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MTV's "The Real World" Heads to Portland as the Series Returns with the Most Explosive Season Ever on Wednesday, March 27 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT
Living in the trendy Pearl District, eight strangers, and house mutt Daisy, quickly immerse themselves in Portland culture.

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New York, NY - February 20, 2013 - MTV is set to conquer Portland, Oregon, as "The Real World" returns Wednesday, March 27 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. After 28 seasons, The Real World still packs a punch as the twists and turns keep on coming in the most unpredictable season yet. Living in the trendy Pearl District, eight strangers, and house mutt Daisy, quickly immerse themselves in Portland culture, but more importantly, immerse themselves in each other's lives. Whether it's the insatiable beauty who falls fast for the Boston boy next door or the jumping-up-and-down-on-the-couch argument between an overconfident hothead and a naïve Southern Belle, these roommates can't seem to get out of each other's heads or beds. And when one roommate leaves early, the already volatile nature of the house gets cranked up to a feverpitch as the new roommate - quite possibly the most outrageous in Real World history - makes it her mission to bring down one of the guys by any means necessary - including psychological, sexual warfare. But this season, relationships evolve and turn on a dime, so you'll have to tune in to keep track of the endless surprises as these roommates go from friends to enemies again and again.

In a city known for expressing individuality, "The Real World: Portland" house lives up to its surroundings as all the roommates bring their own unique perspectives and vibrant personalities. From a preacher's son with a secret, to a master manipulator writing a book on how to score and keep professional athletes, to an awe-inspiring jock that doesn't let his handicap define him, these roommates really come to learn how different they all are when trouble arises. And this season, trouble arises often.

Can't get enough of "The Real World: Portland?" Coming soon, MTV.com will reveal exclusive Spycam videos from inside the house and "Meet the Cast" videos. Beginning, March 27th, fans will have access to full episodes and sneak peeks. Sound off on Twitter and Facbeook with the official 'Real World' hashtag #realworld and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/realworld.

Meet the cast:

Anastasia- 22, Detroit, MI In Portland, nothing is truly complete until you put a bird on it, so it's only appropriate that Anastasia's nickname is "Bird". Not only is she 5'11" like a certain big, yellow character on "Sesame Street," but she's also always going on adventures - getting an idea and flitting up, up and away with it. With "legs for days", Anastasia has done some promotional modeling, but she wasn't always that girl. Awkward and dorky in high school, she didn't blossom until she was 19 years old. "Bird" still maintains some of that nerdy side - she can't get enough "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter." She is majoring in journalism and wants a job where her voice will be heard. Anastasia had a rough childhood, living with her mom while her alcoholic father was in and out of jail. Her friend also recently passed away in an accident with a drunk driver. As a result of these traumas, Anastasia has a lot of alcohol-related baggage, which may prove difficult in Portland when all the other roommates are drinking and partying. While she comes off light and goofy, Anastasia also has an explosive nature that seems to come out of nowhere. With a combination of being easily offended and very outspoken, Anastasia does not hold back when she feels like someone is treating her poorly. Still though, she craves human connection and proves herself to be a very good friend to all in "The Real World" house. With a boyfriend back home that she loves, Anastasia will have to navigate a house full of single people, but will her unlucky-in-love past follow her to Portland and cause this Bird to fly the coop?

Averey-21, Tempe, AZ Averey, an exotic mix of Mexican, Native American and European heritage, is a Hooters girl and proud of it. Averey doesn't like it when people make a big fuss about her looks. She prefers to be appreciated for her other qualities and in fact, rarely wears makeup or jewelry. But don't let Averey's sunny and laid back demeanor fool you into thinking she's lived a charmed life. With a father who has never been around and a very strained relationship with her mother, Averey brings her dog Daisy, her only piece of home, to Portland with her. She is also extremely independent and has always worked for her own money. Averey's mentally unstable mother dragged her family through her own abusive relationships, and at the age of 15, Averey moved out and lived with her friend's family. As soon as she could, she left her small town in Michigan, abandoned her college career, and moved to Arizona where she threw herself into an intense relationship that quickly turned ugly. Unlike her mother, Averey was strong enough to get out, but the whole ordeal left her reluctant to trust her heart to another guy. And yet, Averey will be the first to admit that she's extremely sexual and will try anything once. When it comes to sex, she's insatiable which both excites and scares her housemate Johnny. Sparks fly between the two, but will he ever be able to keep up with her wild ways and keep her satisfied? And speaking of satisfaction, will Averey be able to open up to Johnny and trust again after being hurt by guys so many times before?

