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Reelz Announces New Programming for February 2020 with New Original Specials, Returning Original Series and a U.S. Premiere
Among the offerings: Natalie Morales hosts three new "Behind Closed Doors" specials about multi-hyphenate mega talent Jennifer Lopez, legendary sitcom The Brady Bunch and quintessential teen movie The Breakfast Club.

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Natalie Morales Hosts New Original 'Behind Closed Doors' Specials Celebrating Superstar Jennifer Lopez, the Beloved TV Show 'The Brady Bunch' and Genre Defining Teen Movie 'The Breakfast Club'

New 'Real Story of... ' Original Special Reveals the True Story Behind the Movie 'Selena' About the Legendary Singer and Songwriter Selena Quintanilla

New Original Special 'College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues' Examines the Scam That Generated National Outrage and Ensnared Celebrities

U.S. Premiere of 'Met While Incarcerated' Explores the Real Stories of Successful Women Who Fall in Love with Felons Serving Hard Time

Returning Original Series 'Autopsy: The Last Hours of... ' Examines the Untimely Deaths of 'The Brady Bunch' Star Florence Henderson and 'Growing Pains' Star Alan Thicke

(Albuquerque, NM) Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - REELZ today announced new programming for February 2020 including five new original specials, two new episodes of original series Autopsy: The Last Hours of... and a documentary making its U.S. premiere. Natalie Morales hosts three new Behind Closed Doors specials about multi-hyphenate mega talent Jennifer Lopez, legendary sitcom The Brady Bunch and quintessential teen movie The Breakfast Club. In new specials see the story not in the movie Selena about Tejano star Selena Quintanilla brought to life by Jennifer Lopez in Selena: The Real Story while College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues dives into the criminal conspiracy involving stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. The documentary Met While Incarcerated makes its U.S. premiere focusing on the lives of three unlikely women who are in love with convicted felons. In two new episodes of Autopsy: The Last Hours of... see the real stories behind the untimely deaths of TV legends Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke.

"February on REELZ is loaded with new shows about iconic celebrities and movies and TV shows that transformed our culture from superstar Jennifer Lopez to the beloved The Brady Bunch and The Breakfast Club," said Steve Cheskin, SVP of Programming at REELZ. "We're also excited to show viewers the real stories and real lives behind the infamous college admissions scandal as well as thoughtful looks at the lives of two of America's most cherished TV parents in Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke."

February kicks off with back to back shows celebrating Jennifer Lopez and the incredible drive and talent that made her a superstar. First up is Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors premiering on Saturday, February 1 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with an intimate look at her humble beginnings to her meteoric rise and the hardships she endured along the way. Then at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT on Saturday, February 1 it's Selena: The Real Story focused on the true story that wasn't seen in the movie about Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla who was played by a then relatively unknown Jennifer Lopez in what would be her breakout role.

In College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues on Saturday, February 8 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT see the stunning story of the scandal that put Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman in handcuffs and involved bribery in the millions of dollars, a mastermind at the helm of the con and some of the most storied universities in America. On Monday, February 10 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT it's the U.S. premiere of Met While Incarcerated exploring the real lives of three women putting everything on the line for their relationships with felons convicted of violent crimes.

The treasured television show The Brady Bunch has entertained audiences for more than 50 years and the show's matriarch Carol Brady, played by Florence Henderson, led the loving Brady family. Henderson's passing in 2016 left millions of fans in mourning spawning questions about her health after reports that she died of sudden heart failure. On Sunday, February 16 the network goes inside The Brady Bunch and the life of its star mother starting at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with Autopsy: The Last Hours of Florence Henderson examining her final hours and uncovering the truth behind her abrupt passing. Then on Sunday, February 16 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT The Brady Bunch: Behind Closed Doors pulls back the curtain on the beloved small screen classic revealing how the show almost never got made as former cast members including Christopher Knight who played middle son Peter Brady spills secrets from the set.

Celebrity Sundays on REELZ continue with a new episode of Autopsy: The Last Hours of Alan Thicke on Sunday, February 23 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with a look at the life one of America's favorite TV dads and his untimely passing. Immediately following on Sunday, February 23 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT is The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors about the seminal '80s teen movie that changed pop culture, defined a generation and introduced audiences to a troop of young actors later dubbed the Brat Pack.

Below are descriptions for February 2020 programming listed in order of premiere date and time:

Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors - New special premieres on Saturday, February 1 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. She's the triple threat from the Bronx. From her early grind as a background dancer on In Living Color she went on to launch an acting career which saw her nominated for a Golden Globe for her first lead role all before becoming a platinum-selling recording artist. From a stint as a judge on American Idol to producing her own shows to leading a solo world tour and a record smashing Las Vegas residency it is not a stretch to say Lopez is one of the hardest working people in entertainment and shows no signs of stopping. But Lopez is as famous for what goes on in her life behind the scenes as in front of the camera. Married and divorced three times she has been involved with some of the most famous men on the planet. In some cases those relationships imploded publicly leaving Lopez to pick up the pieces, dust herself off and come right back at the world. In Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors host Natalie Morales shows viewers why Lopez and her tireless hustle has kept her at the very top of show business for nearly 30 years. Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors is produced by Peacock Productions.

