[08/24/15 - 09:57 AM]
Smithsonian Channel(TM) Examines Notorious Conspiracy Theories and Unexplained Mysteries
"The Missing Evidence" premieres Sunday, August 30 at 9:00/8:00c on the network.

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New York, August 24, 2015 - Smithsonian Channel tackles conspiracy theories and enduring mysteries in a new probing six-part series, THE MISSING EVIDENCE. Each week, the series includes new insights from authorities, investigators, scientists and journalists, and uncovers new leads surrounding some of the most famous tragedies, unsolved crimes, persistent mysteries, and other phenomena that have piqued the public interest. THE MISSING EVIDENCE premieres Sunday, August 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Among the revelations featured in THE MISSING EVIDENCE are an intriguing scientific theory about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11; research that reveals the possible identity of Jack the Ripper; the first statistical analysis of the data behind sightings of the Loch Ness Monster; strange atmospheric conditions that explain the litany of airplane disasters inside the Nevada Triangle; disturbing contradictions surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death; and the complex truth about the legendary American creature known as Bigfoot.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: JACK THE RIPPER Premieres Sunday, August 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT For nearly 125 years, the bloody spree of Jack the Ripper has remained one of the world's greatest unsolved crimes, having produced many outlandish theories, but little proof. A new theory reveals a prime suspect hiding in plain sight. With over three decades of investigation under his belt, Swedish journalist Christer Holmgren is ready to unmask the man he is convinced is the knife-wielding serial killer who stalked the streets of Victorian London and brutally murdered six women. He puts his findings to the test with the help of a British homicide detective, a forensic doctor, a criminologist and a criminal lawyer, and then reveals a century-old photograph of the man he believes was Jack the Ripper.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: 9/11 SECRET EXPLOSIONS IN THE TOWERS Premieres Sunday, September 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center left many with questions about the true cause of the buildings' collapse - even after the release of the official report. Conspiracy theorists and government investigators alike were mystified by some of the facts in the tragedy. Both structures were designed to survive the impact of a commercial airliner. Both should have withstood intense fires for 10 hours - so why did the towers collapse at all? Now a new scientific theory finds glaring omissions in the official report, and tackles the conspiracies head on. Two scientists working independently have found a logical cause for the mysterious "explosions" reported at Ground Zero - and this overlooked source may finally put an end to the dark conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: THE NEVADA TRIANGLE Premieres Sunday, September 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT The Bermuda Triangle has fascinated the world for generations. But there's another triangle mystery on American soil that has attracted increased speculation. Over 2,000 planes have been lost in a mysterious region over the Sierra Nevada Mountains - 80 times more craft than have been lost to the Bermuda Triangle. What is bringing down aircraft in the area now dubbed "The Nevada Triangle?" Conjecture and supposition has been rife, with some wondering if the crashes are related to top-secret activity at nearby Area 51. Others suggest the sudden storms that blow in from the Pacific Ocean. Some even insist on a connection to frequent UFO sightings. But can newly uncovered historic climate data - and one of the world's largest wind-tunnels - put to rest once and for all the mystery of the planes that disappear over Nevada?

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: BIGFOOT Premieres Sunday, September 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT Tales of a giant, hairy, half-man, half-ape walking on two legs have existed in North American culture for centuries. Today, dozens of eyewitnesses, hundreds of giant footprints, and thousands of photos and videos - including TV shows - purport to show evidence of the creature known as Bigfoot. Now, eyewitnesses, anthropologists, zoologists and researchers square off in a quest to explain the legendary creature. The debate features new evidence of giant footprints, the limits of human observation, and what one witness claims is the best evidence yet: a piece of purported Bigfoot fur that will undergo a full DNA sequencing test.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: THE DAY MARILYN DIED Premieres Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT Marilyn Monroe's death on August 5, 1962 was officially ruled a suicide - but since that day her fate has remained one of the most debated conspiracy theories of all time. The FBI, the Mafia, the Kennedys - all have at various times been accused of killing Marilyn - but none of the accusations has ever been proven. Now, witnesses and experts reconstruct the day Marilyn died, sifting through the hard evidence and the disputed claims in search of the truth. Was there a lost "red diary" that contained the starlet's secrets? Was Monroe's home bugged... and if so, by whom? Did Marilyn receive visitors on that last fateful night? It's a mystery that reaches all the way from Hollywood Boulevard to the White House.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE: THE LOCH NESS MONSTER Premieres Sunday, October 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT Tales of a monster have reportedly haunted Loch Ness for nearly 1,500 years. Over 1,000 eyewitness accounts are backed up by unexplained photographs, videos, and SONAR contacts... but many claims have been discounted by scientists. Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Charles Paxton collates the largest database of Nessie sightings in the world and runs a statistical analysis on what has been reported, when and where. His theory pulls together evidence from paleontology, marine biology, history and eyewitness accounts to provide a surprising revelation about the truth behind the Loch Ness Monster.

