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Planet Green Defines Eco-Entertainment with First-Ever 24/7 "Green" Television Network
Viewers will get a sneak peek at Planet Green's offerings later this month through a series of video-on-demand (VOD) premieres and the official launch of PlanetGreen.com.

[via press release from Planet Green]


LOS ANGELES, Ca., April 08, 2008 � Discovery Communications started a new conversation today about what it means to be green as it unveiled a robust slate of programming for Planet Green, the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network. At 6 p.m. EDT on June 4, 2008, when Discovery Home Channel is re-branded Planet Green, the network will reach 50 million homes with more than 250 hours of original green lifestyle programming. An authoritative and diverse group of celebrities and personalities including Adrian Grenier, Tom Bergeron, Emeril Lagasse, Maria Menounos, Tom Brokaw and Tom Green share their passion for the planet through a host of entertaining series and specials. Viewers will get a sneak peek at Planet Green's offerings later this month through a series of video-on-demand (VOD) premieres and the official launch of PlanetGreen.com.

"Planet Green represents a full spectrum of life experiences, personalities and points of view," said Eileen O'Neill, President and General Manager, Planet Green. "Working with a broad range of partners, our goal is to find innovative ways to engage people of all ages and backgrounds through content that's entertaining, relevant and accessible. Planet Green is about motivating people to take an active role in a new conversation about the future of our planet."

Planet Green's original programming combines unique formats and the most up-to-date information on green living with pop culture icons and engaging personalities to activate the armchair environmentalist in all of us. Whether it's SuChin Pak reporting on the latest eco-innovations, events or hot green trends, or comedian and social issues humorist Annabelle Gurwitch showing everyday households how to come clean for the sake of their bank accounts and the health of the planet, or rapper/actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and mega rocker Tommy Lee battling to see who can out-green the other as their entourages hit the tour route, Planet Green proves that sustainable living is entertaining living.

Beginning April 17, viewers will get a special sneak peek at what's to come on Planet Green with VOD premiere episodes of series such as WA$TED, MEAN GREEN MACHINES, RENOVATION NATION and GREENOVATE.

Planet Green's experts and personalities also live on the solutions-oriented PlanetGreen.com and sister site TreeHugger.com. Unveiling a wealth of new resources and features on April 17, PlanetGreen.com is the destination to find an eco-minded community including fan sites, take-action posts and great how-to-go-green information. For the latest in green news, opinions, interviews and modern green resources, online users can click over to TreeHugger.com, the leading eco-lifestyle outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream with more than 1.7 million unique visitors a month.

Simulcast in HD, Planet Green offers the following original series beginning June 4, 2008 (alphabetical):


Hosted by: Emeril Lagasse

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse joins Planet Green to share his philosophy of fresh, top- quality food with viewers this summer in EMERIL GREEN. With an increased focus on organic and locally grown foods, many Americans are often confused�sometimes even intimidated--about how to cook healthy meals for their families. In EMERIL GREEN, Lagasse shares how the best meals start with high-quality produce, seafood and meats, and helps families get inspired by using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Shot on location at Whole Foods Market�, Lagasse works with everyday cooks who have real culinary challenges. He enlists the help of the knowledgeable team at Whole Foods Market� and other experts to hand pick the best ingredients for every recipe, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Faced with questions about quality, cost, taste and even some daunting food dares, Lagasse helps viewers conquer their culinary fears with an open mind and a healthy curiosity. Sudden eco-meal dilemmas and burning questions about the latest in green food aren't a problem with in-depth information and resources from the EMERIL GREEN team on PlanetGreen.com.


Hosted by: SuChin Pak and Daniel Sieberg

"Green." Does a day go by anymore without hearing the "G" word? How does all of this green information translate into actions and resources for everyday life? In Planet Green's new daily series, hosted by MTV news correspondent SuChin Pak and CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg, viewers hear from eco-minded experts who head to the frontlines of the new environmental movement to bring viewers ideas and solutions that everyone can use. G WORD covers a broad range of subjects ranging from home, design, gadgets, food, shopping, the latest science and tech innovations to fashion and much more. SuChin, Daniel and the G WORD crew guide viewers through the ins and outs of green as they explore what we need to know about preserving the environment and enjoying life at the same time.


