[10/01/14 - 08:58 AM]
Electus International Unveils Slate for MIPCOM 2014
This new block of television programming includes original series concepts developed by Electus and its creative partners, as well as successful third party series that Electus has acquired for international distribution.

[via press release from Electus]


NEW YORK, N.Y. - (October 1, 2014) -- Multimedia entertainment studio Electus, an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), today unveiled highlights of its television programming slate from its global distribution arm, Electus International. This new block of television programming includes original series concepts developed by Electus and its creative partners, as well as successful third party series that Electus has acquired for international distribution. These will be brought to market at MIPCOM in Cannes, France, which begins on October 13, 2014.

"Our goal of consistently bringing our clients the most diverse programming available stems from Electus International's deep commitment to provide the best content in the distribution business," said John Pollak, President of Electus International. "The titles we bring to the market have proven global appeal and this couldn't be more true than with our new lineup."

Dating Naked: From Lighthearted Entertainment, a new social experiment provides daters with a radical dating experience where they bare everything - before they bare their souls. Each week on a primitive island resort, far from the masks of modern society, daters will go on exotic dates and be naked every step of the way. (S1 11x60 for VH1, S2: 10x60)

Food Fighters: Food Fighters is a high-stakes culinary game show that takes the best amateur home cooks in America out of their kitchens and puts their cooking skills and best recipes to the test. In this epic kitchen battle, the home cooks go head-to-head with the most formidable professional chefs in America! Fighting their way to the grand prize with access to only three culinary lifelines, our home cooks climb the money ladder as the winnings increase with every chef they knock out. (8x60 for NBC)

Jane the Virgin: Adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela, Jane the Virgin chronicles the story of a Hispanic-American aspiring writer who is accidentally artificially inseminated and subsequently struggles to navigate her relationships with the biological father, her boyfriend and her religious mother. The show is created by Emily Owens, M.D. writer Jennie Snyder Urman, and executive produced by Electus' Ben Silverman, Gary Pearl and Jorge Granier and Electus International will be handling distribution of the US format only.

Candid Camera: Candid Camera is back with all-new gags drawn from today's headlines, putting unsuspecting people on the spot and delivering smiles and laughter to a new generation. Emmy nominee Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) joins former Candid Camera host Peter Funt in this revived series, which, hides cameras to capture the reactions of ordinary people being confronted with unusual and often challenging situations. The payoff comes with the show's trademark tagline: "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." (10x60 for TV Land)

Southern Justice: The Sullivan County and Ashe County Sheriffs' Offices bring us true stories from these two counties in the Blue Grass Mountains of Appalachia. From ride-alongs with deputies and real-time crime investigations to personal drama inside jails and courtrooms. These dramatic true stories bring an unprecedented look at Appalachia, where guns, drugs and alcohol challenge lawmen 24/7. (8x60 for National Geographic)

Xploration: Awesome Planet from Steve Rotfeld Productions: From inside volcanoes, to the deepest oceans, Xploration: Awesome Planet host Philippe Cousteau explores the most spectacular places on the earth, inside the earth, and above the earth in this riveting earth science series. (30x30 for Fox and Tribune)

Xploration: Outer Space from Steve Rotfeld Productions: What is it like to float in zero gravity? Is there life beyond earth? Guided by NASA experts and host Emily Calandrelli, Xploration: Outer Space takes viewers on incredible journeys through space, and searches for answers about our universe. (30x30 for Fox and Tribune)

Canada's Smartest Person: Canada's Smartest Person is a new interactive television series that redefines what it means to be smart. The show challenges the myth that to be smart you need to have a high IQ, be a math whiz or trivia buff. Every week four new hopefuls battle it out in front of a live studio audience in six categories of smarts: musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic. In the series finale eight finalists will go head-to-head to earn the title of Canada's Smartest Person. It's a whole new way of looking at smarts! (2x120, 7x60 for CBC)

Wake Up Call: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson helps people overcome their personal struggles by giving them a long overdue Wake Up Call. The series documents real people with real life problems from shopaholic mothers to diabolical parents, and financially troubled families to struggling business owners. Over the course of each episode, the subjects are brought out of their comfort zones and are forced to deal with their issues. Through a series of emotional, funny, heart-warming and entertaining trials and tribulations, we witness these people regain control of their lives. (8x60 for TNT)

King of the Nerds: King of the Nerds takes the glory of geekdom to a whole new level as 11 competitors live together in "Nerdvana." Each week, they must face challenges that test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop culture prowess. In each episode, the nerds first compete as teams and then as individuals, facing challenges that range from live gaming to a dance-off to life-sized chess. (S1: 8x60; S2: 8x60, S3: 8x60 for TBS)

Dog and Beth on the Hunt: The world's most renowned bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman are back with their trademark no holds-barred candor and strong belief in second chances. But this time the Chapmans motivate and inspire local bondsmen and bounty hunters during adrenaline-filled hunts, all the while showing their contemporaries a few new tricks along the way. (S1: 1x120, 1x90, 21x60. S2: 11x60 for CMT)

