[07/15/08 - 12:22 PM]
Primetime Ratings Report for the Week of July 7, 2008 (Based on National Live + Same Day Program Ratings)
ABC spins the numbers for the week of July 7-13.

[via press release from ABC]

Primetime Ratings Report For the week of July 7, 2008 (Based on National Live + Same Day Program Ratings)

Marking its 6th Straight Week This Summer to Post Year-to-Year Gains, ABC is Up by 1.1 Million Viewers and by 20% in Adults 18-49 from the Year-Ago Week

ABC Delivers 5 of the Top 15 TV Programs of the Week in Adults 18-49, Placing 3 in the Top 4 Shows in the Key Young Adult Sales Demographic

ABC News Claims TV's Top 2 Newsmagazines of the Week in Adults 25-54 And Adults 18-49 with "Primetime: The Outsiders" and "Primetime: Crime"

ABC Wins Monday in Viewers and Adults 18-49, Drawing its Largest Summer Audience on the Night in 6 Years and Best Women 18-49 Number in 12 Years

Hitting Season Highs, "The Bachelorette" Season Finale Dominates Monday from 8-10pm, Beating the Second Networks by 2.3 Viewers and by 55% in Adults 18-49

"The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" Wins Monday from 10-11pm and Stands as Evening's No. 1 Program in Total Viewers and Across All Key Adult Demographics

Net Posts its Top-Rated Non-Sports Summer Tuesday with Key Men in Nearly 8 Years

Achieving New Series Highs, "Wipeout" Beats its Closest Competition in The 8 O'clock Hour by 2.0 Million Viewers and by 90% in Adults 18-49

"Wipeout" Produces ABC's Best Summer Numbers in the Time Slot with Regular Programming Since August '01 in Viewers, and Since August '00 in Adults 18-49

Against Competition Including Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" Finale and NBC's "America's Got Talent," ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" Grows Week to Week

Drawing its Largest Audience Yet, ABC News' "Primetime: The Outsiders" Ranks No. 1 in the 10pm Hour with Adults 25-54, Adults 18-49 and All Key Men Demos

ABC News' "Primetime: Crime" Improves the Wednesday 10pm Hour in Viewers and Young Adults, Ranking No. 1 in its Slot for the 3rd Straight Week in Women 18-49

"Hopkins" is the Most-Watched Show Thursday at 10pm for the 3rd Week in a Row

Posting its Best Numbers This Summer, a Repeat "America's Funniest Home Videos" Makes ABC No. 1 Sunday at 7pm Across Key Adults for the 3rd Consecutive Week

WEEK No. 42:

ABC earned second place during the week of July 7, 2008, among Adults 18-49 (1.8/6). The Net also took second with Women 18-34 (1.8/6) and Women 18-49 (2.3/7), while delivering the No. 1 position with Women 25-54 (2.7/8). The Network drew its biggest overall audience in 4 weeks � since w/o 6/9/08.

� For the 6th straight week, ABC was up over the same week last summer in both Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 � each week since the w/o 6/2/08. Compared to the same week last summer (w/o 7/9/07), the Net gained 1.1 million viewers (5.5 million vs. 4.4 million) and 20% in Adults 18-49 (1.8/6 vs. 1.5/5). In fact ABC was the only network to grow its Adult 18-49 audience year to year.

Rankings: ABC claimed 5 of the week's Top 15 TV shows in Adults 18-49, including 3 of the Top 4: "Wipeout" � No. 2, "The Bachelorette (After the Final Rose) � 7/7" � No. 3, "The Bachelorette (Season Finale)" � No. 4, "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" � No. 10 and "Primetime: The Outsiders" � No. 12. The Network also aired 3 of the Top 5 most-watched TV shows of the week: "Wipeout" � No. 2, "The Bachelorette (After the Final Rose) � 7/7" � No. 3 and "The Bachelorette (Season Finale)" � No. 5. In addition to qualifying as the week's No. 2 television show in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, for the 3rd straight week, ABC's "Wipeout" stood as the No. 1 TV show with Adults 25-54 and Men 18-49. ABC's "The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" special represented the week's No. 1 TV program across each of the key women demographics (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54). ABC News aired TV's Top 2 newsmagazines of the week in Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 with Tuesday's "Primetime: The Outsiders" and Wednesday's "Primetime: Crime," respectively.