Adrian Grenier, star of HBO's hit series Entourage, is a real-life "greenie" who wants to show audiences how they too can live the "green life." Using as base camp an LA home currently undergoing its own green makeover, this 13-part series follows his "Green Team" of experts as they help both celebrities and ordinary people learn the small steps they can take to transition their lives to green bliss. Adrian is joined by green guru Boise Thomas, sustainable style expert Angela Lindvall and eco-renovation expert Darren Moore. From overhauling an LA hot spot with salvaged materials and a bar-friendly recycling program to slope testing the latest in sustainable snowboard gear, Adrian and his team show viewers the way to a hip green lifestyle.


From the producers of TLC's popular series Flip That House comes a new half-hour series that gives an eco-friendly nod to the homeowners who are taking strides to make the world a better place. Viewers watch as home improvements ranging from the simple change of a light bulb to the drastic installation of a "living roof" reduce energy bills and carbon footprints while increasing the value of their homes.


In May 2007, Greensburg, KS was leveled by an EF5 tornado, one of the strongest in American history. Within days of the disaster, the people of Greensburg decided not only to rebuild their town, but to rebuild it green. Now, in a dramatic 13-part documentary series, Planet Green follows the rebirth of a rural town in Middle America into a model for the future. With more than 1,500 people displaced by the tornado and waiting to return to their homes, GREENSBURG documents the story of a community coming together and facing the enormous task of greening a small city. From climate impact to architecture, building and design to the personal stories of those affected by the disaster, GREENSBURG is an inspiring look into the human spirit. GREENSBURG is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's production company, Appian Way, with Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films & Television.


Celebrities are trendsetters�they set the tone for what's hot and what's not�and many of them are leading the way in the green movement. In partnership with the syndicated television series Access Hollywood, Planet Green presents HOLLYWOOD GREEN WITH MARIA MENOUNOS, a weekly one-hour entertainment magazine series that follows up-to-the-minute Hollywood news on the hottest stars making green headlines in movies, television, music and fashion. Whether it's a star-studded "Heal the Bay" charity event or an exclusive trip to the "green" room at the Emmys�, host Maria Menounos gives viewers VIP access to celebrities living the sustainable life. HOLLYWOOD GREEN uncovers the range of things celebrities do to help the environment, from trips to farmers' market to the hippest trends in eco-friendly fashions. Always fun and informative, HOLLYWOOD GREEN is the destination for the latest green news, green happenings and green gossip.


They may be better for the environment but are green machines as fast and furious as their not-so-earth-friendly counterparts? MEAN GREEN MACHINES sets out to discover the answer in a series of competitions that pit traditionally fuelled supervehicles against their new, green equivalents. Viewers watch the truth unfold as a champion is crowned in each adrenaline-packed fight to the finish line. Care to pick a winner when the Electric Snowmobile goes up against the Yamaha Apex MTX or the Killacycle vs. the American V-Twin?


Hosted by: Steve Thomas

The new green home-building movement unfolds in real time as Emmy� Award-winning host Steve Thomas takes viewers into the exciting world of green renovations. In this daily series, Steve brings his 20 years of expertise and experience to bear as he visits renovation sites across the country and meets the eco-sensitive homeowners who are making the choice to go green. Steve rolls up his sleeves and works alongside our homeowners and builders as he explores the coolest design trends and finds the latest in eco-friendly materials while demonstrating the most innovative technology in green home building. Viewers can get additional information on subjects covered in RENOVATION NATION and tips from Steve on PlanetGreen.com. Whether your house is new or old, your project big or small, Steve shows just how easy it is to go green.


Hosted by: Tom Bergeron

Tom Bergeron of Dancing with the Stars invites viewers to be a fly on the wall at a Hollywood dinner party in the new series, SUPPER CLUB WITH TOM BERGERON. Each week, Tom hosts an evening alongside a renowned chef who cooks up a green meal, while four special guests including celebrities, activists, pundits and business leaders (not to mention contrarians), break bread and discuss the latest news and events in the green movement. From people and issues in the news, to green trends and tips, to movies and books, anything is fair game as Bergeron and guests cover the full spectrum of green topics.


Hosted by: Annabelle Gurwitch

Annabelle Gurwitch, former host of cult favorite Dinner and a Movie on TBS, proves that American homeowners don't have to be extreme to be green. WA$TED! takes the average household full of eco-horrors and turns it into a clean, green haven, saving participants serious cash in the process. Every week, the WA$TED! team, led by Annabelle along with "green" handyman Holter Graham, audits a household's waste and its energy, water and transportation consumption. Each household has three weeks to reduce its consumption, going on a "green regime" to clean up its act. All improvements in energy efficiency and waste reduction are awarded to the households dollar for dollar for the recognized savings in the three weeks. Planet Green then multiplies those savings by the projected household savings for the year as a nice cash bonus for all participants. WA$TED! fans can extend their quality time with Annabelle and Holter on PlanetGreen.com where they will find additional tips, resources and insights from the dynamic green duo.


