actor, not a lawyer. Shortly after, her school was used as a film location, and she was hired to play a part. She met a crew member who knew the famed director John Cassavetes and after an introduction, Cassavetes wrote a starring role for her in his film �Love Streams.�

After finishing the film, she stayed in Los Angeles and worked in various capacities on Cassavetes' crew, hoping to learn all about filmmaking. She next starred opposite Matt Dillon in "Kansas,� in David Beard's �It Takes Two� and in Oliver Stone's �Talk Radio.� She also starred with Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen in �Men at Work.�

Hope's extensive film credits include �Dragonfly,� �Bruiser,� �Sweet Killing,� �Water Damage,� �Spreading Ground,� �Paris, France,� �Fun,� �True Confections� and �The Life Before This.�

In 1990, she and Charlie Stratton started their own theatre company, The Wilton Project, which they ran for 10 years. The Wilton Project was dedicated to the development of new plays and a re-examination of the classics. While running the company, she produced, directed and acted in several productions, including the award-winning �Therese Raquin,� �Slide� and �Ghost Stories.� Additional theater credits include �Emerald City,� �Taking Off� and �The Rattle of the Moon.�

Her TV credits include the telefilms �The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie,� which reunited Hope with her �Love Streams� co-star Gena Rowlands, �An Unexpected Love,� �Stolen Miracle,� �Robocop,� �Sanctuary,� �H2O� and �First Degree.� She starred as Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in the ABC/Rod Lurie crime drama �Line of Fire� and has had recurring roles on �The District� and �Chicago Hope.� She appeared on �Judging Amy,� �Party of Five� and �The Outer Limits.� She has also starred in several CBC miniseries.

In her spare time, Hope travels to exotic locales such as Peru, Cuba and Turkey. She recently returned from trips to Iceland, China, where she ate yak, and the Ecuadorian jungle, where she lived with a native tribe in the rainforest. On one of these trips, Hope visited Cambodia where she was drawn to the plights of the homeless children. She recently returned to shoot a documentary, �What I See When I Close My Eyes,� for the organization Friends International, which works with these street children and assists them in their reintegration into mainstream society.


Henry Rader in �Runaway�

Newcomer Dustin Milligan stars as brooding teenager Henry Rader in The CW's new drama �Runaway.�

Born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Milligan realized he wanted to become an actor after starring in his high school productions of �Grease� and �Saturday Night Fever.� After graduation, Milligan set off for Vancouver to pursue his career and quickly landed an agent.

Milligan has four feature films due to hit theaters in the next year. He co-stars in �The Land of Women,� with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody, and plays Pierce Brosnan's son in �The Butterfly Wheel.� Additionally, he co-stars in �The Messengers,� with Dylan McDermott and Penelope Ann Miller, and in �The Butterfly Effect 2,� with Erica Durance of �Smallville.� Other film credits include �Man About Town,� with Ben Affleck, and �Final Destination 3.�

Television credits include guest appearances on �The Dead Zone,� �Andromeda,� �Dead Like Me� and �The Days.� He also starred opposite Kelly Rowan in the television movie �Eight Days to Live.�

Milligan currently resides in Vancouver.


Hannah Rader in �Runaway�

Familiar to television audiences from her role on �American Dreams,� Sarah Ramos stars as Hannah Rader, a shy former outcast who sees possibilities in her new life on the run on The CW's new drama �Runaway.�

Born in Los Angeles, Ramos began developing her acting abilities at the tender age of 9, entering into formal training at Center Stage L.A. She soon began pleading with her parents to get her an agent. Her perseverance was rewarded and Ramos not only landed an agent, but also a prime role on the drama �American Dreams.�

Other television appearances include a guest stint on �Scrubs,� as an epileptic teenager who refused to take her medicine, and a teenage runaway on the drama �Close to Home.�

Ramos has appeared in a variety of television commercials as well as numerous student films, including �Gel,� �Advertising is Hell� and �Rule of Thumb.�

Ramos also volunteers for JFS/The Family Violence Project and is actively involved in their new program, Teen Violence Prevention Program, which is designed to address risk factors affecting teens in the hopes that early intervention and education might prevent adult relationships marked by domestic violence.

In her spare time, Ramos enjoys going to the beach and writing. Ramos currently resides in Los Angeles with her family.


Tommy Rader in �Runaway�

Newcomer Nathan Gamble makes his television debut in The CW's new family thriller �Runaway.� Gamble plays Tommy, the youngest of the Rader brood. Tommy is a bright young boy who constantly struggles to keep the family's lies straight in his head.

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Gamble made his first appearance on stage while still in his mother's womb. Christie Gamble was cast in the production �Scrooge� while eight months pregnant with Nathan. Gamble has been exposed to theater since birth as both parents are theater directors and run a drama camp for kids, which he joined at age 5. Soon after, the Gambles heard about a nationwide search for a child to play the son of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett's characters in the upcoming film �Babel.� Nathan went out for the casting call and won the role, beating out 20,000 other children. Gamble makes his first big-screen debut opposite these two huge stars, playing their son, Mike. The film is scheduled to hit theaters this October.

Gamble enjoys playing baseball, soccer and basketball. When not working, he resides in Tacoma, Washington with his family.