Breaking Greenville: When a spunky young reporter from Connecticut lands her first big job in a small-town news market, an unexpected shake-up occurs. Breaking Greenville follows a group of local anchors as they compete for the top spot in the game. The character-driven docu-soap will spotlight the playful - and at times cut-throat - rivalry between two local news stations and the dynamic newscasters who are determined to take their jobs seriously, even when some of the news they cover is less than serious. (6x60 for TruTV)

The Moment of Truth: In The Moment of Truth, game show contestants are given a polygraph test and asked 21 hard-hitting, personal and sometimes embarrassing questions in front of a live audience in order to win a cash prize. (S1: 25x60, S2: 13x60 for Fox)

Years of Living Dangerously: Years of Living Dangerously is global warming as you've never seen it before. This multi-part television event tells the biggest story of our time: climate change and its impact on people. Over the course of nine episodes celebrities including Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, America Ferrera, Mark Bittman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, go into the field to meet the real people facing the all-too-often crippling effects of climate change-related weather events. The series features gripping, character-driven narratives with uncertain outcomes, the politics of global warming, and the efforts made by individuals, communities, companies and governments to find solutions to the problem. (9x60 for Showtime)

Operation Change: Operation Change is a groundbreaking television event about one family's quest to make the world a better place for everyone. Bill and Tani Austin and their son Steven Sawalich, will travel the globe to uncover some of the world's greatest unsung heroes. This series will give the audience unprecedented access to some of the most dangerous, desolate and poverty-stricken places in the world. Joined by celebrities including former President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Elton John, Donna Karan, Maria Bello, Marlee Matlin, Bill Rancic, Manny Pacquiao, Harry Connick Jr His Holiness the Dali Lama as well as the Austin family's foundation, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, will tackle some of the most challenging issues plaguing the globe. (10x60 for OWN)

Online Dating Rituals of the American Male: The booming world of online dating is unmasked, from the male perspective, in Online Dating Rituals of the American Male. Each week, the show follows two men as they hunt for their ideal partner (or fling!). Viewers will get an inside-look at the male psyche, from the early stages of searching and communicating online, to landing a date with a potential match. The series features a variety of men, from the typical "romantic" searching for his one true love, to the guy whose goal is strictly getting lucky. From earnest romance to cringe-worthy moments, viewers will get a taste of the trials and tribulations that come along with dating in the digital age. (6x60 for Bravo)

National Park Secrets & Legends: Each episode contains four "campfire stories" set against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring national park. Told through first person accounts and the testimony of experts, the audience is transported into forests, jungles, swamps, deserts, and mountains-to discover that there are mysteries hidden deep beneath these natural wonders. From occult murders to lost planes, and alien portals to secret military ops, National Park Mysteries explores a vast array of unexplained phenomena - stories so strange and chilling, many have been suppressed by the national government. With 100 national parks in the US & Canada, and over 6,000 around the world, the series has great multi-seasonal potential. (8x30 for Travel Channel)

Tahiti Quest: In this French format, five families travel to the ultimate island paradise: Tahiti. For five incredible weeks families compete twice a day in competitions rooted in Polynesian culture. The winner gets to help another family of their choice and each day each family accumulates tokens that signify their success. After the first week, the lowest-scoring family per episode is eliminated. In the finale, the two remaining families face off in the ultimate contest of family teamwork, endurance, and determination. The winning family walks away with a life-changing amount of cash and a one month vacation in a dream paradise of their very own. (5x90 for Gulli)

Bet on Your Baby: Bet on Your Baby is a prime-time game show where families compete to see which parents can predict their child's next move. During each episode, five families with children between the ages of 2 and 3 � play a self-contained challenge, i.e. against themselves, rather than against other families. The parents play the game in front of a live studio audience, whilst the babies play in the "Baby Dome"; a playful fun room, where they have NO idea that they are on TV or that any bet is being made. Those that advance compete for the chance to win $50,000 toward their toddler's college fund. (S1: 8x60, S2: 8x60 ABC)

Running Wild with Bear Grylls: In the hour-long alternative series, famed adventurer and survivalist, Bear Grylls, takes six celebrities into the wildest and most remote locations in the U.S. and around the world for a 48-hour journey of a lifetime. The celebrities, who are partnered one-on-one with Grylls in their own stand-alone episodes, include actor Zac Efron ("Neighbors"), actor-director Ben Stiller ("The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"), actor Channing Tatum ("22 Jump Street"), NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, actor Tom Arnold ("Sons of Anarchy") and MSNBC and "Today" anchor Tamron Hall. (6x60 for NBC)

