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ABC Is No. 2 for the Week with 6 of the Top 20 Non-Sports Shows in Adults 18-49
ABC spins the numbers for the week of March 24-30.

[via press release from ABC]

Primetime Ratings Report for the Week of March 24, 2014 (Based on National Live + Same Day Program Ratings)

ABC is No. 2 for the Week with 6 of the Top 20 Non-Sports Shows in Adults 18-49

"Modern Family" is the No. 1 Comedy and "Scandal" is the No. 1 Broadcast Drama In Adults 18-49, while "DWTS" is Once Again TV's Most-Watched Unscripted Show

ABC is Monday's Most-Watched Network for the 2nd Week in a Row

"DWTS" is Monday's Most-Watched TV Show with Improved Premiere Retention

ABC's "Castle" Generates a 4-Week High Among Adults 18-34

Repeats of "S.H.I.E.L.D." and "The Goldbergs" Outdraw Originals of Fox's "Glee" and "New Girl" on Tuesday from 8-9:30pm

Up Year to Year, "The Middle" Ties "Idol" in Adults 18-49 for the First Time Ever

Wednesday's Dominant No. 1 TV Show in Adults 18-49, "Modern Family" Is Up Over its Last Original to Earn its Highest Rating Since Mid-November

"Mixology" Spikes 33% Week to Week to Deliver a 3-Week High in Adults 18-49

"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" is Up 25% to a 5-Month High in Adults 18-49

Up for the 2nd Week, "Grey's" Dominates Fox's "Idol" and "Surviving Jack" in its Slot

Hitting a 1-Month High in Adults 18-49, "Scandal" More than Doubles its 10pm Drama Competition and Grows by Double-Digits Over the Same Night Last Year

"Last Man Standing" and "The Neighbors" Build to 8-Week Highs in Adults 18-49

ABC's "Shark Tank" Marks its Strongest Repeat Performance Since Early January

"20/20" is the No. 1 Series in its Hour for the 5th Consecutive Week in Key Adults

ABC's "Once Upon a Time" Spikes Over its Lead-in by 62% to Win Sunday's 8pm Hour for the 4th Week in a Row Among Adults 18-49

"Resurrection" is Sunday's No. 1 Entertainment Broadcast for the 4th Straight Week

"Revenge" Improves Sunday's 10pm Hour for ABC by Strong Margins Year to Year

Week No. 27

During the week of March 24, 2014, ABC finished No. 2 in Total Viewers (6.3 million) and across all key Adult demos: AD18-34 (1.0/4-tie), AD18-49 (1.5/5-tie) and AD25-54 (2.0/5). The Net ranked No. 1 for the 5th straight week among key Women (W18-34/W18-49).

Rankings: ABC aired 6 of the Top 20 non-sports TV programs in Adults 18-49, landing 3 in the Top 10 with the No. 1 comedy and broadcast drama for the 4th week running: "Modern Family" - No. 4 (No. 1 comedy), "Scandal" - No. 7 (No. 1 broadcast drama), "Grey's Anatomy" - No. 10, "Resurrection" - No. 13, "DWTS" - No. 15 and "Once Upon a Time" - No. 19. For the 2nd week in a row, ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" stood as TV's most-watched unscripted show in overall Total Viewers and outperformed both installments of "American Idol" in Adults 18-49.


ABC was Monday's most-watched network for the 2nd week in a row, outdrawing NBC with "The Voice" and "Blacklist" by 7% (13.1 million vs. 12.2 million). The Net earned second place in Adults 18-49 (2.1/6), leading CBS' all-original lineup by 5% (2.0/6) and Fox's original dramas by 50% (1.4/4).

"Dancing with the Stars" (8:00-10:01 p.m. - 14.7 million and 2.3/6 in AD18-49):

From 8:00-10:00 p.m. opposite competition including the penultimate episode of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" stood as Monday's most-watched TV show for the 2nd straight week, outdrawing NBC's "The Voice" in head-to-head competition by 14% (14.7 million vs. 12.9 million). Among Adults 18-49 in the time period, ABC's "DWTS" (2.3/6) beat Fox's original dramas by 64% ("Bones"/"The Following" = 1.4/4) and finished within 1-tenth of a rating point of CBS' 2-hour comedy block (2.4/7). "DWTS" delivered stronger retention from Week 1 to Week 2 than it did last Spring in Total Viewers (95% vs. 85%) and Adults 18-49 (88% vs. 75%).