Selena: The Real Story - New special premieres on Saturday, February 1 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT. Hailed as the Queen of Tejano music Selena Quintanilla was a massively talented American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model and fashion designer with several multi-platinum albums. Billboard magazine named her the top-selling Latin artist of the '90s and she was also named Tejano Music Award's Female Vocalist of the Year nine consecutive years. Selena's remarkable ascent to global stardom was tragically cut short in 1995 when she was just 23 years old after she was gunned down by the manager of her own fan club. The 1997 movie Selena tells her remarkable and heartbreaking story and was also the movie that cemented Jennifer Lopez as a leading lady. But what Hollywood misses is how Selena's killer, Yolanda Saldivar, spent years building an intimate relationship with Selena until she becomes part of the family all the while embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the singer. Now Selena: The Real Story reveals how a woman from nowhere gains the love and trust of one of America's hottest talents before stealing her money and her life in a crime of passion and bloody jealousy. The Real Story of... specials are produced by World Media Rights.

College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues - New special premieres on Saturday, February 8 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Wealthy celebrity parents, bribery, wire taps and million-dollar frauds were all part of the college admissions scandal that rocked America from the glittery red carpets of Hollywood to the vaunted halls of Ivy League universities. Reputations have been shattered and careers were derailed with stars including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman caught red handed in the massive scheme to rig college entrance exams and buy spots at top schools. But it turns out Loughlin and Huffman were a small part of a larger operation involving hundreds of powerful people. College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues turns the college admissions case inside out to show viewers the truth about this celebrity con job and how others like it have made American college admissions a desperate game with a high price. College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues is produced by Broad + Water Studios, a division of American Media.

Met While Incarcerated - Special makes its U.S. premiere on Monday, February 10 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. In this provocative and touching love story see three successful, strong and intelligent women who've shocked themselves and their loved ones by falling for men in prison for committing violent crimes including murder. Met While Incarcerated challenges the stereotypes around felons and the imagined divide between "us" and "them" when it comes to crime and punishment, good and evil, forgiveness and redemption. The women in the special include a teacher, a military veteran and a hospital worker who all put status, social acceptability, friendships and even family on the line to love men most people fear. Met While Incarcerated is produced by Play Nice Productions Inc.

Autopsy: The Last Hours of Florence Henderson - New episode premieres Sunday, February 16 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Best known as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch Florence Henderson died in November 2016 leaving her fans mourning the loss of a mother figure. She was 82 but looking characteristically vibrant on live TV just days before. With a career spanning more than 60 years Henderson was an incredibly multi-talented performer on stage and screen. The last of 10 children she grew up in extreme poverty but by the age of 19 thanks to her remarkable determination and work ethic she became a Broadway star and was rarely out of the spotlight for the rest of her life. By her mid-70s Henderson was suffering from an irregular heartbeat and coronary artery disease leading to major surgery including a procedure just 24 hours before she died. Reports state that she died from complications with her heart that lead to its sudden failure. With the help of Henderson's medical history and eyewitness accounts renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter digs deep to discover what happened to Henderson in her final hours. Autopsy: The Last Hours of... is produced by Potato, part of ITV Studios.

The Brady Bunch: Behind Closed Doors - New special premieres on Sunday, February 16 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. The beloved TV show that gave us "Marcia, Marcia, Marica", a catchy theme song known the world over and a signature tic-tac-toe opening, The Brady Bunch is one of the most influential sitcoms in the history of television. The landmark series first premiered more than 50 years ago and has never been off the air since. The first television series to showcase a blended family almost never saw the light of day and in its initial run it was far from a critical or ratings hit. In the years since its cancelation the show has become a global phenomenon with an array of TV and theatrical movies, spin-offs, hit songs and reality shows which have popped up in every decade since The Brady Bunch went off the air all helping to solidify its place in American culture. In The Brady Bunch: Behind Closed Doors host Natalie Morales sits down with everyone's favorite middle brother, Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady to discuss the enduring popularity of the show, his audition and a trove of backstage secrets including his take on the tensions between his TV siblings. Other interviews include the children of show creator, the late Sherwood Schwartz, who share behind the scenes stories of how the Brady Bunch came to life, the bitter backstage feud and the last-minute re-castings. Viewers will also hear from Robbie Rist who portrayed the infamous "Cousin Oliver" and Jennifer Elise Cox who played Jan in The Brady Bunch movies. The Brady Bunch: Behind Closed Doors is produced by Peacock Productions.