Mob Wives: New Blood- S5: Mob Wives: New Blood is a docu-soap series which follows the lives of a group of (according to the federal government) "associated women" at a crossroads, struggling to establish their own identities and carry on while their loved ones do time for Mob-related activities. Along the way they battle their friends, families and each other as they try to do what's best for themselves, their children, and their future. Returning Mob Wives, Renee Graziano, Drita D'Avanzo, and "Big Ang" were joined by a duo of new ladies in season four and season five airs on VH1 in December. Created and produced by Jennifer Graziano of JustJenn Productions, Mob Wives is produced by The Weinstein Company (Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Meryl Poster), Electus (Ben Silverman) and Left/Right (Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman and Nina Diaz). (12x60 for VH1)

About Electus

Electus is the first integrated multimedia entertainment studio to unite producers, creators, advertisers and distributors under one roof and produce all forms of content for distribution across a variety of platforms around the world, including: broadcast, cable, digital, OTT and various emerging technologies. The company connects advertisers, distributors and content creators early on in the development process, enabling marketers and advertisers to be true partners in campaigns and content creation. Electus International, the global distribution arm of Electus, is responsible for all international sales and distribution for Electus' programming and its studio partners as well as programs and formats from other well-known 3rd party providers. Electus is an operating business of IAC [NASDAQ: IACI]. For more information on Electus, visit www.electus.com.

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[01/19/20 - 01:13 PM]
Apple Announces "Defending Jacob" Starring Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery to Premiere April 24
Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by William Landay, "Defending Jacob" will premiere its first three episodes exclusively on Apple TV+ starting Friday, April 24, and new episodes will premiere weekly thereafter every Friday.

[01/19/20 - 12:31 PM]
"Dear..." Complete First Season Premieres June 5 on Apple TV+
The series will profile internationally recognized leaders including Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, Spike Lee, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Yara Shahidi, Stevie Wonder, Aly Raisman, Misty Copeland, Big Bird and more.

[01/19/20 - 12:30 PM]
"Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" Renewed for Second Season
"Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" follows a team of video game developers as they navigate the challenges of running a popular video game.

[01/19/20 - 12:27 PM]
Apple Announces New Comedy Series "Trying" to Premiere May 1
Starring Rafe Spall and Esther Smith, "Trying" is a new comedy series about growing up, settling down and finding someone to love.

[01/19/20 - 12:25 PM]
New Documentary Series "Home" to Premiere April 17 on Apple TV+
"Home" is a new documentary series that offers viewers a never-before-seen look inside the world's most innovative homes.

[01/19/20 - 12:24 PM]
Apple Announces Premiere Date for Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" and Unveils First Look Image
A reimagining of the original anthology series, each episode of "Amazing Stories" will transport the audience to worlds of wonder through the lens of today's most imaginative filmmakers, directors and writers.

[01/19/20 - 10:35 AM]
Apple Reveals "Central Park," A New Animated Musical Comedy from Emmy Award Winner Loren Bouchard, to Debut in Early Summer 2020
The series voice cast includes Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Tituss Burgess, Daveed Diggs and Stanley Tucci.

[01/19/20 - 10:12 AM]
Video: "Visible: Out on Television" - Official Trailer - Apple TV+
The docuseries features never-before-seen interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, Billy Porter, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Sara Ramirez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and dozens more.

[01/19/20 - 10:02 AM]
Apple Announces Early Season Two Renewal for New Mystery Series "Home Before Dark" Ahead of Global Premiere
The series will premiere its first three episodes Friday, April 3 exclusively on Apple TV+, and new episodes will premiere weekly thereafter every Friday.

[01/19/20 - 09:12 AM]
Saturday's Broadcast Ratings: ABC Tops Demos with NBA Return
"NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC" wins the night among adults 18-49.

[01/19/20 - 02:02 AM]
BYUtv Announces Winter Premiere Dates for New and Returning Shows
Newcomers "Story Trek: Trending" and "All-Round Champion" will be joined by new episodes of "Show Offs," "Random Acts," "Dwight in Shining Armor" and "Studio C."

[01/19/20 - 02:01 AM]
Wayne Brady Joins with BYUtv to Create and Host Comedy Competition Series
"Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ," which counts Queen Latifah among its executive producers, will premiere on April 6.

[01/18/20 - 06:18 PM]
Two-Part Doc Series "Laurel Canyon" to Premiere on EPIX on May 31st, 2020
Directed by Alison Ellwood, the series features an intimate portrait of the artists who created a music revolution through a wealth of rare and newly unearthed footage and audio recordings.

[01/18/20 - 06:17 PM]
EPIX Unveils Development Slate
Highlights include drama series adaptations of Bernard Cornwell's trilogy "The Warlord Chronicles" and Ken Follett's "A Column of Fire."

[01/18/20 - 06:16 PM]
EPIX to Premiere Carnival Films' "Belgravia" on Sunday, April 12
The six-part limited series is a story of secrets and scandals amongst the upper echelon of London society in the 19th Century.