Hosted by: Emmanuel Belliveau

From high-tech superhomes fit for a Hollywood star to experimental eco-dwellings that wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi film, this series profiles high-concept, one-of-a-kind homes to die for�and every single one of them has top-notch green credentials and an array of mind-blowing eco-innovations. In a dynamic room-by-room tour, host Emmanuel Belliveau explores the interior style and d�cor as well as the architectural boldness of each building, and also uncovers the incredible green secrets behind each home.


Featuring: Jodi Murphy

WRECKLAMATION is recycling on steroids. Each year, hundreds of thousands of homes are demolished to make way for new construction. These homes have traditionally been bulldozed and trucked to landfills where construction debris accounts for more than 40 percent of all solid waste. Enter Jodi Murphy, demolition auctioneer. In each episode, Jodi auctions off everything inside a home, from doors to cabinets, bricks to bathtubs�often resulting in heated and hilarious bidding wars among customers. The demolition begins with buyers literally ripping their new treasures off the walls. Once the home is destroyed, WRECKLAMATION follows the materials as they are reborn in new structures while Jodi moves on to her next home auction adventure.

Premiering Third Quarter 2008


The hard-charging, hard-partying, carbon-laden world of tour bus-living musicians doesn't exactly scream green! Now, Planet Green challenges two icons to join the newest trend in music: "going green." BATTLEGROUND EARTH challenges hip-hop superstar Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and rock god Tommy Lee to battle against the toxic forces destroying Mother Earth as they travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.

Viewers witness the two stars pushed to the limit as they attempt to keep their high-wattage acts on an eco-friendly course. Enlisting the help of their posses, celebrity guests, and anyone else willing to lend a hand, Ludacris and Tommy Lee dive right into the BATTLEGROUND EARTH competition with unexpected and sometime hilarious results. The contest doesn't let up as each of these stars is judged and scored on the green meter. This Rap n' Roll battle culminates in a green carpet benefit concert at LA's legendary Greek Theater. The concert featuring Ludacris, Tommy Lee and many of their famous musician friends will support the renewal of Griffith Park, which was devastated by recent wildfires.


Following the tremendous response to Discovery Channel's Global Warming: What You Need to Know with Tom Brokaw, the award-winning journalist joins Planet Green for a series of specials featuring in-depth examinations of the crucial issues facing the environment.

Premiering Fourth Quarter 2008


Hosted by: Bill Nye

All the stuff in our lives�from the food we eat to the clothes we wear�comes from somewhere. It's created, bought, eaten, moved, loved and used�but where did it come from in the first place and what happens after we are through with our stuff? STUFF HAPPENS host Emmy� Award-winning Bill Nye (scientist, engineer, comedian, author and inventor) unlocks the secret lives of everyday things before and after we consume them, and reveals the unintended consequences of all the stuff we take for granted. As each item's life cycle is investigated and uncovered, Bill shows how simple, easy changes can reduce the environmental cost of things we love.


Hosted by: Tom Green

We may all call Earth home, but just how much do we know about the world in which we live? Planet Green reveals the answer in the first game show with a green mission. Hosted by actor and comedian Tom Green, who brings his irreverent sense of humor and unique approach to the game show world, this new series brings viewers a fast, furious, fun and unpredictable half-hour.

About Planet Green

Planet Green is Discovery Communications' global, cross-company initiative with a commitment to document, preserve and celebrate the planet, including the first-ever 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network, coming to 50 million homes on June 4, 2008. Planet Green is the multiplatform media destination with a mission. It's the center for the new green conversation, speaking to people who want to understand green living and to those who truly want to make a difference in meeting the critical challenge of protecting our environment. Planet Green's unique content, tools and information will enlighten, empower and most important entertain.