Jessica-21, Fayetteville, NC Jessica hasn't seen much of the world beyond her small town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Leaving home where she lived with her mom and stepdad, Jessica is going to Portland to find out who she is outside of the sheltered life she's been living. Her southern twang, pageant-girl smile, and the fact that she'll put on full makeup to go to Wal-Mart, makes her appear like a typical Southern Belle. And yet, underneath all that makeup lies an inner tomboy who loves fishing, hunting, and motocross. She owns several dirt bikes and even knows her way around an engine or two. Jessica considers herself to be the "black sheep" of her conservative, half Hispanic, half Irish family due to her relatively outgoing nature. She became engaged at age 16 to a guy 10 years her senior, before the relationship turned sour and ended. In romance, she admittedly makes poor choices and even though every guy has failed miserably to meet her needs, Jessica is still searching for her "Prince Charming." With her wide-eyed innocence and sheltered background, Jessica can come off as an attention-seeking, annoying little sister to her roommates. But that doesn't mean she lets everyone walk all over her. She's feisty, a little bit ridiculous, and ultimately brings a sense of wacky levity into the house and into her roommates' lives.

Johnny- 21, West Bridgewater, MA The middle child of a boisterous, blue-collar Irish family, Johnny grew up in a small town outside of Boston "with more cows than people." With his thick Massachusetts accent and beaming smile, Johnny has always been the center of attention and the glue that holds his friends together. Johnny was a star hockey player, but after realizing he couldn't make a career out of it, he began studying to be a physical therapist or a trainer, with plans to work with professional athletes. Financial difficulties have forced him to take a semester off, so he's making ends meet as a short order cook at a local bar. Everyone loves Johnny and for good reason - he is charming, honest and rarely holds back. He loves to party but can get into some crazy trouble when intoxicated. Although he's had his share of one-night stands, Johnny has been known to fall hard for a girl from time to time. Nonetheless, he often puts a wall up around his emotions until his jealousy gets the best of him. His last serious relationship was two years ago. Is he ready to fall again? In Portland, the beautiful Averey catches his eye, but flings with roommates can get complicated - real fast. Will Johnny be able to satisfy Averey or is she out of his league?

Joi- 22, Seattle WA Standing at 5'9", Joi claims she has always intimidated men who are not used to seeing a tall Asian woman. Her height helped her in high school, where she excelled in basketball, volleyball, and softball. Her tattoos and nipple piercings reflect on the outside Joi's edgy interior. While attending the University of Washington, Joi rebelled against her conservative Korean mother and white military father by posing nude in "Playboy." Though both of her parents came around eventually, Joi still isn't entirely open with her mom about the details of her sex life, but has a newfound open and honest relationship with her father. She recently graduated with a degree in communications. Joi dates all types of men, but has a strong preference for black athletes. Will something spark between Joi and housemate Marlon, who seems to fit her favorite type? Can she reconcile her rebellious nature with her desire to please her parents?

Jordan-22, Mustang, OK Jordan excels at nearly everything he tries. In high school, he was a captain of the football, baseball, and wrestling teams, and he is now a semi-professional wake boarder. He tried out for the cheerleading team on a friend's dare and four national championships later, he's clearly proved to his friend that he can do anything he puts his mind to. All of this despite the fact Jordan was born with no fingers on his left hand. But he doesn't view this as a handicap and has never let it slow him down - in sports, or with the ladies. Jordan credits his achievements to tough love from his father, who accepted neither excuses nor failures. Jordan is an overachiever who doesn't just like things done his way, he needs them done his way. In fact, Jordan has never been wrong. Or at least that's what he would lead you to believe. He often finds himself fighting with others who don't live up to his high standards. The same is true in Portland, where he clashes repeatedly with nearly everyone in the house. He particularly has conflict with Jessica and Anastasia, who refuse to put up with his criticism of them. Jordan is very ambitious and is currently studying marketing at the University of Central OK. His biggest fear is dying without making his mark on the world. Underneath this hard exterior, there's a deep pool of insecurity and self-doubt that slowly reveals itself in Portland.

