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date (day) time network episode title
3/17/09 (Tu.)10:30 PMBET(#310) Facing the Truth
3/17/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#309) Just Friends?
3/10/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#308) Vegas Dreaming
3/3/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#307) The Grill
2/24/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#306) Tough Questions
2/17/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#305) Keeping Their Cool!
2/10/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#304) Oh, That's Awkward!
2/3/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#303) Put Your Game On
1/27/09 (Tu.)10:30 PMBET(#302) Let's Talk
1/27/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#301) Turning Points
8/19/08 (Tu.)10:30 PMBET(#210) Separate Ways
8/19/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#209) The Glamorous Life
8/12/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#208) Famous Aunties
8/5/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#207) Decisions, Decisions
7/29/08 (Tu.)10:30 PMBET(#206) It's Like That!
7/29/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#205) Fashion Flair
7/22/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#204) Big Shots
7/15/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#203) Going At It!
7/8/08 (Tu.)10:30 PMBET(#202) Test of Will
7/8/08 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#201) The Pop Off
7/1/08 (Tu.)11:00 PMBET(#200) Sneak Peek (R)
6/25/08 (We.)12:00 AMBET(#200) Sneak Peek
8/28/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#109/110) Steppin' It Up/Road to Success
8/21/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#108) Prom Night Tears
8/14/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#107) Setting Things Straight
8/7/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#106) Don't Call Me
7/31/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#105) Date Night Drama
7/24/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#104) Beach Party Fiasco
7/17/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#103) We Wanna Know
7/10/07 (Tu.)10:00 PMBET(#101/102) Life! No Limits/Party Aftermath

7/10/07 - 3/17/09
canceled/ended (2008-2009 season)
completed airing its current season
3 (30 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from BET's press release, January 2009) Moriah, Gerren, Justin, Seiko and Staci are back for season three of BET's top rated series BALDWIN HILLS, along with newcomers Tyler, Trason and Etienne. Premiering Tuesday, January 27 at 10:00 p.m.*, season three of BALDWIN HILLS finds many cast members at significant turning points in their lives. Staci is struggling to find a way to reconnect with her friends and to let them in on some devastating news; Justin and Seiko are ready to take their spirituality to the next level together; Gerren has to decide whether she's willing to lose a friend, Tyler, over her ex, Moriah; newcomer Etienne has a famous actress for a parent but is way more at home behind the camera; and new face Trason has to redirect his professional life after a serious shoulder injury sidelines his football career. During its first two seasons, the BET original series BALDWIN HILLS redefined what it meant to be young and privileged in Los Angeles as it followed the everyday lives of a group of African American teens from a very real and very exclusive enclave called Baldwin Hills. The top-rated series brings the world of ordinary middle-class African American families out of the shadows and onto the national stage - proving to be a hit with parents and teens alike.
· Bill Rademaekers as PROD
· Michael McNamara as PROD
· Robyn Lattaker-Johnson as EIP (BET)
· Sheri Maroufkhani as PROD
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· MCFilmworks