Planet Green's platforms include leading eco-lifestyle website TreeHugger.com and the recently launched solutions-oriented PlanetGreen.com. Discovery will also launch Discovery Education Green, a K-12 service that hosts dynamic media content correlated to state standards. Discovery Education Green will help teachers integrate green lessons into their curriculum and empower students to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

About Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications is the world's number-one nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries. Discovery empowers people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity through 100-plus worldwide networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and HD Theater, as well as leading consumer and educational products and services, and a diversified portfolio of digital media services including HowStuffWorks. Discovery Communications is owned by Discovery Holding Company (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB), Advance/Newhouse Communications and John S. Hendricks, Discovery's founder and chairman. For more information, please visit www.discoverycommunications.com.

  [april 2008]  


[10/23/14 - 06:20 PM]
ABC Gives Additional Episodes to Eight Series
Among the pickups: Wednesday comedies "The Middle," "The Goldbergs," "Modern Family" and "Black-ish," all of which will now produce 24 episodes this season.

[10/23/14 - 02:43 PM]
Video: "The Americans" - Flying Colors
FX releases its first tease of the new season, premiering in January.

[10/23/14 - 01:40 PM]
World Series Game 2 Powers FOX to Second-Straight Prime Time Victory
FOX Sports spins the numbers for Wednesday, October 22.

[10/23/14 - 12:53 PM]
CBS News Announces 2014 Election Coverage
Look for a special one-hour broadcast at 10:00 PM, ET/PT on Tuesday, November 4.

[10/23/14 - 12:33 PM]
A New Cast of Characters Is Ready to Join the Party When "Party Down South 2" Premieres Thursday, November 20 at 9 P.M., ET/PT
Marking the beginning of a franchise for the hit series, the one-hour, 12-episode season follows this rowdy group of eight as they arrive in Biloxi, Miss. ready to shotgun the summer.

[10/23/14 - 12:20 PM]
Discovery Channel Serves Up Global Multiplatform Experience & Content as Fans Count Down to "Skyscraper Live with Nik Wallenda"
Discovery has launched SkyscraperLive.com, a global digital destination available in 60 countries and 14 languages, taking viewers to the edge of all of the heart-pounding excitement.

[10/23/14 - 12:11 PM]
Football Helps ESPN Win the Night 11 Times among all Viewers
ESPN spins the numbers for the season to date.

[10/23/14 - 11:00 AM]
Additional Talent Confirmed for "The Concert for Valor," To Be Presented Live on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Nov. 11
New additions to the live music lineup include The Black Keys and Jessie J.

[10/23/14 - 11:00 AM]
Courtney Love Joins "Empire" on FOX - Singer-Songwriter/Musician/Actress to Appear as Recurring Guest Star
She'll play a hard rock powerhouse, who is part of Empire Entertainment's stable of artists.

[10/23/14 - 10:42 AM]
WE tv's Scripted Supernatural Thriller, "South of Hell," Begins Production in Charleston, SC - Mena Suvari Cast in Lead Role
Zachary Booth, Bill Irwin, Drew Moerlein, Lamman Rucker and Paulina Singer will also star in the eight-episode series, which will premiere in 2015.

[10/23/14 - 10:41 AM]
"The Tonight Show" Defeats ABC, CBS Late-Night Competition in 18-49, Total Viewers for Week of Oct. 13-17
NBC spins the numbers for the week of October 13-17.

[10/23/14 - 10:24 AM]
LMN Presents New Original Documentary "Footsteps in the Snow" Premiering Wednesday, November 12 at 8PM ET
Weaving together the gripping tale dating back to 1957, the two-hour special recounts the chilling story of the coldest case in American history ever to be solved - the murder of Maria Ridulph.

[10/23/14 - 10:22 AM]
Get Real Stories About Life Beyond the Spotlight from Former Reality Show Phenoms When "True Hollywood Story: Life After Reality" Premieres This Thursday, October 23rd @ 8:00PM ET/PT on E!
Tila Tequila, Jay McCarroll, Megan Hauserman, Terry Fator and Tracy DiMarco Epstein are among those featured in the one-hour special.

[10/23/14 - 10:17 AM]
"House of Lies" Welcomes Mary McCormack and Alicia Witt
McCormack will play Denna Altshuler, a tough, highly successful white knight investor who Marty (Don Cheadle) recruits to help save Kaan & Associates.

[10/23/14 - 09:48 AM]
Video: Pop Group Sensation Fifth Harmony Performs a Remix of New Kids on the Block "The Right Stuff" on an All-New "Faking It" Airing Tuesday, October 28 at 10:30 P.M. ET/PT on MTV
In the episode, Shane, Amy and Lauren attend an underground dance party where an all-girl band takes center stage.