· Along with winning its 2-hour time-slot in Total Viewers, "Dancing with the Stars" ranked No. 2 in Adults 25-54, all key Women (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54), and also took second among the broadcasters in Teens 12-17 and Kids 2-11.

"Castle" (10:01-11:00 p.m. - 9.8 million and 1.8/5 in AD18-49):

ABC's "Castle" took second place during the 10 o'clock hour with viewers (9.8 million) and Adults 18-49 (1.8/5). "Castle" equaled its Adults 18-49 performance week to week and was up 6% in Adults 18-34 (1.2/4 vs. 1.1/4) to a 4-week high - since 2/24/14.


"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - R" (8:00-9:01 p.m. - 2.9 million and 0.8/2 in AD18-49):

In the 8 o'clock hour, ABC's repeat "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." topped Fox's original "Glee" by 7% in Total Viewers (2.9 million vs. 2.7 million).

"The Goldbergs-R" (9:01-9:31 p.m. - 3.0 million and 0.9/3 in AD18-49):

Building on its lead-in (+3%) in the 9:00 p.m. half-hour, ABC's encore "The Goldbergs" dominated Fox's first-run "New Girl" in Total Viewers by 20% (3.0 million vs. 2.5 million).


Building over its last original two weeks ago to post its highest rating since mid-November, ABC's "Modern Family" stood as Wednesday's No. 1 TV show for its 4th straight first-run telecast in Adults 18-49, outdelivering Fox's "American Idol" by a best-ever 64% (3.6/11 vs. 2.2/7). The ABC comedy also drew more overall Total Viewers than "Idol" for the first time ever - both on the night and in their common half-hour.

"The Middle" (8:00-8:30 p.m. - 7.1 million and 1.9/6 in AD18-49):

At 8:00 p.m., ABC's "The Middle" tied "American Idol" for the first time ever and held even with its last original in Adults 18-49 (1.9/7 on 3/12/14). In addition, "The Middle" beat "Idol" by 9% in Adults 18-34 to rank No. 1 in the half-hour (tied w/"Survivor"). "The Middle" was up 6% from its year-ago original airing (1.8/6 on 3/27/13).

"Suburgatory" (8:30-9:00 p.m. - 5.2 million and 1.5/5 in AD18-49):

At 8:30 p.m., "Suburgatory" paced within 1-tenth of a rating point of its last original in Adults 18-49 (1.6/5 on 3/12/14).

"Modern Family" (9:00-9:31 p.m. - 10.1 million and 3.6/11 in AD18-49):

More than doubling its Adult 18-49 lead-in at 9:00 p.m. (+140%), ABC's "Modern Family" won its half-hour by 64% over "American Idol" (3.6/11 vs. 2.2/6). The ABC comedy was up (+6%) from its last original to earn a more than 4-month high in Adults 18-49 - since 11/13/13. In addition, "Modern Family" grew 13% in Adults 18-49 over its telecast on the same night last year (3.2/9 on 3/27/13).

"Mixology" (9:31-10:00 p.m. - 4.9 million and 1.6/5 in AD18-49):

In the 9:30 p.m. half-hour, ABC's "Mixology" jumped 33% in Adults 18-49 to a 3-week high - since 3/5/14.

"Nashville" (10:00-11:00 p.m. - 5.1 million and 1.3/4 in AD18-49):

During the 10 o'clock hour, ABC's "Nashville" ranked No. 1 against its broadcast competition in Adults 18-49 and key Women (W18-34/W18-49). On average, "Nashville" is ABC's top percentage gainer this season via TV Playback and Top 5 among all broadcast series with originals shooting up 80% from a 1.5 L+SD rating to a 2.7 Live + 7 Day Adult 18-49 rating.


ABC finished a strong No. 2 on Thursday to CBS' NCAA Basketball Semifinals coverage, beating Fox by 15% in Total Viewers (6.9 million vs. 6.0 million) and by 29% in Adults 18-49 (2.2/7 vs. 1.7/5). ABC's "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" stood as the night's Top 2 TV series in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, respectively, as both shows were up for the 2nd week with young adults. In addition, the Network ranked No. 1 for the 5th-straight Thursday with key Women (W18-34/W18-49).