Marlon -24, Lubbock, TX The son of a preacher man, Marlon was raised with strong religious values and beliefs, which causes inner conflict when you love sex as much as he does. He doesn't want to disappoint his father, who raised him after his parents divorced when he was six months old. The first time Marlon laid eyes on his mother was in the coffin at her funeral when he was in the seventh grade. As a military brat, Marlon traveled the world with his father but never stayed in one place long enough to make lifelong friends. In high school, Marlon excelled at football and became something of a local celebrity when he was a linebacker for Texas Tech. He twice received Honorable mention in the All-Big 12 conference and was even trying to go pro, before being cut by the Canadian Football League. After his football career faded, Marlon went through a low point and in his depression, did some things that his roommates will be shocked to hear about. Marlon is in a better place now and is currently working towards a degree in industrial engineering. People in Lubbock still recognize him as Marlon the football star, but he hates that people judge him for no longer playing. Marlon sees coming to Portland as a chance to start fresh without having to deal with people's preconceived notions about who he is today.

Nia-23 Atlanta, GA Despite graduating Magna Cum Laude from Howard University, not a day goes by that Nia's parents don't make it known how disappointed they are in her for not going out and getting a regular job. But as far as Nia is concerned, she's 23, hot, and should still be having fun with her life. She has a number of career goals, including being a writer, a philanthropist, and a model, but so far, she's been fired from four out of the five jobs she's ever had. Her problem is she can't keep her opinions to herself. Six feet tall and athletic, she doubts she will ever succeed as a model because she can't give up her addiction to fast food. So maybe the book she's currently writing - a guide on how to find, date and keep professional athletes - will be her meal ticket to success. Nia grew up in the small town of Powder Springs, GA. Upon relocating to DC for college, she found herself overwhelmed by the rough urban environment. At 18, she learned to toughen up fast after a terrible experience with a guy. In a lengthy legal battle, the man who she accused of date rape was acquitted. To this day, "Hurricane" Nia veers from acting sexually open and aggressive to being terrified that a man may attack her again. In Portland, she comes to the protection of the other girls in the house when she feels they are being attacked by Jordan. She embarks on a full-on crusade to destroy and embarrass him. Despite all this outward aggression, Nia admits that she can be emotionally defensive, and hopes some of those walls will come down in Portland. Only problem is, with someone as explosive as Nia in the Real World House, will any walls be left standing?

"The Real World" was created for MTV by Jonathan Murray and Mary Ellis-Bunim of Bunim/Murray Productions. Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Jim Johnston serve as Executive Producers of "The Real World: Portland." Jackie French is the MTV Executive overseeing the project.

About MTV:

MTV is the world's premier youth entertainment brand. With a global reach of more than a half-billion households, MTV is the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans and artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people. MTV reflects and creates pop culture with its Emmy(R), Grammy(R) and Peabody(R) award-winning content built around compelling storytelling, music discovery and activism across TV, online and mobile. MTV's sibling networks MTV2 and mtvU each deliver unparalleled customized content for young males, music fans and college students, and its online hub MTV.com is a leading destination for music, news and pop culture. MTV is a unit of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), one of the world's leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms.

About Bunim/Murray Productions:

Bunim/Murray Productions is the leading producer of innovative entertainment content. The Emmy Award-winning company is widely credited with creating the reality television genre with its hit series The Real World (27 seasons for MTV). BMP continued to innovate with the first reality game show, Road Rules (MTV), in 1995; the first reality sitcom, The Simple Life (E!), in 2003; and the first reality soap opera, Starting Over, in 2003. Bunim-Murray's current programming includes The Bad Girls Club, Love Games and Best Ink (Oxygen), Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney Take Miami and Mrs. Eastwood & Company (E!), The Real World and The Challenge (MTV), and Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime). Bunim/Murray Productions has also produced films, including Pedro (MTV) and the Emmy Award-winning Autism: The Musical (HBO). Based in Van Nuys, CA, Bunim/Murray Productions was founded in 1987 by Jonathan Murray and the late Mary-Ellis Bunim, who were inducted into the Television Academy of Arts & Science's Hall of Fame in 2012. The company joined Banijay Group in 2010.

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