A note about increasing DVR penetration and year-to-year rating comparisons: Year-to-year rating trends based on the Live + Same Day data stream may be somewhat distorted by the level of DVR penetration in the Nielsen sample, which has jumped from 17% at the same point in 2006-07, up to 25% currently. More viewers are watching shows on their own timetables, which may not be reflected in the overnight next day numbers. The only truly valid year-to-year comparison would be one based on the Live + 7 Day metric, once those stats are released by Nielsen.


ABC stood as No. 1 Network Monday night in Total Viewers (9.7 million) and Adults 18-49 (3.5/10), leading each half-hour of primetime in both measures. ABC drew its largest non-sports summertime audience on Monday in 6 years (since 7/8/02) and highest Adults 18-49 rating in 7 years (5/28/01). Furthermore, among younger women, ABC registered its highest non-sports summer ratings in Women 18-34 (4.5/14) in 9 years and Women 18-49 (5.2/14) in 12 years � since 6/28/99 and 8/12/96, respectively.

� ABC ranked No. 1 on the night in Adults 18-49 for the second straight week, while taking the top spot for 7th week in a row with Women 18-49. In fact, it was the 16th time in the last 17 weeks overall that ABC has won Monday among Women 18-49.

"The Bachelorette" (8:00-10:00 p.m.)

Hitting season highs, "The Bachelorette" season finale won its 2-hour time period, dominating the second-place competition by 2.3 million viewers (9.5 million vs. 7.2 million - Fox) and by 50% in Adults 18-49 (3.4/10 vs. 2.2/6 � CBS). "The Bachelorette" saw its audience grow by 3.3 million viewers (8.0 million to 11.3 million) and 52% in Adults 18-49 (2.7/9 to 4.1/11) from 8:00-10:00 p.m., with Bachelorette DeAnna giving the final rose to Jesse.

� "The Bachelorette" improved ABC's performance on the same night last year by 4.3 million viewers and by 70% in Adults 18-49 (5.3 million & 2.0/6 in Adults 18-49 on 7/9/07).

"The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" (10:00-11:00 p.m.)

"The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" took the top spot in the 10 o'clock hour and qualified as Monday's No. 1 program in Total Viewers (10.0 million) and across each of the key adult demographics: Adults 18-34 (3.3/10), Adults 18-49 (3.7/10) and Adults 25-54 (4.2/11).


ABC finished a strong second on Tuesday in Adults 18-49 (3.0/9), just one-tenth of a rating point out of a tie for first with Fox, while ranking No. 1 in Adults 25-54 (3.5/9). For the 5th consecutive week, the Net delivered the No. 1 position on Tuesday across all key Men demographics: M18-34 (2.3/8 � tie w/Fox), M18-49 (2.9/9) and M25-54 (3.3/9).

� Among Men 18-49 and Men 25-54, the Net turned in its highest-rated non-sports summer Tuesday in close to 8 years � since 8/29/00.

� Compared to the same night last year (7/10/07), ABC improved its Tuesday performance by nearly 3.0 million viewers (8.2 million vs. 5.3 million) and by 67% in Adults 18-49 (3.0/9 vs. 1.8/5).

"Wipeout" (8:00-9:01 p.m.)

Hitting new series highs on its third telecast, ABC's "Wipeout" continued to take full command of Tuesday's 8 o'clock hour, winning its slot in Viewers, all key Adults and Kids. "Wipeout" bested its nearest competitor in the hour by 2.0 million viewers (10.6 million vs. 8.6 million - CBS) and by 90% in Adults 18-49 (4.0/13 vs. 2.1/7 � NBC).

� "Wipeout" generated ABC's best viewer and young adult numbers in the time period with regular programming since November 2006 (11/14/06). In terms of regular programming during a summer frame, it was the Net's largest audience in the slot since August '01 and its top Adult 18-49 rating since August '00 � since 8/28/01 and 8/29/00, respectively.