· ABC was up for the 2nd week in a row with Adults 18-49 (+5%) to deliver its best Thursday in 1 month - since 2/27/14.

"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" (8:00-9:00 p.m. - 3.3 million and 1.0/3 in AD18-49):

During the 8 o'clock hour, ABC's "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" was up 25% in Adults 18-49 to a 5-month high - since 10/24/13.

"Grey's Anatomy" (9:00-10:00 p.m. - 8.4 million and 2.6/8 in AD18-49):

Surging over its Adult 18-49 lead-in at 9:00 p.m. (+160%), ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" (2.6/8) was once again the top-rated series in its hour, beating Fox's combo of "American Idol" into the debut of "Surviving Jack" by 63% (1.6/5). Against "Grey's," Fox's "American Idol" delivered another all-time low 1.9 Adult 18-49 rating and the debut of "Surviving Jack" fell to a 1.3 rating.

· "Grey's" was up for the 2nd week in a row among Total Viewers (+4%) Adults 18-49 (+8%), drawing its biggest audience and equaling its top young adult rating since in 1 month - since 2/27/14.

"Scandal" (10:00-11:00 p.m. - 9.0 million and 3.1/10 in AD18-49):

Building from its "Grey's" lead-in among Adults 18-49 at 10:00 p.m. (+19%), ABC's "Scandal" (3.1/10) more than doubled its drama competition in the hour, beating NBC's "Parenthood" by 121% (1.4/4).

· Growing for the 2nd week in Adults 18-49 (+7%), "Scandal" posted its best number since its mid-season return in February (on 2/27/14).

· The hit ABC drama grew by double-digits over its year-ago telecast (8.0 million and 2.6/7 on 3/28/13) in Total Viewers (+10%) and Adults 18-49 (+19%). Spiking 39% season to date in Adults 18-49, ABC's "Scandal" is TV's fastest growing returning series this season.

· "Scandal" once again ranked as Thursday's most social series (broadcast/cable) with 462,775 tweets last night, up 5% over last week. Season to date, "Scandal" has amassed over 5 million tweets, making it ABC's most social series this season.


ABC Friday Prime (8:00-11:00 p.m. - 6.0 million and 1.3/4 in AD18-49): Despite airing a repeat "Shark Tank" opposite CBS' NCAA Basketball Semifinals coverage on Friday night, ABC finished in a tie with NBC's all-original lineup in Adults 18-49 and more than tripled Fox's first-run schedule (+225% - 0.4/1).

"Last Man Standing" (8-8:31 p.m. - 6.5 million and 1.4/5 in AD18-49):

At 8:00 p.m., ABC's "Last Man Standing" was up over its last original 3 weeks ago by 8% in Adults 18-49 to its highest rating in 2 months (since 1/31/14) and ranked as the No. 1 regular program in the half-hour.

"The Neighbors" (8:31-9:00 p.m. - 4.2 million and 1.1/4 in AD18-49):

In the 8:30 p.m. half-hour, ABC's "The Neighbors" delivered its 2nd straight week of growth in Adults 18-49, up 22% to deliver an 8-week high - since 1/31/14.

"Shark Tank-R" (9:00-10:01 p.m. - 5.3 million and 1.3/4 in AD18-49):

Building on its lead-in and growing from start to finish during the 9 o'clock hour, ABC's "Shark Tank" scored its best repeat performance in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 since the beginning of January (since 1/3/14), topping its last 8 encores (including specials on Tuesday and Sunday). From 8:00-9:00 p.m., the replay "Shark Tank" towered over Fox's original comedies ("Enlisted"/"Raising Hope") by 279% in Total Viewers (5.3 million vs. 1.4 million) and by 160% in Adults 18-49 (1.3/4 vs. 0.5/1).

"20/20" (10:01-11:00 p.m. - 7.3 million and 1.4/4 in AD18-49):

For the 5th week in a row, ABC's "20/20" was the No. 1 regular program in the 10 o'clock hour in Adults 18-49 (1.4/4), beating NBC's "Hannibal" by 40% (1.0/3). The ABC newsmagazine was also the top rated series in the hour for the 5th straight week in the key Adult 25-54 news demo (2.0/5). "20/20" reported on questionable parental behavior.