Autopsy: The Last Hours of Alan Thicke- New episode premieres Sunday, February 23 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. On December 13, 2016 the news broke that the much loved TV star, Alan Thicke, had died. The talented Canadian moved to Hollywood at the age of 23 to embark on a career in the entertainment business. For nearly 50 years since that time he was a writer, director, producer, composer, talk show host and actor. While starring in the successful family sitcom Growing Pains Thicke became a household name and was even voted America's Favorite Dad. A true Canadian, Thicke was passionate about ice hockey playing several times a week which kept him slim, fit and looking younger than his years. And yet at the age of 69 he died of a ruptured aorta - a rare condition that is difficult to explain as Thicke was in great shape right up to the last moment. So what happened to result in such a sudden and catastrophic failure? Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will analyze every detail of the available information to piece together what else was going on in Thicke's body to find the answers. Autopsy: The Last Hours of... is produced by Potato, part of ITV Studios.

The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors - New special premieres on Sunday, February 23 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. You can't say the phrase "'80s teen movie" without almost immediately thinking of or quoting the quintessential and genre-defining movie The Breakfast Club -a movie that tapped into the zeitgeist of teenage life so authentically that it became one of the most celebrated teen movies of all time. One of the most celebrated teen movies of all time The Breakfast Club has become a cornerstone of '80s pop culture and gave a new voice to teen angst with rising stars Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson who became known as the Brat Pack for their collective success as young actors as well as their wild off screen antics. In The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors host Natalie Morales gives viewers an inside look at the making of the movie from the cast coming together, to what famous actor was cut from the cast as well as never-before-told stories behind the movie and its chart-topping theme song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. In the decades since its release the legacy of this movie continues to grow and The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors shows how it all happened and why the movie has had such a lasting impact throughout generations. The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors is produced by Peacock Productions.


REELZ is a leading independent cable and satellite general entertainment network that is home to factual entertainment, television events, miniseries, movies and series featuring big stories and big stars. Programming ranges from the critically acclaimed and award-winning miniseries The Kennedys to Autopsy: The Last Hours of... , Scandal Made Me Famous, Behind Closed Doors, Geraldo Rivera's Murder In The Family and much more that connects directly to the world of entertainment. REELZ also provides specific on-air recommendations for movies viewers can watch at home.

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[11/27/20 - 08:46 PM]
NFL Pushes Ravens-Steelers to Tuesday; NBC Sends "The Voice," "Transplant" to Thursday
The matchup, original slated for Thanksgiving, is on the move for the second time.

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Video: "The Available Wife" - Official Trailer - Coming to UMC
In the film, due on December 17, Nicole Wright, a successful music CEO, realizes that her life is about to crumble in front of her.

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Video: Apple TV+ and Mariah Carey Unveil Official Trailer for "Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special," Offering a First Look at the Holiday Extravaganza, Set to Debut December 4
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Video: "3 Caminos" - Official Trailer - Amazon Prime Video
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Video: "The Prom" - Official Trailer - Netflix
A group of down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town as they rally behind a teen who just wants to attend prom with her girlfriend.

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"Married at First Sight" Heads Down the Aisle in Atlanta for Season 12 on January 13 with Three Hour Megasized Premiere
Season 12 is set to be the most romantic, diverse, and surprising season yet as ten brave-but-loveless singles meet their new spouse at the altar and enter a legally binding marriage at first sight.

[11/25/20 - 12:06 PM]
NFL Moves Ravens-Steelers Thanksgiving Primetime Game to Sunday, November 29
In its place, NBC will rebroadcast "The National Dog Show" alongside a repeat of "The Wall."

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Video: HBO Max Debuts Trailer and Key Art for Max Original "House of Ho" Premiering Thursday, Dec. 10
The series follow the lives, loves, and conflicts of the Hos, a wealthy Vietnamese-American family in Houston who've built a multimillion-dollar empire.

[11/25/20 - 10:31 AM]
"Saturday Night Live" Closes Out 2020 with Three Shows in December, Live Coast-to-Coast
Jason Bateman, Timothée Chalamet and Kristen Wiig are on tap to host in the coming weeks.

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Video: "On Pointe" - Official Trailer - Disney+
Get a glimpse into the students from the School of American Ballet in the series, due on Friday, December 18.

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An Incredible Lineup of Talent Set to Join the "Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes - At Home Holiday Special"
NBC News' "Today" co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb will host the joyous event.

[11/25/20 - 09:00 AM]
More Performers Announced for the One-Hour Concert Special "Play On: Celebrating The Power of Music to Make Change," on a New Date and Time, Tuesday, Dec. 15
The one-hour special was previously scheduled for Saturday, December 5 at 9:00/8:00c.

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Tuesday's Broadcast Ratings: "The Bachelorette" Keeps ABC on Top in Demos
The Alphabet takes home the adults 18-49 crown while CBS leads the night in total viewers.

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HBO Max Highlights - December 2020
Newly announced premieres include "House of Ho" on December 10 and "Homeschool Musical Class of 2020" on December 17.

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FOX College Hoops Tips Off 2020-21 Season with Thanksgiving Week Feast
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