THE MISSING EVIDENCE is an original production of Blink Films and ME1 Productions in association with Smithsonian Channel, Blue Ant Television, Channel 5, SBS-TV Australia, and Historia. Executive Producer for Blink Films is Dan Chambers, and Executive Producer for ME1 Productions is John Vandervelde. Executive Producers for Smithsonian Channel are David Royle and Charles Poe.

Smithsonian Channel(TM), owned by Showtime Networks Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution, is where curiosity lives, inspiration strikes and wonders never cease. This is the place for awe-inspiring stories, powerful documentaries and amazing entertainment across multiple platforms. Smithsonian Channel combines the storytelling prowess of SHOWTIME(R) with the unmatched resources and rich traditions of the Smithsonian, to create award-winning programming that shines new light on popular genres such as air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture. Among the network's offerings are series including Aerial America, Million Dollar American Princesses, Boomtowners, Mighty Ships, Mighty Planes and Air Disasters, as well as critically-acclaimed specials that include Civil War 360, 9/11: The Heartland Tapes; MLK: The Assassination Tapes and The Day Kennedy Died. Find out more at www.smithsonianchannel.com.

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[11/21/19 - 12:00 PM]
HISTORYCon(TM) Launches April 3-5, 2020 at Pasadena Convention Center
The enthusiast event will feature fan-favorite series talent, renowned historians, authors and experts in a weekend-long convention dedicated to exploring and celebrating our country's cultural, societal, and political milestones, and helps mark the network's 25th anniversary.

[11/21/19 - 11:30 AM]
Disney Channel Orders a Third Season of Its Popular Live-Action Daughter/Father Comedy "Sydney to the Max"
"We're thrilled to be investing in another season of this endearing comedy and to continue working with our very talented showrunner Mark Reisman," said Kory Lunsford.

[11/21/19 - 11:30 AM]
DC Universe Drama Series "Stargirl" Secures Exclusive Linear Window on The CW Network
The CW will broadcast each episode the day after its debut on the DC Universe digital subscription service.

[11/21/19 - 11:02 AM]
EPIX(R) Lands Urban Myth Films' Reimagining of "War of the Worlds"
The eagerly-anticipated, contemporary reimaging of H.G. Wells timeless classic is created and written by BAFTA award-winning writer Howard Overman.

[11/21/19 - 10:51 AM]
OWN Announces New Unscripted Relationship Series "#LoveGoals" Premiering March 2020
The series joins OWN's popular Saturday night lineup of unscripted shows that focus on love and relationships.

[11/21/19 - 10:03 AM]
Video: Amazon Prime Video Releases Teaser Trailer for "Hunters" Series
Executive produced by Academy Award-winner Jordan Peele and led by legendary Academy Award-winner Al Pacino, "Hunters" follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City.

[11/21/19 - 10:00 AM]
CBS All Access Announces Expansion of Original Content Team
"Together we've built an originals brand for CBS All Access that stands apart in the marketplace, and I look forward to continuing to work with this incredible team to grow the service and our originals slate even further," said Julie McNamara.

[11/21/19 - 10:00 AM]
ABC Announces 2020 Midseason Premiere Dates
Highlights include the launch of drama "For Life" and the return of "American Idol."

[11/21/19 - 09:07 AM]
Netflix Develops New Animated Adventure Series "Oni" Inspired by Japanese Folklore
The series will feature a hybrid of both stop motion and computer generated animation.

[11/21/19 - 09:02 AM]
Showtime Renews "Desus & Mero" for a Second Season
The series will return for season two on Monday, February 3 and will air all-new episodes every Monday and Thursday at 11:00/10:00c.

[11/21/19 - 09:00 AM]
Disney Channel Orders Second Season of Animated Fantasy-Comedy "The Owl House" Ahead of Its Series Premiere Friday, Jan. 10
Created and executive-produced by Dana Terrace, the series follows Luz, a self-assured teenage girl who stumbles upon a portal to a magical realm where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and a tiny warrior, King.

[11/21/19 - 08:15 AM]
Wednesday's Broadcast Ratings: FOX, NBC Share Adults 18-49 Crown
NBC's "Chicago" fall finales and FOX's "The Masked Singer" top charts in said demographic.

[11/21/19 - 07:21 AM]
CJ ENM/Studio Dragon-Netflix Announce a Long-Term Partnership
As part of a three-year partnership beginning in 2020, Studio Dragon and its stellar roster of creators will produce original series that will be available to Netflix members all over the world.

[11/21/19 - 06:00 AM]
Legendary Singer/Songwriter Carole King to Present Artist of the Decade Honor to Taylor Swift at the "2019 American Music Awards(R)," Airing Live Sunday, Nov. 24, on ABC
"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to present Taylor with the Artist of the Decade honor," said King.

[11/21/19 - 02:58 AM]
Video: The Gods and Giants Are Coming: "Ragnarok" Premieres January, 31 2020 - See the First Teaser
The series is set in the small, fictitious town of Edda, situated in the grand, breathtaking Norwegian nature.