Executive Producer of �Runaway�

Darren Star serves as executive producer of The CW's new drama �Runaway.�

Star is the creator and executive producer of three of the last decade's most popular television shows: the Emmy Award- and the three-time Golden Globe Award-winning HBO series �Sex and The City,� as well as �Beverly Hills, 90210� and �Melrose Place.� Each series broke new ground by showcasing teens and twenty-and-thirty-somethings in shows centering around them, dealing with issues that television had previously not depicted, either realistically or openly. In each series, Star's multi-dimensional characters, interesting settings and layered plot lines hooked viewers of all ages and became significant elements of contemporary pop culture.

Star attended the University of California in Los Angeles, where he majored in creative writing. At the age of 24, he sold his first screenplay, �Doin' Time on Planet Earth.� At the time, he was living in an apartment complex that later served as the model for �Melrose Place.� While writing other screenplays, including �If Looks Could Kill,� Star was asked by FOX to create a series set in the world of high school students in Beverly Hills. The result, �Beverly Hills, 90210,� which Star also executive produced, became one of the longest-running primetime series in television history. Following the success of �90210,� Star created and executive produced �Melrose Place,� another long-running primetime triumph. He also served as creator and executive producer of �Miss Match,� starring Alicia Silverstone, and �Grosse Pointe.� Star's other executive producer credits include �Kitchen Confidential,� �The $treet� and �Central Park West.�

Star brought �Sex and The City� to HBO with the vision of creating a new kind of comedy for television. Adult in tone and cinematic in style, Star set out to push the boundaries of what comedy could be on the small screen. From casting the four women of �Sex and The City,� to writing and directing many of the show's most memorable episodes, Star has once again made his mark in the evolution of television. With �Sex and The City,� Star had seen his vision spawn a show realistically portraying the truths and consequences of relationships, at the same time creating a comedy with a real and deep connection to the audience. �Sex and The City� remains one of the most influential and popular comedy series of all time.


Executive Producer of �Runaway�

Ed Zuckerman, executive producer of �Runaway,� began writing for television following a successful career as an author and journalist.

Zuckerman attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he received a B.A. in English. After graduation, he wrote freelance articles for Esquire, Spy, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Harpers, The New York Times Magazine and numerous other publications. His subjects included the physics of time travel, an interview with a self-proclaimed zombie in Haiti, killer bees, and the secret history of the Hardy Boys.

Zuckerman also wrote two nonfiction books: The Day After World War III, an investigation of the U.S. government's plans for fighting, winning, and rebuilding the country after a nuclear war, and Small Fortunes: Two Guys in Pursuit of the American Dream, a fly-on-the-wall account of the exploits of two Texas entrepreneurs.

Zuckerman wrote his first television script for �Miami Vice.� He spent five years on �Law & Order,� for which he co-wrote the series premiere and wrote or co-wrote 29 other episodes. � His other credits include �JAG,� �The Agency,� �Reasonable Doubts� and �Century City,� which he created and executive-produced.

For HBO, he wrote �Path to Paradise,� a well-reviewed docudrama of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Zuckerman has twice won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America and has been nominated three times for the Writers Guild Award. � As a writer-producer of �Law & Order,� he received a Peabody Award as well as an Emmy when the show was named Outstanding Drama Series in 1997.

Zuckerman is a native of Chicago and lives in Manhattan Beach, California, with his wife, a high school English teacher, and two daughters.


Creator/Co-Executive Producer of �Runaway�

In 2005, under a deal with Sony Pictures Television and Darren Star (�Sex and the City�), Chad Hodge created �Runaway,� a drama series about a family on the run after the patriarch is framed for a murder he didn't commit. The series stars Donnie Wahlberg (�Boomtown,� �Saw II�) and Leslie Hope (�24�).

Originally from Chicago, Chad Hodge graduated from Northwestern University in 1999 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing for feature films. He was surprised that his first screenplay, a coming-of-age drama entitled �Independence Pass,� got him his first job�in television. He was asked by NBC to create a half-hour series for their Saturday morning teen block. Not even a month later, the cameras were rolling on �All About Us,� a single-camera series about four girls in high school, and at the age of 23, Hodge's television career was off to a running start.

After �All About Us,� Hodge jumped ship to network primetime drama. He wrote for �Veritas: The Quest,� for producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (�Chicago�) and on �Tru Calling,� for creator Jon Harmon Feldman (�American Dreams,� �Dawson's Creek�). While working on the series, Hodge wrote several other projects, including the hit movies �This Time Around� and �I Want to Marry Ryan Banks,� for the ABC Family Channel. The former was such a success that Hodge was asked to create a spin-off television series that picked up where the movie left off. His success in this arena led Zadan and Meron to hire him for several television movie projects, including a made-for-television remake of �The Blue Lagoon� and �Disco Years,� an epic four-hour miniseries for CBS chronicling the decadent decade in New York City.

In 2004, Hodge created drama series for FOX and The WB through a deal with 20th Century Fox Television.

While producing �Runaway,� Hodge will also be producing his first feature film, �Honeymoon,� an erotic thriller to be shot in January 2007 in Puerto Rico. McG and Wonderland Sound and Vision (�Charlie's Angels,� �The O.C.,� �Supernatural�) also serve as producers.

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