� For the 3rd straight week, "Wipeout" registered as Tuesday's No. 1 TV program among Adults 25-54, Men 18-49 and Men 25-54. "Wipeout" finished as the No. 2 television show of the evening in Adults 18-49, just-two tenths of a rating point behind Fox's season finale of "Hell's Kitchen" and topping "Kitchen" in audience share (4.0/13 vs. 4.2/12).

� Achieving best-yet numbers, "Wipeout" was up week to week by 1.1 million viewers and by 11% in Adults 18-49 (9.5 million and 3.6/12 on 7/1/08). The new hit unscripted series also marked new highs in Adults 25-54 (4.7/14), Teens 12-17 (2.5/10) and Kids 2-11 (3.2/12).

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" (9:01-10:00 p.m.)

Opposite stiff competition including the season finale of Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" and NBC's "America's Got Talent," ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" took second place in the 9 o'clock hour with hard-to-reach Men 18-34 (2.4/7).

� Despite the increased competition in the time period from the "Hell's Kitchen" season ender, "Japanese Game Show" was up over the prior week by 6% in Total Viewers (6.7 million vs. 6.3 million) and by 4% in Adults 18-49 (2.7/8 vs. 2.6/7).

� On average in its first 3 weeks, "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" has improved ABC's performance in the hour by 2.5 million (7.0 million vs. 4.5 million) and by 65% in Adults 18-49 (2.8/8 vs. 1.7/5) versus the comparable year-ago weeks (6/26 � 7/10/07).

"Primetime: The Outsiders" (10:00-11:00 p.m.)

Drawing its largest audience so far this season (7.1 million), ABC News' "Primetime: The Outsiders" ranked No. 1 during the 10 o'clock hour in Adults 25-54 (2.8/7), Adults 18-49 (2.3/6) and across the key Men demographics: M18-34 (1.6/5), M18-49 (2.2/7) and M25-54 (2.7/7).

� In addition to posting a season high in Total Viewers, "Primetime: The Outsiders" also marked season-best results in Adults 25-54 (tie), Men 18-49 and Men 25-54.

� On average, "Primetime: The Outsiders" is delivering increases for ABC in the hour of 5% in Total Viewers (6.5 million vs. 6.2 million) and 10% in Adults 18-49 (2.3/6 vs. 2.1/6) over the same nights last year (6/26 � 7/10/07).


"Primetime: Crime" (10:00-11:00 p.m.)

Increasing from its lead-in by 1.9 million viewers and by 20% in Adults 18-49, ABC News' "Primetime: Crime" drew 6.1 million viewers and a 1.8 rating, 5 share in Adults 18-49, taking second in the hour in Total Viewers. The ABC newsmagazine won the final hour of primetime in Women 18-49 (2.4/7) for the 3rd consecutive week.

� ABC was up in the time period from the same night last year (3.6 million and a 1.2/3 in Adults 18-49 on 7/11/07) by 2.5 million viewers and by 50% in Adults 18-49.


"Hopkins" (10:00-11:00 p.m.)

Jumping from its lead-in by 2.5 million viewers (5.5 million vs. 3.0 million) and by 50% in Adults 18-49 (1.5/5 vs. 1.0/3), ABC's News' "Hopkins" ranked No. 1 in the 10 o'clock hour for the 3rd week running in Total Viewers (5.5 million) and Women 25-54 (2.8/7).


"America's Funniest Home Videos" (7:00-8:00 p.m.)

A rebroadcast "America's Funniest Home Videos" ranked No. 1 across all key adult demographics (Adults 18-34 - 1.1/5, Adults 18-49 - 1.7/6 and Adults 25-54 - 2.0/7), placing ABC in the top position in the 7 o'clock hour for the 3rd time in as many weeks. In addition, the video-clip show registered its strongest numbers yet of the summer in both Total Viewers (6.3 million) and Adults 18-49 (1.7/6).

Source: Nielsen Media Research (National Live+Same Day Program Ratings), week of 7/7/08, unless stated otherwise. Summer = Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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