· Although airing out of a repeat "Shark Tank" this year, "20/20" was up over its year-ago telecast out of an original "Shark Tank" in Total Viewers (+24% - 7.3 million vs. 5.9 million) and Adults 25-54 (+5% - 2.0/5 vs. 1.9/5). Up season to date in Total Viewers (+21%), Adults 18-49 (+7%) and Adults 25-54 (+5%), "20/20" is on track to deliver its most-watched season in 4 years - since the 2009-10 season.


Opposite CBS with another high-rated NCAA Basketball Tournament Sunday primetime overrun into the 7:00 p.m. hour, ABC (1.8/5) ran a strong No. 2 on the night among the broadcasters in Adults 18-49, beating Fox by 13% (1.5/2) and NBC by 100% (0.9/3).

· ABC's "Resurrection" ranked as Sunday's No. 1 entertainment broadcast show for the 4th week in a row among Adults 18-49 (2.4/6) and "Once Upon a Time" finished No. 2 (2.1/6-tie).

"America's Funniest Home Videos" (7:00-8:00 p.m. - 6.2 million and 1.3/4 in AD18-49):

Against CBS' NCAA Basketball/"60 Minutes" in the 7:00 p.m. hour, ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" took second in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49.

"Once Upon a Time" (8:00-9:00 p.m. - 6.6 million and 2.1/6 in AD18-49):

Spiking over its lead-in at 8:00 p.m. (+62%) to move ahead of CBS' NCAA Basketball-boosted programming ("60 Minutes"/"The Amazing Race" = 2.0/6), ABC's "Once Upon a Time" (2.1/6) won its hour for the 4th straight week among Adults 18-49, beating Fox's comedies by 5% ("The Simpsons"/"Family Guy" = 2.0/6) and NBC's "American Dream Builders" by 163% (0.8/2). The ABC drama held even week to week with young adults.

· "Once Upon a Time" was the No. 1 most social series on broadcast Sunday night with 55,449 tweets, climbing 16% week to week.

"Resurrection" (9:00-10:01 p.m. - 8.4 million and 2.4/6 in AD18-49):

Building on its lead-in by 14% at 9:00 p.m. in Adults 18-49 against the high-rated season finale of "The Walking Dead," ABC's "Resurrection" (2.4/6) more than doubled NBC's "Believe" for the 3rd straight week (+118% - 1.1/3), while leading by strong margins over programming on CBS (+26% - "Amazing Race"/"The Good Wife" = 1.9/5) and Fox (+60% - "Cosmos" = 1.5/4). The freshman drama grew its hour year to year for ABC by 53% in Total Viewers and by 60% in Adults 18-49 ("Revenge" on 3/31/13 = 5.5 million and 1.5/3).

· Based on Nielsen's Live + 7 Day data released today, ABC's second episode of "Resurrection" (on 3/16/14) saw substantially bigger percentage increases from TV Playback than the debut episode. From the Live + Same Day to the Live + 7 Day numbers, "Resurrection's" Total Viewer count grew by 38% in Total Viewers (vs. 29% for the premiere) from 11.2 million to 15.5 million and jumped 48% in Adults 18-49 (vs. 39% for the premiere) from a 3.1 rating to a 4.6 rating.

"Revenge" (10:01-11:00 p.m. - 5.3 million and 1.4/4 in AD18-49):

During the 10:00 p.m. hour, ABC's "Revenge" beat NBC's "Crisis" by an even wider margin of 27% in Adults 18-49 (1.4/4 vs. 1.1/3), up from a 15% advantage the prior week. "Revenge" boosted its hour year to year by 29% in Total Viewers and by 40% in Adults 18-49, over original drama programming on the same night last year ("Red Widow" on 3/31/13 = 4.1 million and 1.0/3).

No.1 CBS 2.1 No.1 CBS 9,090,000
No.2 ABC 1.5 No.2 ABC 6,250,000
No.2 NBC 1.5 No.3 NBC 5,920,000
No.4 FOX 1.3 No.4 FOX 4,130,000
No.5 CW 0.6 No.5 CW 1,620,000

Source: The Nielsen Company, National, Live+ Same Day Program Ratings for week of 03/24/14.

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